Condylomata of the vulva: basic methods of removing entities

Кондиломатоз вульвы: основные методы удаления образованийGood day, dear readers of the site about the warts! I recently met with my friend, who shared her experience on how she treated condylomata of the vulva.

I was struck by the fact that it is a dangerous disease a friend of mine has discovered completely by chance at regular checkups.

The disease is dangerous because it can be asymptomatic, sometimes with a single or numerous warty formations…

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Кондиломатоз вульвы: основные методы удаления образованийFor anybody not a secret that the most dangerous diseases are transmitted sexually, including condylomatous.

In this pathology formed a sharp warts. In some cases, they merge into one another, forming a more widespread warts, which is completely painless to the touch.

In this situation, the specialists may suspect the presence of syphilis, in view of the fact that it has a wide growth and to determine a clear diagnosis, patients are required to take a blood test for syphilis.

Also carried out research and development with the affected part.

In some cases, genital warts can hinder the process of sexual intercourse and serve as a source of discomfort or mechanical damage.

Moreover, there is the danger of appearance of secondary infection, in the same way as in the case of violation of personal intimate hygiene, which in turn contributes to ulceration with suppuration and infection, resulting in clinical manifestations of parametritis and acute pelvioperitonit.


Кондиломатоз вульвы: основные методы удаления образованийIn modern gynecology distinguish genital warts of the vulva, characterized by a conical forty and slim the leg, as seen in the photo.

They are soft, pink or flesh tone, is most subject to mechanical damage, but painless when gently squeezed; and broad warts, which are characterized by a flat configuration with a wide basis of appearance resembling a whitish plaque or portavadie enterprises.

Many people do not even know what condylomatous and than it threatens. His danger is high oncogenome.

In other words, in the absence of urgent appropriate treatment, the probability of transformation process in malignant large enough.


Symptoms are divided into the appearance of proliferating formations of the labia, klitera, which in some cases accompanied by itching or burning, pain during the sexual act, as a result of formation damage, sometimes there is abundant serous discharge.


Кондиломатоз вульвы: основные методы удаления образованийDespite the fact that this pathology is among the most common diseases, infection which occurs through sexual intercourse, infection, papilloma virus is not a guarantor instant development of warts. The main causes of:

  • Hypothermia;
  • Stress;
  • Violation of the integrity of skin and mucous membranes;
  • The presence of secondary infections.

The incubation period can last from several weeks to several years, moreover, during the latent carriage of the virus does not cause disease.

It should be noted that infection from a person with manifestum condylomatosis occurs in 75 % of cases, and the growth of flat warts indicate secondary syphilis!


Кондиломатоз вульвы: основные методы удаления образованийTreatment of warts of the vulva has two main priorities: eliminating the etiological factor in the presence of flat warts cure syphilis, genital warts themselves as a result; and deletion of these entities.

Treatment involves antiviral therapy, as well as measures focused on raising significant local and General immune system in order to prevent recurrence.

The main manipulation in the treatment of condylomatosis is the removal of formations to prevent their degeneration into a malignant form.

There are several methods of removing tumors like surgery and alternative ways.

I enclose an interesting video about how the removal of formations of the surgical method:

It should be noted that the elimination is carried out exclusively in professional clinics, qualified specialists, with the necessary equipment and all safety precautions.

  • Cryosurgery affects the growths with liquid nitrogen, which promotes tissue necrosis with subsequent rejection, in the end, education is dying for several days.
  • Electrocoagulation acts on the warts through electric current – as a result of the tumor dying and in its place remains invisible scar.
  • Laser destruction destroys warts by laser beams. This method to treat the most innovative, and on past high performance is characterized by low traumatism.
  • In some cases, a chemical removal treatment education special funds, causing tissue destruction.
  • Also used classical surgical removal of the affected tissue and if therapy is a relatively new direction, which consists in treating the affected areas with interferon – a special tool which is a human antibody (immunoglobulin 2B), high concentration of which significantly increases the immune response to foreign pathogen resulting in the virus is eliminated and education resolve.

It should also be noted that condylomata is a particularly dangerous disease during pregnancy.

In some cases, during childbirth or premature breath, the baby can breathe the virus in the lesions, if they exist in the vagina.

It is very important timely access to a doctor in the presence of characteristic symptoms and constant control of the body as regular checkups.

So you quickly move on to treatment and recovery will come soon. Good day, dear readers, be well!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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