Could it be chicken pox in vaccinated child or illness inevitable?

Может ли быть ветрянка у привитого ребенка или болезнь обойдет стороной?Good day, dear readers. In recent years, many have not had vaccinated against chicken pox in the hope that the viral disease will not affect them.

For example, you vaccinated your child. So to worry that he will develop chickenpox, not to be?

And here and there, since even the vaccinated child the disease can manifest itself, but only in some cases. Why are vaccinated can get sick, and how will be affected from him? If you are interested in these questions, then happy reading.

Vaccinated from chicken pox kids?

As you know, this type of smallpox is called a children’s disease, as it often suffer from age three to ten years. Baby body takes the impact of the virus relatively easily. Natural infection occurs through airborne droplets.

Может ли быть ветрянка у привитого ребенка или болезнь обойдет стороной?After recovery, the baby produces ultra long lifetime immunity. Given the above, we can conclude that the disease have had a better childhood naturally.

However, after vaccination, immunity is also produced. In one of the articles I described the vaccination: what and how to spend, where do etc.

After the man entered the weakened virus, the body begins to actively produce antibodies. This may appear lightweight the symptoms , but this often does not happen.

Vanquished viral particles remain in the body dormant. As adults, they can Wake up and cause shingles.

Может ли быть ветрянка у привитого ребенка или болезнь обойдет стороной?Does this mean that vaccination against smallpox is not recommended to do? No, because the same thing could happen to a person who recover and develop immunity naturally.

Vaccinated children against smallpox? Yes, but this vaccination is not yet included in the list of mandatory for all children and adults. Mandatory, it is only in rare cases. The vaccine can be put at any age, and even in the adult.

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Whether to vaccinate your baby? Yes, but only if he grows to adolescence and in all that time did not have time to recover. In adolescence (from 14 years) children experience chickenpox is not easier than adults.

Can get infected vaccinated?

The most interesting question: can a vaccinated child get sick? Unfortunately, infection sometimes. This happens in extremely rare situations, namely:

  • if the body has responded to the vaccine outside the box;
  • if the dosage of the vaccine was insufficient;
  • if the drug was substandard or expired;
  • if vaccinated for some reason (for example, due to hormonal or radiotherapy) is weakening the immune system, and he deals with patients.

If after inoculation, the infestation has occurred, the child can expect almost a standard course of the disease. Why almost? Read on and you will find a detailed explanation.

Another option, in which, after the prevention can develop the disease

The injection gives protection from the disease for 7-10 years, according to scientists-physicians. So, in 7-10 years after prophylaxis people can get sick. However, studies have shown that some vaccinated the immunity lasts for 20-30 years.

How to develop the disease vaccinated if it gets infected?

Vaccination in any case develop immunity to the virus. Even if it is not sufficient to prevent infection, it will still be useful. Why? Because vaccinated the disease will develop in the most lightweight form.

The child’s symptoms, past prevention

Fast virus smallpox is easy and often invisible symptoms:

  • slight discomfort (often simply weakness, loss of appetite, drowsiness);
  • mild headache (may not appear or appear for short periods of time);
  • Valderice that you see in the photo (to appear a minimal amount quickly heal and almost not going to bother suffering);
  • the complete absence of vetrennay rash on the skin (this sometimes happens in infants with innate immunity, as well as in vaccinated children);
  • slight temperature rise (up to 37-38 degrees. maximum).
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As you know, the eruption appears in waves — for several days. How many waves should be expected in vaccinated? Only two or three, and sometimes one or two.

Может ли быть ветрянка у привитого ребенка или болезнь обойдет стороной?La example, not vaccinated will be three or five waves, and an adult with severe course of the disease is five to seven. Agree, there is a difference.

How long will the chicken pox vaccinated? The maximum duration of the illness in this case is ten days.

During this time, the pimples will have time to jump, to ripen, to burst and become covered with crusts. Moreover, some of the crust even has time to fall off.

Treatment of smallpox in vaccinated persons

In this case no treatment the disease requires. The only thing you have to do is lubricate the new rash zelenkoj to determine the duration of infectiousness. By the way, is contagious if vaccinated?

Может ли быть ветрянка у привитого ребенка или болезнь обойдет стороной?Being ill with chicken pox, it is contagious as much as a normal person. But directly after vaccination infected from vaccinated will not work.

After the disease will retreat, re-set the injection unnecessary. Developed immunity will be enough for a lifetime of protection.

What we can conclude from the reading?

After reading the entire article, you have learned, whether vaccinated against smallpox infected by it, as well as other useful information related to course and treatment. Now consider whether it was necessary to vaccinate your boy or your girl?

I think it’s worth, especially if the child is soon 14 years old, and he’s still not ill. Even if vaccines did not save and will not protect from disease, can at least reduce the symptoms to a minimum.

Agree, even this effect is enough to consider the vaccination is effective and appropriate.

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That’s all the information I wanted to present you in this article. I hope to read it was interesting and entertaining.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)