Cream for allergies: what is best to use?

Крем от аллергии: какой лучше всего использовать?Dear readers, we are pleased to welcome you! Almost everyone allergic after contact with the irritant is faced with an unpleasant symptom in the form of itchy rashes.

Besides it on the skin can occur: peeling, redness, blistering, dermatitis, etc. to get Rid of the listed impairments will help choose the right cream from allergies. From the article, you will learn which creams and ointments are appointed by allergies and why.

From any allergic signs can help to get rid of cream?

Local reactions on the skin — that is the main area of activity anti-allergic creams. Local manifestations include:

  • itching;
  • rashes;
  • swelling;
  • redness;
  • pain and burning sensation;
  • peeling;
  • dermatitis, e.g. atopic.

These impairments are accompanied by not only the intolerance to insect bites and reaction to the sun, but also eating disorders — hypersensitivity to foods.

Epidermal itchy irritation delivered the strongest discomfort, do not give a normal isnegative and often the cause of complexes. It is therefore important to know how to treat them.

Below you see the list of the best creams and ointments that can quickly relieve allergic local reactions. Their effectiveness is confirmed by numerous positive reviews.

Non-hormonal creams and creams is a safe solution for children

Крем от аллергии: какой лучше всего использовать?If you want to find the perfect local Allergy remedy for children, it is better to pay attention to non-hormonal options. The most popular of them are:

Fenistil with a powerful protivozudnoe effect. This drug has an anesthetic effect, so rash not to bother. Fenistil is suitable for newborns, but only from the months of age. Its price — 200-250 RUB.

Gitan with natural components. This drug has an analog — Kistan N. It contains corticosteroids, therefore, not to be confused with the non-hormonal Gitana.

In the composition of non-hormonal option there are essential oils, extracts of various plants, as well as betulin and Dimethicone. Rich composition allows it to quickly heal dermatitis, remove peeling, soothe dry dermis. The cost Gitana — 100-150 RUB.

Skin-cap with antibacterial action. The cream prevents infection of skin defects of bacteria. Zinc in its composition quickly cures the inflamed hives and other allergic rashes. The cost of Skin-Cap is quite high — 600-650 RUB.

Крем от аллергии: какой лучше всего использовать?In serious (severe) dermatitis in children on the face and other body areas can use a more aggressive medication:

Elidel cream against atopic dermatitis. The main component in its composition is pimecrolimus. It can be used for kids ranging from the age of three. Cost 900-1000 RUB.

Desitin with zinc oxide. It can be used to dry and cure wet sores/wounds, for example, allergic eczema. Ointment forms a protective layer between the epidermis and the external environment.

Layer lasts for 12 hours. Therefore, to put Desitin will have only two times a day, which is convenient. An additional advantage is the low cost 150-220 RUB

Protopic — specialized remedy allergic atopic dermatitis. The ointment is suitable for children from the age of two. If the skin is Allergy sensitive, I recommend to choose low-interest Protopic (0,03% for example), the value of which is equal to 1200-1500 RUB.

Крем от аллергии: какой лучше всего использовать?Drugs that accelerate regeneration of soft tissues

For example, allergic rash spread all over my body and did not pass. The rest of the symptoms have been overcome, but this deal does not work.

What to do? The reason for the long healing is delayed regeneration (recovery) of the skin. To speed up will help the following gels and ointments:

  • Bepanten — appointed in various local allergic impairments. Has a low price (230 to 270 RUB.), and this attracts. This is the ideal child anti-allergic agent with a minimum list of contraindications and side effects.
  • La-KRI — protivozudnam cream that causes the soft tissue to recover. In the product is natural supplements are present in large numbers. Because of this, its use in hay fever is not recommended. But with the other allergies he handles quickly and safely. Cost — 140-160 RUB.
  • Hormonal local corticosteroids — what is needed and what to use?

    Hormone creams are prescribed in extreme cases where conventional non-steroidal drugs do not help. Little allergies corticosteroids tend not to prescribe, as the risk outweighs potential benefits in almost all cases. Why, then, are the corticosteroids?

    Hormone creams are meant to prevent complications of allergies. A powerful anti-inflammatory effect and ability to penetrate into the body make their local system. The safest and the most effective corticosteroids are:

  • Elokom against allergic dermatitis. The drug quickly relieves itching, restores the integrity of the epidermis, protects the wound from bacteria. It is prescribed for allergies at six months of age. Cost — 300-400 RUB.
  • Advantan vs atopic dermatitis allergic soil. It is a serious tool that can quickly soak into the dermal cover and stay there for a long time. It can help you to get rid of itching, discomfort, flaking, and quickly to heal inflamed skin blemishes. Price — 320-360 RUB.
  • Can develop intolerance to the above creams?

    Крем от аллергии: какой лучше всего использовать?The skin of the allergic person reacts too strongly to all sorts of stimuli. The above drugs can not only to cure, but to aggravate the disease. To prevent Allergy cream, you need to choose wisely and to use them correctly.

    Entrust the selection of an antiallergic drug of the local specialist. If you experience first signs of hypersensitivity go to the hospital to see an allergist and get tested.

    If you have an hypersensitivity to pollen or other allergens in the composition of plants, the medicines with natural ingredients, you are contraindicated. The same can be said about intolerance of medicinal substances (a hypersensitive respond to components of the medication).

    Is it possible to mask an allergic rash creams?

    Women often ask doctors: whether it is possible to mask the allergic reaction on the hands and face creams? Better not do that, as in the cosmetic composition are fragrances, dyes and other substances-stimuli, able to fire and drive the skin significantly stronger than animal fur or pollen.

    That’s about it. I hope the article was interesting and informative. Read what you can share with friends and acquaintances from social networks. If you do not want to miss the new publication, then be sure to subscribe to site updates. All the best to you!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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