Cream for healing scars and scar tissue: types, characteristics and efficiency

Mechanical damage, acne, the effects of operations, «chemistry» and other interventions leave on the skin and scars which spoil the whole aesthetics and add extra facilities. Modern pharmacology offers a wide range of different drugs to combat the residual effects. Cream for healing scars and scar tissue is one of the effective means. What is its effectiveness and how fast you can get results?

The content of the article

  • Methods of removing scars
  • Conservative methods
  • Radical methods
  • Creams and ointments scars
  • In some cases, the drugs are effective
  • Effective drugs
  • Contractubex
  • Video about the drug
  • Clofibrate
  • Dermatix
  • Klirvin
  • Mederma
  • Fermenkol
  • Tightening of scars
  • Homemade recipes from the scars
  • Recommendations doctors
  • Conclusion

    Methods of removing scars

    To completely remove an existing scar, especially if it is a consequence of the operation impossible. However, you can ensure that it was a bit noticeable. Modern methods of removing residual effects include conservative and surgical methods.

    Conservative methods

    Removal of scars should be started only after complete healing of the wound. Method of treatment is chosen depending on the nature of the scar. Modern technologies include:

    1. Treatment creams and ointments – the most common method, which is combined with hardware removal. Medications are effective in enhancing local metabolic processes and blood circulation, promote collagen synthesis, activate a local immune response.
    2. Inject means is the method in which the injection method is administered a small dose of absorbable drug (Diprospan).
    3. Silicone film – available in plaster, which creates a moist environment. It is fixed in place of the scar for a long time.
    4. Microdermabrasion is a method of resurfacing the top layer of the epidermis. The procedure does not require anesthesia. The skin is processed by the micro-particles of aluminum crystals using vacuum. For maximum results it is necessary to 7 procedures, among which there should be a break of 3-4 weeks.
    5. Chemical peeling is a method of using chemicals to remove a layer of the epidermis. The most effective in combating normotroficheskie scars.
    6. Medical linen – use of compression garment, which is worn at least six months. Due to compression of blood vessels that feed the scar, stopping trophic and growth of the latter.

    Крем для заживления шрамов и рубцов: виды, особенности и эффективность использования

    Radical methods

    There are three main radical method: surgical excision of the scar, laser, plastic skin using a transfer area of the epidermis.

    Laser resurfacing destroys the dead skin cells, clusive the top layer of the scar, giving it the appearance of natural skin. The result is manifested in the form of thinning of the scar, smoothing the surface, leveling tone.

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    Before choosing a method of dealing with residual effects should consult with experts.

    Creams and ointments scars

    Most modern drugs component contains allantoin – a substance which is a product of catabolism and stimulating cell regeneration. In addition, it is fluid retention in the tissues of the pathological area, which contributes to a quicker recovery.

    The benefits of using creams and ointments are manifested in the following:

  • accessibility;
  • non-prescription status of a pharmaceutical item;
  • the lack of serious side effects;
  • no toxic influence on the liver;
  • independent application at any time.
  • In some cases, the drugs are effective

    Local therapy is used to deal with the following conditions:

  • keloid scars are character – education become more of the primary tumor, proliferating and beyond;
  • scars are hypertrophic in nature – occurs when there is excessive formation of scar tissue;
  • stretch marks appear after pregnancy and rapid kits and drop weight;
  • scars atrophic nature of the residual effects of acne, boils or chicken pox;
  • postoperative and post-traumatic contracture;
  • stage of wound healing to prevent scars.
  • Effective drugs

    Long-term experience of dermatologists and surgeons in the struggle with residual effects helped to create a list of the most effective means.


    The drug is available in gel form, is used for external application. Contractubex has proteolytic activity and is effective against scarring keloid and hypertrophic character.

    The drug:

  • onion extract – activates the synthesis of collagen, relieves inflammation;
  • heparin has an absorbing effect;
  • allantoin – stimulates cell regeneration.
  • The gel can be applied even in childhood. The drug is applied to the affected area, gently rubbing into the scar tissue. The course of treatment is 3 months. Old scars cause of an application with the drug at night. In these cases, the treatment is extended to six months. In the treatment of contractures allowed prolonged usage – 1 year.

    To enhance the efficiency can be combined with physiotherapy and hardware procedures.

    Video about the drug


    Available in the form of a cream based on urea. The tool supports the necessary water balance in the field of pathology. The drug has an absorbing, antibacterial and keratolytic action.

    Крем для заживления шрамов и рубцов: виды, особенности и эффективность использования

    The second active component of Clofibrate is camphor, which relieves inflammation and has an analgesic effect. The drug is used for the treatment of already formed scars and prevent their occurrence.

    Easy to apply by rubbing or in the form of applications. The course of treatment is 1-1,5 month with fresh and residual effects up to 6 months old.


    The preparation of a transparent substance, having no peculiar smell. The active substance is silicone, which acts on a superficial level, and has a corrective and moisturizing effect. Scars soften, become less visible, eliminates itching and discomfort in the area of pathology.

    Dermatix applied in a thin layer. Not surprisingly, it is absorbed independently for several minutes. From the scars it must be used up to 8 weeks. The drug is effective and stretch marks, restoring skin tone and elasticity.


    A tool used to prevent scars and stretch marks, as well as the return elasticity of the skin. In addition, it is effective for the following conditions:

  • acne and comedones;
  • age spots;
  • mechanical damage;
  • burns.
  • Mederma

    Available in a non-greasy, hypoallergenic clear gel that does not have peculiar smell. In the preparation includes onion extract, allantoin, sorbic acid and xanthan gum.

    Effective against stretch marks, cosmetic scars, post-burn States, postplanting phenomena, to restore the skin after treatments. Special attention should be paid to the fact that Mederma having the result only in the suppression of young scars and scars (not more than 12 months ago).

    Крем для заживления шрамов и рубцов: виды, особенности и эффективность использования


    Protivorechivoe agent based on proteolytic enzymes. Has the following action:

  • normalizes water-electrolyte metabolism;
  • prevents the formation of keloid scars;
  • prevents the growth of scar tissue;
  • eliminates the pain and discomfort;
  • removes itching of the scar;
  • reduces the size and evens skin tone residual effects.
  • Tightening of scars

    The duration of wound healing and scar formation process depends on the presence of infection, permanent injury to the granulation wound surface, elasticity and skin tone of the immune system.

    The scar begins to form from 2 to 4 weeks after lesions of the skin and deeper structures. By this time epithelialization has been completed. Deeper layers continue the regeneration process, and is formed on the surface of the scar. There is an increase in the amount of collagen, proliferating connective-tissue elements.

    The process of formation of pathological scar lasts from 1 to 3 months depending on the individual characteristics of the organism and environmental factors.

    Homemade recipes from the scars

    Known methods are the use of lemon juice and aloe leaves. One of these techniques is applied on a cotton sponges and fixed with a band-aid in the form of an application or compress. This procedure is done in a day. You can alternate with each other, without any interruption.

    Several effective methods:

    1. The fenugreek. The seeds of medicinal plants purchased in the pharmacy. Pour a tablespoon of water and keep on heat for 5 minutes after the water will boil. Use as a lotion.
    2. Powder of sandalwood. The substance is diluted with water and allowed to stand for 10 hours. The scar area treated with the solution and allowed to absorb.
    3. To make a whitish scar will help ordinary cucumber. On the pathological area applied slurry of the vegetable and leave it for 15 minutes.
    4. Mashed banana will remove the redness and itching of the scar, make the skin more elastic. Freshly prepared slurry is applied to the scar for 20 minutes.

    Крем для заживления шрамов и рубцов: виды, особенности и эффективность использования

    Recommendations doctors

    Rapid healing and skin reconstruction, as well as the opportunity to make the scar less noticeable promotes the following tips:

  • ask the doctor to use cosmetic stitches during the intervention;
  • not to disrupt the crust with the wound surface;
  • to use antiseptics to prevent infection, which is able to increase the size and density of the scar;
  • before you choose protivorechivyh drugs to consult with your doctor.
  • Conclusion

    The effectiveness of the struggle with residual effects depends on the timely initiation of therapy and the correct choice of treatment. The appearance of the scar is not an intractable problem. It is sufficient to select a qualified physician and follow his recommendations.