Cream for herpes on the lips: TOP 4

Hello, dear readers! What kind of cream for herpes on the lips you use? Do not know which to choose?

Then read an article in which I will talk about the most effective creams against erisipela, how to use them and then you can choose the perfect option for themselves.

Personal experience

Крема от герпеса на губах: ТОП-4 лучшихMy mom has cold sores on the lip swells up every year, often in autumn, and sometimes winter. In all her life she has tried a lot of local products, but not all of them were really effective.

Usually worked like this: you buy advertised expensive tool, use it, and the effect can not see.

Recently we made a list that really works and affordable at the same time preparations for external use, which I now want to share with you, so you do not waste time and money on ineffective medicines in vain.

Zovirax cream based on Acyclovir

Zovirax is an antiviral drug based on Acyclovir, effective against all currently known types of herpes viruses.

To me personally this medicine like an affordable price (200 rubles for a 5% cream) and security. It must be applied on the problematic area from the first days of the rash.

The layer should be as thin as possible, otherwise people around you will consider it. Basic rules for using Zovirax look like this:

  • apply 5 times a day;
  • do not apply on mucous membranes;
  • apply only a cotton swab on clean skin.

My mother often praises this remedy, says, that in 5 days it gets rid of sores on lips fully, and many of my friends are also pleased with the Zovirax.

But if it doesn’t fit you (can cause individual intolerance), then look at other options.

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Fenistil penciler – a drug with complex action

Крема от герпеса на губах: ТОП-4 лучшихThis drug has almost the same effect as the previous one, but differs in that the longer it is in the virus-infected cell.

For example, Acyclovir and stays there for up to an hour or Fenistil – up to 12 hours and all this time actively fighting the virus.

And yet this drug has an antiseptic effect that is important, as harmful bacteria may cause abscess of the rash.

Here are the main advantages Fenistil:

  • acts longer, hence, it can be less likely to cause;
  • less visible than Zovirax;
  • has almost no contraindications;
  • rarely causes hypersensitivity;
  • acts on all strains of herpes viruses and even the most modern;
  • accelerates the regeneration of the skin, making the wound heal faster.

Perhaps this is the best drug in the form of a cream today. It was created on the basis of modern antiviral substance Penciclovir, this is the main secret of its high efficiency.

When my mom tried Fenistil, she got rid of the sore for 4 days! Imagine how fast that is? What if I told you that the standard case is that herpes lasts 1-2 weeks. Now can you imagine?

Apply the cream 3 times a day in a thin layer using a disposable cotton swab. If possible, you can do it more often so the effect will increase.

The cost Fenistil at the present time is 400 rubles for a tube of 2 g. It is more expensive than the previous version, but the effect he’s more powerful.

Panavir – natural and natural, and therefore safe

Крема от герпеса на губах: ТОП-4 лучшихThis means I enjoyed myself and it went well, despite the fact that I have very sensitive skin, which is literally just irritation.

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Of Panavir irritation was not, and could not be as harmful chemicals in its composition no. If you want to try the most natural and safe cream, then try this.

Panavir inexpensive – the cost of the minimum package is 170 rubles. Those 3 grams will be enough for the full course of treatment, so do not take the drug in a big tube, because you simply do not use.

The cream is applied in the same way as the others – a thin layer directly on the problem areas, then creates an invisible film that will protect the wound during the day.

Judging by the reviews, some people manage with the help of Panavir even prevent the rash. To do this, it must be applied immediately after the first symptoms – inflammation, swelling and itching.

Agent and its analogs — Depanthenol, Dexpanthenol, Panthenol

This auxiliary preparations whose main function is to stimulate regeneration. If you have a rash for a long time does not heal, or your skin is prone to scarring, then these creams definitely have to use it.

For example, the skin of my mother because age already can not be so quickly updated, as is young, so she always uses a wound-healing creams.

To apply such drugs I recommend you to sleep. The cost of them is very different, so choose the one you like best.

How to use creams from a cold sores?

Крема от герпеса на губах: ТОП-4 лучшихBefore applying the medication, thoroughly clean skin. If you don’t want to walk around with a greasy stain on the lips, then apply the cream for an hour before leaving the house at least.

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Necessary for application of the drug, use a disposable tool. It can be cotton or wooden cosmetic stick, cotton pad or cotton ball. Why do it?

The fact that the contents of the rash is very dangerous, touching it with your fingers, you will get a virus on them and will spread to other parts of the body.

By the way, due to careless treatment of viral sore lips very often she moved in his arms. Read more about herpes on the fingers, see the separate article!

Well, that’s ointments against herpes today. The above options really working, so do not worry that it will spend money in vain, as the desired effect from them, you will get.

If you are already using some cream from the above, then write in the comments your opinion.

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I wish you the rare recurrences of herpes. Up to new meetings!

Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)