Cream nail fungus: what is the most popular and effective?

Крем от грибка ногтей: какой наиболее популярный и эффективный?Hello, dear readers. Nail fungus is difficult not to notice. It is a very unpleasant disease that brings discomfort, not only physical but also psychological.

So I want to tell you about what kind of cream for nail fungus you should choose to get rid of the problem quickly and permanently. But first, let’s consider the symptoms of fungal lesions of nail plates.

Signs of fungal nails

  • changing the color of the nail plate in grey, white, brown, yellow;
  • nail plates are deformed and start to crumble;
  • the nails become brittle;
  • affected area sore and itchy.

During the progression of the disease the nail plate rohovit, consolidate and grow. This fungal growth is observed often in the elderly. The question arises: how to treat fungi nail plates?

Used for the treatment of ointments, creams, and similar local products, as well as the system in the form of tablets, which a separate article on this website. And now I invite you to explore the most effective creams against nail fungus and foot, to help you quickly and are inexpensive.

Terbinafine is the most popular

Крем от грибка ногтей: какой наиболее популярный и эффективный?According to many, this is the best antifungal drug. This cream destroys fungal membranes, destroys enzymes necessary for the fungus to recover data of the membranes, and thus destroys the microorganism is the causative agent of the mycosis.

The reviews about the drug. Get rid of mold once and for all it helps in 90% of cases.

The contraindications Terbinafine insignificant, one might even say, standard. These include:

  • any pregnancy;
  • children up to age three years and weight up to 20 kg;
  • Oncology;
  • Allergy to components;
  • alcoholism.
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Terbinafine cream 1%. This is the standard concentration of the active substance in all forms of this medication. In addition to a creamy form, Terbinafine is available in tablet and liquid (solution).

The cream is applied daily to the affected areas of the epidermis. The effect occurs in 5-7 days. Use of the drug need to the complete destruction of the disease. The price of the tube is about 300 RUB.

Tindol drug in cream form, which is often called the ointment

In fact, Tindal — this is the cream, not ointment. It not only kills fungus, but also:

  • caring for an injured epidermis;
  • accelerates the regeneration;
  • restores the affected skin.

Крем от грибка ногтей: какой наиболее популярный и эффективный?Tested a drug claim, after that it decreases itching. The price of medication is quite high. In the Russian drugstores it reaches 1000.

Manufacturer Tynedale claims that the effect will come quickly. To speed up the healing process, it is advised to observe hygiene and to use the drug on a regular basis: daily up to 2 times a day.

Contraindication of Tynedale only one individual hypersensitivity to its components.

Drug zistan — the most popular anti-fungal cream

Drug zistan cope with yeast and other fungi, which often provoke a fungal infection of the nails. The manufacturer claims that the use of this tool is appropriate at any stage of the mycosis.

The drug is very convenient, is quickly absorbed and relieves itching. In addition, it is famous for its byistrodeystvennogo.

Крем от грибка ногтей: какой наиболее популярный и эффективный?Unfortunately, many tested the above means indicate the opposite. Many argue that drug zistan not help at all or helped, but after a few months.

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Advertised antifungal medications are effective do not always. As for Acteria, this remedy just is not for everyone.

The price of cream varies from 400 to 600 rubles. It is relatively little. Perhaps that is why drug zistan has become so popular.

Clotrimazole is an antifungal cream complex

Cream called Clotrimazole affects the problem. Doctors recommend to combine it with the corticosteroid Hydrocortisone. The medication prevents the production of a specific substance ergosterol, which is vital for fungi.

Due to this conditions in the feet and the nails become unacceptable for fungi. Their cell membrane is the main protection, are destroyed, due to that harmful organisms quickly die.

The above remedy should be applied:

  • thoroughly wash and dry feet;
  • to remove rough skin;
  • treating the nails in a similar way;
  • apply the medication in a thin layer until fully absorbed.

Contraindication is pregnancy on any terms. In addition, do not combine with Clotrimazole and other antifungal agents. The price of this medicine phenomenally low — 60-100 roubles.

Cream-wax Healthy — effective or not?

Cream-wax Healthy often recommend for the treatment of nail mycosis. However, the reputation of this asset is very questionable. It is more preventive than curative. Healthy has many beneficial actions:

  • natural ingredients care for the epidermis;
  • the active ingredients prevent dermatitis, eczema and fungus;
  • the cream eliminates itching and soothes inflamed skin;
  • suitable for therapy against varicose veins.

Крем от грибка ногтей: какой наиболее популярный и эффективный?The cream can be applied at any age. It regulates perspiration, thereby prevents the development of parts of the foot and nail mycosis.

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Natural ingredients have a positive effect not only on the epidermis but also on the nail plate.

In principle, to use medication can be Healthy when nail fungus as an auxiliary agent, accelerating the healing process.

Now you know how to treat fungus affected nails on the feet. I hope you read, share with friends on social networks, as this information will be useful to all. The fungus is very infectious disease that threatens almost all of us. If the site you found it interesting and enjoyable, subscribe to its updates. All the best to you!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)