Cream toothpaste Vartox for wart removal: the reviews of the people and whether or not to use the drug?

Hello, dear readers. We want to tell you about a fairly well-known tool that helps to deal with plantar warts – Vartox.

What is this drug? Effective or not, and how to use them correctly? This you learn from current article.

The action of the submitted medication

Крем-паста Вартокс для удаления бородавок: отзывы людей и стоит ли применять препарат?Plantar growths often takes its owner the unpleasant sensation of pain, especially when walking. This type of warts, like everybody else, caused by activation of human papillomavirus.

Because of its viral origin, such formation can be contagious, and that’s not counting their unsightly appearance.

When using the drug Vartox for the removal of warts, you can safely softening tissue growths that allows you easily remove dead skin with a scraper or pumice.

The present medicament can be removed from both small and more extensive growths on the soles, and for a very short period of time.

What is included in the composition of the drug?

This medication is available in cream pasta, which includes urea (urea) 40% concentration and glycyrrhizic acid, having antiviral effect, including HPV.

The volume of a tube of the cream-paste is equal to 20 ml.

How to use Vartox?

Крем-паста Вартокс для удаления бородавок: отзывы людей и стоит ли применять препарат?Before using this tool, you should read the manual.

Before applying the cream the affected area of your skin to steam in the hot water. The paste is then applied to the wart a thick enough layer, then this place is overlaid with a cotton pad and secured with tape.

Leave this compress on the day, then removed and the softened tissue growth any removed with a scraper or a pumice stone

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After such manipulation the treatment site should be washed under running water with soap. This procedure should be run several times, depending on the size and volume expansion.

Usually after a few days the skin on the former site of localization of education will align and acquire healthy.


Крем-паста Вартокс для удаления бородавок: отзывы людей и стоит ли применять препарат?In General the drug is tolerated very well. It can even be applied on baby skin.

As contraindications, it should be noted only individual intolerance to the components of the tool.

Special instructions: the medication is effective as a topical remedies for Palmar-plantar formations. When handling avoid contact of the cream with mucous membranes and eyes. In contact with these areas of the affected area should be flushed with plenty of water.

Without specialist advice.

The price of the drug

Cream toothpaste Vartox is sold in pharmacies at an affordable price which starts from 150 rubles per one tube.


In fact, the reviews of this tool is very contradictory. Those who correctly applied the drug to the affected area, claimed that the cream helped to get rid of growths in a very quick period of time. Otherwise, there was a long-term treatment.

What are the analogues of Wartoks?

Крем-паста Вартокс для удаления бородавок: отзывы людей и стоит ли применять препарат?Drugs with identical action. In combination with VarioCam you can use a variety of immunomodulatory and antiviral drugs.

For the treatment of plantar warts, you can use other local medicines, such as Verrucae, Cheap, Colomac, Supercities and other.

They all have contraindications and before medical procedures, you should consult with a specialist.

Not bad I proved this drug as Kriofarma. He struggles with plantar growths by freezing.

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Folk remedies

Крем-паста Вартокс для удаления бородавок: отзывы людей и стоит ли применять препарат?Helps against plantar warts juice of Celandine. Just be very careful to put this tool because you can earn strong burn healthy tissue.

You can try treatment garlic pulp, acetic acid, Aloe juice. This is a fairly well-known folk methods that are well proven in the fight against skin formations.

What if Vartox did not help to deal with the formations?

In this case, perhaps the clinical removal of skin growths on the sole. To do this in medical centers, you will be offered several methods: electrocoagulation, cryosurgery, laser removal, radio wave exposure, and surgical excision.

When a skin warts that often form on the foot, most often used electrocoagulation or radiowave removal. Thanks to these methods, you can quickly and effectively remove tumors without the risk of scarring.

With extensive growths can be used surgical excision.

Prevention of plantar warts

Крем-паста Вартокс для удаления бородавок: отзывы людей и стоит ли применять препарат?To avoid such entities, you must follow certain rules.

Do not wear someone else’s shoes, especially in public places with humid environment (swimming pools, saunas, gyms).

In case of accidental cuts and other injuries, treat the affected area with hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green or iodine.

Try to buy only comfortable shoes that are manufactured from natural materials.

Sweating wash your feet, and use only your towel.

Eat right, exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you priderzhivatsya rules, the problem of plantar warts will certainly pass you by. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)