Cross-Allergy: how to manifest and how is it treated?

Pleased to welcome you, dear readers, in the pages of dermatological website! Are you curious about what cross-Allergy? The answer should be positive if you are allergic.

Перекрестная аллергия: как проявляется и чем лечится?

The fact that every allergies affected by this disorder. Why it can develop? What else you may receive a negative reaction in hay fever (pulsovoj intolerance), for example? You will find the answers in this article.

Features additional types of allergies

An allergic reaction is known to provoke proteins present in the various food products, medicines and products. In some foods and products set of proteins is repeated. For example, peanuts, which a protein structure similar to latex.

If you have an intolerance to peanuts, then after wearing latex gloves for cleaning or condoms, you will have the symptoms of an allergic attack. Hundreds of such examples, therefore this article describes only common.


So, are you curious about what cross-reactions occur most often? Then check out the most common of these. Let’s start with the hay fever reaction to pollen:

  • birch (pollen) — cross, may develop to the pollen of hazel, alder, Apple, basswood;
  • in the cereals — wheat, oats, barley;
  • on sagebrush — Dahlia, Daisy, dandelion, sunflower.

The broader the scope of cross allergies.

Перекрестная аллергия: как проявляется и чем лечится?

Cross-intolerance to food nature

Often reactions to food occur in children, not only feeding yourself, but also in infants who receive a stimulus from the mother’s milk. If your child is food allergic, he may be cross-hypersensitivity nature.

By the way, this applies not only hypersensitive kids and adults. I suggest to read some allergens and irritants to which the body can respond to the cross:

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if the disorder stimulates the milk of cattle, that threat can be all milk products, beef and goat’s milk;

  • if kefir yeast, moldy cheeses, mushrooms, yeast dough and beverages (kvass, for example);
  • if chicken eggs, chicken meat and cooked it in the broth, the meat and eggs of duck, goose;
  • if apples, peach, pear, quince;
  • if citrus, grapefruit, lemon, Mandarin, orange;
  • if kiwi, banana (and Vice versa), avocado, sesame seeds.

Перекрестная аллергия: как проявляется и чем лечится?

Medication allergies

Drug intolerance is quite rare, however, even he has a cross shape. Most often develop intolerance to antibiotics. Listed below are the products-stimuli and drugs, and drugs that cross not perceive hypersensitive people:

  • if the reaction to Penicillin, additional may be all natural origin penicillins and to cephalosporins;
  • if on Chloramphenicol, medicines, which is the main component Chloramphenicol, Sintomitsina, and solutions to these medicines;
  • if the Tetracycline, Metacycline, Reporttitle, Randomized;
  • if to Iodine, Bilitrast, Sayodin, Kardiotrast;
  • if Furatsilin, Furazolidon, Furadonin.

Перекрестная аллергия: как проявляется и чем лечится?

As an additional reaction occur an allergic type?

Symptoms in this case will not differ from the standard. All allergies manifest the same way.

The main characteristics can be summarized as: skin reactions — rashes, swelling, redness, itching, a runny nose with constant sneezing; conjunctivitis — eye inflammation; bronchospasm — cough tightness in the chest; swelling of the angioedema, and shock (in rare cases).

Перекрестная аллергия: как проявляется и чем лечится?Cross-intolerance has a unique feature: the number of stimuli capable of provoking an additional reaction, gradually increasing.

Simply put, if the intolerance triggered by the pollen of wormwood and chamomile, then soon the body of the allergic person will cease to perceive even the pollen Dahlia, dandelion and sunflower. Therefore, any hypersensitivity you need time to heal.

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Antiallergic therapy from the ordinary and cross-intolerance

Treatment and common cross-allergies is with antihistamines medications. They are presented in several types: drugs of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd groups. For children, especially babies, only the last fits the most modern and safe group.

Перекрестная аллергия: как проявляется и чем лечится?Adults at the present time increasingly assign second group of antihistamines. It is also safe, but has some contraindications.

Sometimes to get rid of symptoms is not possible without a corticosteroid medication. These drugs faster than the others cropped a disease that can be used both internally and externally. Their main effect is anti-inflammatory.

Assign them can only be an allergist, since they have a number of contraindications and can have a negative impact on the body if overused. Self-treatment with corticosteroids is not worth it!

Preventive measures

After reading the article, you learned what triggers cross-intolerance in different kinds of occasions. Knowing this, it is easy to guess, that is the prevention of cross-reactions.

Hypersensitive people need to eliminate from my life, not only the main stimulus, and additional, which can cause a negative reaction at any time.

To protect against intolerance infants, the mother should refrain from potentially allergenic foods. These irritants penetrate the body of a child with mother’s milk.

Now you know what it is — cross-hypersensitivity. Be sure to share read information with friends and acquaintances in social networks.

Perhaps some of them are allergies, which will be useful to read this article. In addition, this website if you liked, subscribe for updates and check back often. All the best to you!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)