Crotch ringworm: how to treat the disease in men and women?

Паховый дерматомикоз: как правильно лечить заболевание у мужчин и женщин?Good afternoon, dear friends! Our topic inguinal tinea. Statistics says that the probability of skin diseases increases with age. While men are affected more often women. Today we will look at the causes and treatment of groin dermatitis.


The main source of skin problems in the groin are several species of fungi. Men under forty years of age are at risk.

Excessive sweating, poor hygiene and synthetic underwear, the main components of a favorable environment for the reproduction of fungi and, as a result of ringworm.


The main manifestations of the disease is usually pronounced and not notice them impossible:

  • itching in the groin;
  • peeling of the skin;
  • pain;
  • redness and swelling;
  • framing inflammation a red halo;
  • purulent rashes.

The symptoms of dermatitis can also signal other illnesses, such as SARS, kidney problems, diseases of the bladder.

In the photo you can see the classic picture of ringworm. When one of the symptoms is the redness on the tip of my penis – the first thing to rule out sexually transmitted diseases.


Паховый дерматомикоз: как правильно лечить заболевание у мужчин и женщин?For a precise definition of the disease and its forms, be sure to consult with a dermatologist.

Perhaps, after carrying out simple tests he will write out a direction on reception to other special doctors. The results of the survey will detail the treatment regimen.

When the treatment is needed the direct control of the doctor and a clear understanding that the use of prescribed medicines leads to the recovery of the patient.

General therapy of skin diseases is to ensure a dry inflamed areas and speed up the healing of wounds.

Guided by several rules, which are based on the competent approach – crotch ringworm goes away within a few weeks.

1. Hygiene.

Паховый дерматомикоз: как правильно лечить заболевание у мужчин и женщин?Quality wash the affected part is the most important during treatment, and after — to avoid further relapse. Need to wash the groin area with tar or baby soap.

Gel for intimate hygiene to apply we do not recommend, due to the fact that not every cosmetic product sold in the supermarket, meets the adopted requirements and it has a drying effect.

Especially dangerous are the products with perfumes and phosphates. They are not recommended even to healthy people. It is important to remember about the availability of personal towels to wipe only that part of the body.

2. Clothing.

Паховый дерматомикоз: как правильно лечить заболевание у мужчин и женщин?Definitely need to change the sheets. Synthetic fabrics it is better to prefer natural and tight to replace more free.

Women, when the location of the dermatitis in the groin area, this kind of underpants like a g-string is invalid.

Linen should be washed at high temperatures using safe detergent before wear — iron iron heated to maximum temperature.

3. Ointment and creams.

Паховый дерматомикоз: как правильно лечить заболевание у мужчин и женщин?In fungal dermatitis, the following pharmaceutical products:

  • clotrimazole;
  • econazole;
  • ketoconazole and other.

4. Gadgets.

Паховый дерматомикоз: как правильно лечить заболевание у мужчин и женщин?Apply with a cotton pad moistened with a solution of one to two minutes. Best for this would be:

  • potassium permanganate;
  • chlorhexidine;
  • furatsilin and other.

Has proven itself a complex action spray – Terbinafine. He’s not slipping into the folds of the skin and convenient in application.

Well relieves itching, kills bacteria and at the same time heals the inflamed place. When the skin are observed the bursting of the bubbles, you need to be especially careful to treat open wounds wet. In this case, it will help Zelenka or fukortsin.

5. Folk remedies.

Паховый дерматомикоз: как правильно лечить заболевание у мужчин и женщин?To enhance the effect, and rapid healing used decoctions of herbs. They are prepared in proportion of one tablespoon of dry herb per Cup of water.

Boil the decoction for five minutes. After it has cooled to a comfortable temperature you need to wash the place of inflammation.

Such procedure is better to do several times a day. To prepare the broth, you can use the following herbs:

  • chamomile;
  • series;
  • sage;
  • the celandine;
  • the oak bark.

6. The compresses.

Паховый дерматомикоз: как правильно лечить заболевание у мужчин и женщин?Good examples are the application of birch tar, egg white and castor oil. The mixture is usually applied overnight.

But tar and the funds with it as a compress should not be used for a long time. Only two to five times.

What you should not treat dermatitis?

Don’t need to use hormonal ointments – almost one hundred percent guarantee will translate the hidden disease in chronic form.

The most unpleasant in this situation is that the disease will pass without symptoms.

It is important to remember that self-treatment, even with the apparent improvement may not always be completely effective.

Inguinal dermatics men and women without recourse to the doctor can progress to a more acute stage, which then will not do treatment external preparations.


So, we met with dermatitis in the area of the genitals. To ignore it difficult, as a sore itch and peel.

Cause often serves as the abundance of sweat, lack of hygiene and poor quality linen.

Therapy is prescribed by a dermatologist and is reduced to relieve inflammation, promote healing and to prevent development of the fungus.

Outdoor therapy most often apply ointment or spray, lotion and wash. Rarely compresses.

The important factor is that after an apparent improvement of the patient places in no event it is impossible to interrupt the treatment.

Need to take a course with a duration exactly with the appointment of a qualified professional. Otherwise the risk of relapse is very high.

Well, at the end of the article suggest to see an interesting video about the right way of life in such diseases:

Be always healthy and take care of yourself, until we meet again!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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