Cryotherapy of warts: a review of the popular method of treatment

Криодеструкция бородавок: обзор популярного метода леченияHello, dear readers. Warts appear in a person due to the activation in the body of human papillomavirus.

This is a very unpleasant education that not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also cause discomfort to their owner.

Before they were removed only with surgical excision. Not many people know that warts can be eliminated not only in this traumatic way.

Nowadays there are several methods of removing skin lesions. One of them, we want to tell in this article about cryotherapy.

What is this method?

Криодеструкция бородавок: обзор популярного метода леченияSo, what is it? Cryotherapy of warts is the removal of benign growths with liquid nitrogen. The wart tissue prizhivayutsya under the influence of low temperature (-180 – 196 degrees), so they are frozen and subsequently die.

Liquid nitrogen destroys tissue and exfoliates education, after which restores the healthy epithelial cells of the skin.

Cryosurgery can be assigned to only dermatologist in the following situations:

  • When warts are located in places where it is possible to damage or injure;
  • If it causes discomfort and is localized in a conspicuous place;
  • If discomfort in the growth of education (burning, itching);
  • If the growth was damaged.
  • If you change the shape, size, color warts;
  • When the number of warts increases dramatically.

How to carry out this procedure?

Криодеструкция бородавок: обзор популярного метода леченияMoxibustion formations is carried out by means of liquid nitrogen or a special device – cryodestructors.

In the first embodiment, the piece of cotton (cotton swab) impregnated with liquid nitrogen and apply it on the damaged tissue. Leave the tampon for no longer than 180 seconds (depends on the size and extent of development growth).

With hardware remove warts the tip of the applicator, the doctor presses to the affected tissue, after which it is cooled to – 196 degrees. While the device remains on the skin not more than 120 seconds.

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If you want to process a large area, and if the duration and strength of exposure in previous times was not enough, then assign a second session of cryoablation.

Also the procedure may be indicated in the treatment of plantar warts, as the skin on the hands is very rough, and the drug must penetrate into everything, even the deepest layers of the epidermis to completely rid you of warts.

After the procedure, the doctor may prescribe immunomodulatory and vitamin preparations to enhance immunity of the patient.

Here is a video of the procedure wart removal by this method.

What happens after the procedure?

Криодеструкция бородавок: обзор популярного метода леченияImmediately after the influence of low temperatures on the treatment site there is a local swelling. In the first days after cryotherapy is formed epidermal bubble. This bubble contains serous or hemorrhagic fluid.

The area burned a few days not watering. On average, the bubble disappears after a week. It is replaced by a solid crust. Not this crust?

It gradually exfoliates. Two weeks later, the skin will remain only imperceptible pinkish stain, which will disappear soon. Meantime, protect the skin from exposure to sunlight.

Криодеструкция бородавок: обзор популярного метода леченияRemember, if you do not follow these recommendations (wet bubble, to injure), then the consequence may be the appearance on the site of lesion pigmentation.

If the wart was removed from the face, avoid contact with the wound lotions, creams, cosmetics.

Moreover, it is impossible to remove the crust – it should fall off itself.

How does the place of treatment after a session of cryotherapy you can see in the photo below.

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Contraindications to this therapy

  • Pregnancy;
  • Rash, irritation and other damage near the wart;
  • Angiospasm;
  • Hypertension;
  • Epileptic condition, seizures;
  • Individual intolerance to the nitrogen;
  • Acute and chronic infectious diseases, as well as exacerbation of any disease.

The advantages of cryoablation

Криодеструкция бородавок: обзор популярного метода леченияAfter the removal procedure has minimal likelihood of scarring at the treatment site.

Thanks to this method is the possibility of contact with blood virus, so no risk of infection.

This method is great for those who is afraid of blood, since neither during nor after the session will not be bleeding.

If the growths are formed in children, they can be given the procedure cauterization with liquid nitrogen (up to 4 years are not recommended to carry it out, as the skin of children at this age are very delicate).

After the removal of education, the destroyed tissue is not immediately rejected, due to which the patient has a natural barrier from falling into the wound infection.

Recovery process and wound healing is painless, and the place of the removed build-up is formed healthy tissue.

The cost of the procedure

The price of removing a mole different – from 300 to 1500 rubles. It depends on where you live (in Moscow and St. Petersburg is the highest cost). Also, the final price is affected by the localization of growth, their number, size and type.

If you have multiple education, medical clinics often make good discounts for treatment.

Patient testimonials

Криодеструкция бородавок: обзор популярного метода леченияEach person is different, as well as their individual sensations during the procedure. In General, the feedback on the procedure is similar.

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If the patient has great sensitivity the pain threshold, during a session of removal, and for several weeks after they are experiencing pain. Especially complain of pain children.

Some patients came for re-treatment. It is connected more with the lack of professionalism of doctors and recurrence of warts (possible failure to comply with preventive measures).

Most patients report high effectiveness of this method, no scars and full get rid of warts.

Pharmacy means for freezing warts

Криодеструкция бородавок: обзор популярного метода леченияIn fact, there is such a drug – Kriofarma. The tool cools the wart only 57 Degrees, but it is sometimes enough to remove small skin education.

Of course, at home it is difficult to achieve a rapid effect and better to consult a specialist.

Not all people like to go to doctors, especially with such an unpleasant problem as warts, but sometimes warts just need to remove and perfect for this method is cryotherapy. Be healthy!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)