Cure for herpes: a list of the most effective and inexpensive

Good afternoon, dear readers of dermatological portal! What is the cure for herpes do you accept? Perhaps you are faced with this problem the first time and don’t know what to do?

Then read this article where I will tell you about the most effective drugs against different types of girisindeki.

To treat or not to treat?

To cure girisindeki completely impossible. All herpes viruses are not eliminated from the body, because to this day we do not know how to destroy them completely. So maybe the treatment is not worth it?

Actually, it is, as modern antiviral medications can:

  • significantly speed up the healing process;
  • to reduce the frequency of recurrence;
  • to strengthen the immune system;
  • prevent complications.

Without treatment, the herpes at any moment will be generalized; causes a miscarriage or serious physical and mental abnormalities in the child if you get sick during pregnancy; lead to death due to complications if you have an immune deficiency; will be a constant companion of life and make recurrences more than 10 times a year.

Лекарство от герпеса: список самых эффективных и недорогихYou don’t want to constantly walk around with a rash on the lips or in any other place? By the way, without treatment, erisipela is in two weeks, if a person has a strong immune system, and treatment for three to five days.

Feel the difference? I hope after that you wanted to fight the viral infection. What kind of drugs protivniki of the disease need to use?

All drugs against herpes are usually divided into several types:

  • oral (in tablet form);
  • external or local (ointments, creams, gels);
  • solutions (injections and infusions);
  • folk (various non-traditional means).

Oral protivovirusnye drugs

Today, such medicines are available in wide range. Initially herpes infection was treated only with Acyclovir – a drug that is embedded in the DNA of viruses and inhibits their ability to reproduce.

Unfortunately, some strains of viruses provocateurs have developed a strong immunity to the above medications, so it had to be improved.

After the Acyclovir there are so many new antiviral drugs, which I propose to consider more:

Лекарство от герпеса: список самых эффективных и недорогихValuer – created on the basis of Valacyclovir, effective and fast-acting. It is taken one pill (500 mg) twice a day.

Using Valvira provides not only treatment but also prevention, but it is also worth noting that it has proved effective not only against the common herpes viruses.

It helps to get rid of quickly from labial and genital, but also against cytomegalovirus, as well as other more serious pathogens.

The cost of the medication varies in the range of 800 rubles for a standard minimum package.

Acyclovir Belupo – classic option, but a bit advanced, with reliable efficiency. As mentioned earlier, at the present time, it does not always produce the desired result.

Acyclovir tablets are available with different contents of active substance of the same – 200, 500, 800 mg For treatment of viral infection should take a pill five times a day for weeks. The cost of packaging Acyclovirresistant 300-400 rubles.

Valacyclovir is the modern equivalent of previous medications, high efficiency. Tablets taken under the scheme is 500 mg/twice a day. Helps to get rid of girisindeki on the body for three to seven days.

At the present time, pharmacies are invited called and he needs therapy with valtrex costs 1300 rubles per pack of ten pills.

Лекарство от герпеса: список самых эффективных и недорогихFamvir is different from all of the above medicines what is inside viral cells are very long (12 hours) and all this time acts effectively on it. The principle of operation is the same as the rest of the antiviral.

Due to the increased duration of action cost Famvir tablets was comparatively high at 4300 rubles for 21. Accepted Famvir tablet (250mg) twice a day for five days.

If you have chosen the treatment with the tablets, keep in mind that buying such drugs requires medical prescription. You can get it from a dermatologist, physician or virologist.

Tablets have a wide range of contraindications and side effects, so is not prescribed to children under 12 years of age. Pregnant when first infected can be assigned, but only in an individual dose and in an extreme case.

It is much safer to use protivovirusnye outer drugs. Want to know what?

Local protivovirusnye medication

Лекарство от герпеса: список самых эффективных и недорогихCalled local or external medication in the form of ointment, cream, gel or solution, applied to problem areas.

All exterior antiviral drugs of the new generation use the following scheme: applied three to five times a day on affected skin or mucous daily until complete disappearance of the rash.

If you want to try the drug in the form of ointment or cream, then choose from these names:

  • Zovirax is the basis of Acyclovir, and also auxiliary components. If you have time to put it on the problem spot before the rash, it will prevent this symptom of girisindeki. The ointment is applied in a circular motion with a cotton swab every four hours. The zovirax is recommended to treat a rash on the lips and on the intimate places, and against other types of infection it can be ineffective. The cost varies from 200 to 300 rubles per tube.
  • Vivorax–on performance virtually the same as the previous medicine. Using the ointment infection can be removed in 10 days. It lasts so much treatment, and judging by the reviews, Vivorax suited to everyone. The price of the drug is not much different from the cost of Zovirax.
  • Fenistil penciler – only used against labial herpes. It can be used for the treatment of children, but their age must be more than 12 years. The ointment is applied on the problem areas every two hours and produces an analgesic effect.
  • Panavir – a highly effective gel-based hexoses glycoside. It can be used to cure any girisindeki in just five days, but you need to put a generous layer of not less than five times a day. This medicine is recommended to use even with ophthalmic herpes, as its cost is 800-900 rubles per 30 g.
  • Oxolinic ointment – the cheapest option, the price of which does not exceed 100. This medicine may be used for the treatment of children, it has a powerful antiviral effect. Its additional advantage is a more powerful action on the mucous membranes, so it is prescribed against herpes, nose and sexual.
  • Ointment is sold without a prescription, so you can choose any and enjoy it on their own, but first be sure to read the user manual and verify the absence of contraindications.

    Лекарство от герпеса: список самых эффективных и недорогихUsing ointments can cure girisindeki in humans with normal immune systems.

    If the immune system is weakened, you will have to drink tablets, as they are more powerful, and people with immunodeficiency, e.g. HIV-infected, elderly, undergoing surgery, appointed antiviral in the form of injections and IVS.

    In addition, such people and babies infected with herpes in utero, are appointed immunomodulators:

    • Polyoxidonium (allowed children and is available in different forms);
    • Likopid (it can be used to treat even the infants as it is harmless);
    • Derinat (accelerates the process of wound healing after herpes);
    • drugs based on interferon (Viferon, Genferon ® and others).

    Folk effective means with protivovirucnam action

    Only folk remedies you will not be able to quickly cure the infection, so I recommend you to use them as auxiliary drugs.

    Effective against herpes viruses possess such non-traditional means:

    Sea buckthorn oil any conifer essential oils speed healing, relieve itching and swelling, prevent infection of wounds by bacteria.

    Лекарство от герпеса: список самых эффективных и недорогихThey can be used at any age and position, they are applied not only on skin, but on mucous membranes. Use the oil just as protivogrippoznoj ointment, and then the healing process will be accelerated significantly.

    Rose, chamomile, calendula – the herbal data of medicinal plants can drink, and also they should treat the affected areas.

    If you have a genital infection, make a decoction sitz bath and take it everyday twice a day. If the sore has jumped on the lip, then make lotions and compresses, and if the surrounding infection, take a herbal bath.

    Alcohol pharmacy tincture – the best among such folk medicine is considered calendula tincture on alcohol. It is applied to the pimples with a cotton swab three times every day. It not only dried, but also disinfect, reduce inflammation, accelerate the healing of wounds.

    Corvalol, toothpaste, earwax – with the help of these funds you 1 day to cure girisindeki on the lip.

    The only condition is to apply them before the rash appears. As soon as you feel that the rash will soon come out (the affected area is usually swollen, itchy, red or white) immediately spread the inflamed area of the heart drug earwax or mint tooth paste.

    Treat as often as possible and, most likely, you will be able to prevent cold sores.

    Salt and sodium – affected areas should be sprinkled instead of an ointment with baking soda or salt. The feeling after this treatment will not be pleasant, but the effect will make you happy. The rash will pass quickly and will not be long to appear.

    Features of the use of antiviral medications

    Traditional medicines of this kind cannot be taken not only during pregnancy but also during breast-feeding. If you had to be treated, the feeding will have to stop.

    In addition, oral medications are in any case can not be combined with alcohol. Alcohol almost completely neutralizes their effect and increases the likelihood of side effects.

    What consequences can occur after overdose of antiviral drugs?

    If you follow the dosage and listen to recommendations of physicians, then any side effects you get. But if you exceed the dosage, you will encounter various similar consequences. Usually after the overdose happen with people:

    • dizziness and headache;
    • problems with digestion;
    • sleepiness and weakness;
    • convulsions and loss of consciousness;
    • rash on the body, reminiscent of allergic.

    Appeared side effects? Then immediately stop taking the medication, clean the stomach, if you drink it recently, and definitely see your doctor, you prescribed treatment.

    Pills or ointments: which is better?

    Лекарство от герпеса: список самых эффективных и недорогихMy patients often asked: «what is better, pills or ointments»? The answer is given individually to each patient, because we have different organisms and different susceptibility to drugs.

    Ointment absorbed and act not worse, than the pills, but the effect of the latter lasts longer.

    In addition, of pills the body gets more active ingredient, so they are considered more powerful.

    If protivovirusnye ointments you stopped to help, then contact your doctor and ask him to pick up the pills.

    Yourself so serious decisions are not taken! Self-treatment is rarely the desired outcome.

    Now you know what the cure for herpes will help you. Choose wisely and be sure to pre-consult with a specialist.

    Questions you can ask online to our experts and be sure to write in the comments which of the above medication you are taking and how you like it.

    Read information share with friends on social networks and subscribe to the updates of the dermatological portal. I wish you good health and rare recurrence of herpes. All the best to you!

    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)

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