Cycloferon when the chickenpox: the industry

Циклоферон при ветрянке: преимущество перед аналогамиI welcome you, dear visitors of the website on dermatology. What do you think, is there a universal cure for chicken pox that can not only destroy the virus and strengthen the immune system? But I’m sure there is.

This article is devoted to the cure. Cicloferon chicken pox when to use appropriate and for a number of reasons.

The drug has a lot of advantages and affordable price, which is important. It is often compared with Acyclovir. Why? Read the article and find out!

The secrets of the unique medication

The secret of Cycloferon is that it acts on the virus comprehensively. The active ingredient of this medication — meglumine acridonacetates has several functions:

  • first, it reduces the number of virus cells and the aggressiveness of the virus, causing him to cease to multiply and to cover new territory;
  • second, strengthens the immune system, so that the recovery occurs faster, and the disease is easier.

Most notably, Tsikloferon not addictive. And this does not happen with any organism or virus. So it can be used for a long time and absolutely safe for health.

Shape and price

There are several forms of Cycloferon. Suffering from chickenpox should be interested in two forms:

  • tablets for oral use;
  • 5% liniment for topical application.

The price of the first drug in the range of from 140 to 150 rubles per pack consisting of 10 tablets. The cost of the liniment (ointment) is not much different from 170 to 200 rubles.

Of course, you are now wondering how to take the pills and apply the ointment Cicloferon. So I’ll talk about ways of treatment of the symptoms of smallpox with the help of various forms of the above medication.

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The use of tablets for treatment of chickenpox

Циклоферон при ветрянке: преимущество перед аналогамиThe drugs aimed at revitalizing the body to produce interferon, which, in turn, does not allow the virus to multiply and spread. Cycloferon is one of the most powerful and fast of interferon inducers.

Simply put, after taking the pills the body begins to rapidly strengthen the antiviral protection. Therefore, this drug for the treatment of varicella in children and in adults need to take as early as possible.

To pop a pill once a day for half an hour before meals. I recommend to drink them in the morning before Breakfast because in the morning our body better absorbs the substances that it contains. In the instructions for use indicated the following dosages:

  • for children age 4-6 years — 1 pill;
  • 7-10 years — 2 pills;
  • children 12+ and adults — 3-4 pills.

You need to take medicine in a specific pattern: the first two days daily, and then the next day on the 4th, 6th, 8th days. Then the gap between the methods increases for another day. The course of treatment equal to 20 days.

Local treatment with liniment 5 %

Циклоферон при ветрянке: преимущество перед аналогамиTo speed up the healing process of watery pimples, you want to treat them topically. To do this, the miraculous producer of Cycloferon has released a special shape, liniment 5%.

The molecule is the main active ingredient of this drug is so small that easily penetrates epidermal layers. Liniment greatly reduces the time of stay of pimples on the body, accelerates the process of wound healing and maturation of the crust.

The above form of Cycloferon can be applied to mucous membranes that can not but rejoice. The manual States that it is necessary to smear a thin layer on affected areas of the body at least two times a day (preferably 3 times).

Treatment miracle ointment is 7 days. During this time, the symptoms of virus disease should be solved forever.

If the chicken pox developed into a severe form, which often happens in adults, it is best to combine pills and ointment. So the effect will be more comprehensive and quick.

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Prevention of varicella

Циклоферон при ветрянке: преимущество перед аналогамиIf in your family someone has been infected with chickenpox, the other households who have not had smallpox, you need to take care of your health. I recommend you drink a course of Cycloferon and Acyclovir. Why these medications often compared?

First, they have almost identical principle. Secondly, they perfectly complement each other, thereby enhances the effect.

In addition to these medicines, for prophylaxis can drink vitamin C, which strengthens immunity and has a positive effect on overall health.

I want to note that prevention is not always effective. It depends on many factors such as the stage of incubation of the disease, the frequency and duration of contacts with patients and so on.

Side-effects and contraindications of Cycloferon

The above medicine in the form for oral intake cannot be taken in the presence of:

  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • kidney failure;
  • of Allergy to components.

A side effect can be an allergic reaction. Other negative effects after the use of pills and liniment were observed.

Important information! Cycloferon is strictly not recommended to treat varicella in pregnant and breast feeding women. In some cases, a nursing woman is allowed to use 5% liniment, but only after consultation with your doctor.


To assess the full Cycloferon, proposing to study the reviews left by people who have had chickenpox. I have to say that many say the safety and affordability of medicine. Its effectiveness is also praised, but sometimes there are negative reviews, claiming that the drug is useless.

Natalia writes:

Циклоферон при ветрянке: преимущество перед аналогамиBought tablets for the prevention of chickenpox once it has infected a child. To prevent illness I failed, but thanks to this cure, she proceeded without complications and ended relatively quickly.

Anya writes:

Циклоферон при ветрянке: преимущество перед аналогамиTreated watery pimples ointment and pills at the same time. Can’t say that the cream I liked, but pills is a valuable find! Pimples after they heal quickly and disappear without a trace. Why I’m not impressed with the ointment? The fact that it does not provide a cooling effect, which does not eliminate the itch completely.

That’s all the information about the Cycloferon — integrated drug helping to eliminate the symptoms of chickenpox and faster to develop immune to it. I hope you liked the article.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)