Cystic dermatosis what drugs to treat disease?

Пузырный дерматоз: какими препаратами лечить заболевание?Good day, our loyal readers! Continuing the theme of trauma. Today we will talk about the cystic form, which also combines several pathologies.

So, gallbladder dermatosis — a group of diseases of the skin, which can be combined by the presence of the same primary element, bubble. These diseases differ in the origin, pathogenesis, prognosis and therapeutic measures.

What diseases can be attributed to this group?

Of the most common include: common (vulgar), pemphigus, Duhring dermatitis (herpetiformis). Of the rare cases bullous pemphigoid.


Пузырный дерматоз: какими препаратами лечить заболевание?Another name for pemphigus. Disease with autoimmune nature, manifested by formation of elements-bubbles on neosalanx skin.

Bubbles are the result of acantholysis (degenerative process in the spinous layer of the epidermis, when cells break contacts and cracks are formed), the disease may begin with one skin and spread all over the body resulting in death.

Types of pemphigus vulgaris, or common, seborrheic leaf and vegetative.

The origin of the disease is associated with immune pathology. Namely, in the patient’s body produce antibodies (Ig G) that have an affinity with the components of the spiny layer of the epidermis. The severity of the disease directly depends on the number of antibodies.


The disease begins with the appearance on the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat blistering. Then the process extends to the skin of the trunk, extremities, groin, underarms, face, also on the external sex organs (photo).

Пузырный дерматоз: какими препаратами лечить заболевание?


Rarely, when the patient areas on the skin independently covered by new epithelium and heal.

Pemphigus is becoming more common, on the site of the former bubbles.

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On the mucous membranes of the bubbles quickly opened due to the constant maceration and pressure food.

In their place are formed erosion round or oval, so often themselves the primary bubbles can be found.

Erosion of a bright red color, around the color of the tissues is not changed. On their surface you can see the remains of the tyre bladder, Nikolsky’s sign positive.

If in time not to begin treatment, first formation of new erosions, and the process of healing extremely difficult.

In addition to external manifestations, it is possible to note bad breath and pain when eating.

Healing elements leads to the formation of polycyclic weeping erosions, regeneration of the epithelium is accompanied by formation of brown crusts and pigmentation of brown color.


The main drugs are corticosteroids and cytostatics.

  • The prednisolone. Dosage of at least 1 mg. per kg. weight per day from 60 to 180 mg.;
  • Dexamethasone. Dose from 8 to 17 mg. per day;
  • Triamcinolone. A daily dose of from 40 to 100 mg.
  • Пузырный дерматоз: какими препаратами лечить заболевание?High daily doses are appointed for a period of efflorescence, and to an almost complete healing of erosions.

    Hormones gradually abolish: the dose of prednisolone reduced to 5 mg. every 5 days.

    The maintenance dose is such that there does not appear fresh elements, and the old epitelizirutmi.

    The prednisone of 10 to 15 mg. Such treatment remains permanent for a sick pemphigus.

    Effective and cytotoxic agents. For Example, Methotrexate. It is administered along with corticosteroids 1 time a week.

    Average dosages of 10 to 20 mg, if well tolerated increase to 20-25 mg., administered intramuscularly, the treatment of 3 to 5 injections.

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    Taking corticosteroids for a long period of time requires concurrent assignments anabolic steroids: intramuscular nandrolone or Dianabol.

    In patients with dermatitis bubble suffers electrolyte balance. Recovery is prescribed potassium chloride in a dose of 1G., 3 times a day with food. Can be replaced by potassium or magnesium asparaginat — 1 to 2 tablets three times a day.

    Topical remedies: fukortsin, dermatology ointment, powder in the form of a mixture of dermatol and zinc oxide.

    Well disinfect bath with potassium permanganate, rinse the mouth, lubrication pockets of aniline dyes.

    To accelerate the epithelialization of the prescribed ointment from solkoserilom containing surface anesthetics.

    For example, paste «Solko» applied three times a day before meals, stops the pain, protects mucous membranes from damage when eating.

    Bullous pemphigoid

    Пузырный дерматоз: какими препаратами лечить заболевание?A disease of the elderly, usually begins after age 60. It is a chronic benign vesicular dermatosis, the symptoms are similar with vulgar pemphigus.

    The nature of autoimmune disease, that is in the blood of patients detected antibodies to the basement membrane of the skin, mucous membranes. In this case, the course of study depends on the titer of antibodies in the blood serum of the patient.

    Significant symptoms

    And erythematous skin swelling, intense bubbles are formed. The preferential localization — the skin of the abdomen, folds, extremities.

    Distinctive sign from pemphigus vulgaris — Nikolsky’s sign is negative. In benign course there are scars and polymorphous rash.

    The location of the elements is symmetric. Simultaneously with large bubbles is observed the formation of small urticarial elements. Erosion at the location which revealed bubbles heal quickly, sometimes even without the formation of crusts.

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    Erosion does not increase in size, but sometimes they can be seen peripheral growth.

    Localization: the folds, the skin of the inner surface of arms and forearms, inner thighs and torso.

    Mucous membranes are affected very rarely, but if erosion appear, they are similar to those of pemphigus.

    Of subjective sensations: itching, itching less pain and fever. If the patient is old, exhausted, then there are General symptoms: loss of appetite, weakness, weight loss, rarely fatal.


    Basic drugs are corticosteroids. Administered on prednisolone 40 to 80 mg per daily dose. If necessary, justified by the higher dose.

    A good effect is achieved by the appointment of cytostatics and immunosuppressants. Can be combined with corticosteroids methotrexate, azathioprine. Additionally prescribe plasmavores.

    To increase the effectiveness of corticosteroids combined with systemic enzyme preparations: Wobenzym or Phlogenzym.

    Tapicerki: ointments, creams containing hormones of the adrenal glands, aniline dyes.

    In conclusion, I propose to view an interesting video about autoimmune diseases: