Cytomegalovirus IgG positive: what to do in this case?

Hello, dear friends! Let’s say you passed the ELISA test for cytomegalovirus disease and the results found a «CMV IgG positive». What will happen now? What’s the result and how to live?

First and foremost, stay calm, don’t panic, but better read this article which will tell you how to decrypt an ELISA.

What do the results mean «IgG-positive»?

Цитомегаловирус IgG положительный: что делать в этом случае?After receiving the same result you probably wondered what that means. This means that you are a carrier (vector) of the above girisindeki. What now? Rather run to the drugstore for antiviral drugs?

Not at all, as this result does not mean that the infection you have is in the active stage and something threatens you.

A positive result of ELISA test may be cause for concern during pregnancy and in people with weakened immune systems is critical. Want to know why?

Then read a separate article on this site about the agent provocateur-cytomegalovirus in women in the position and in newborns. Now let’s see what kind of analysis can provide such an outcome and what is the essence of this diagnostic method.

Test for IgG to herpessimplexvirus: what is and what is its essence?

This diagnostic method is considered the most accurate to date. It is carried out by the method of blood collection, therefore in the vernacular it is called «blood». Its essence lies in the finding of antibodies to viral provocateur infection.

Цитомегаловирус IgG положительный: что делать в этом случае?Antibodies are written in the results as «Ig». This is the abbreviated name of the immunoglobulins. In turn, the antibody-immunoglobulin a protective protein, which is released by our body after infectious attack.

For each type of infectious agents our bodies produces its own Ig. For an adult, blood is typed in a huge range of these antibodies. The ELISA test allows to find all kinds of antibodies each of us.

What does the prefix «G»? This letter refers to the class of Ig. In addition to G, each of us has antibodies: a And M, D and E.

What linked antibodies and cytomegalovirus infection?

When the disease enters our body, it begins to actively produce antibodies. A person who is not faced with the disease, of antibodies, of course, will not.

Some viral diseases after recovery go unnoticed, so the antibodies will disappear. Others, including cytomegalovirus, last a lifetime, so Ig will be determined by the media constantly.

In the results of the ELISA test is found in another class of Ig — M. In this case one class can be positive and the other negative. Than the foregoing class of antibodies different from the previous one?

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Than the M class differs from class G?

In fact, if you look, everything seems simple and clear:

  • G is «slow» antibodies that accumulate in the body gradually and remain for a long time in the future to support the immune defense system and help her deal with agent provocateur of the disease.
  • M is «fast» Ig, which are produced instantly and on a large scale, then disappear. Their purpose is to quickly overcome the disease, to weaken his provocateur. 4-6 months after the virus attack data Ig will die and the body will be only the previous one.
  • Цитомегаловирус IgG положительный: что делать в этом случае?Based on the foregoing, we conclude that immediately after infection, the body forms IgM antibodies, followed gradually begin to stand out IgG immunoglobulins.

    First gradually removed, and the second will be for the entire period of presence of infection in the body and will help it contain the disease.

    The results of the ELISA test, you may see different options of the ratio of the above classes of antibodies.

    How to understand what is happening in your body, after receiving the results, in which IgG is positive? Let’s learn how to decipher results on your own.

    Possible variants of the ratio of Ig G and M in the test results of ELISA for cytomegalovirus

  • Ig M-positive, G-negative — you have been infected recently, and now the disease manifests maximum activity. Such an analysis is uncommon because the infection described in this article develops in almost all without symptoms. Not many of us pass such tests just like that for no particular reason. Therefore, you get these results in isolated cases.
  • Ig M-negative, G is positive — the disease is available, but does not show its activity. Most likely, you picked up her long and now do not feel any symptoms. This is the most common result, which can get people of different ages and status. By the way, the infection is cytomegalovirus origin is considered to be one of the most common. She has almost 100% of people after the age of 45-50 years. So if you get this result, do not despair as you are not the only ones.
  • M-negative, G-negative — you have never faced the disease and have no immunity against it. It would seem that this is a great result, but not always. If this result gets pregnant woman, she should in the future be very careful and adhere to prevention, since infection in this situation is considered the most dangerous, not only for the mother but also for her fetus (even more so).
  • M-positive G-positive — you have the activation of the disease. The reasons can be many, for example, a sharp or chronic weakening of the protective functions of the human immune system.
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    In addition to G and M, the results prescribed the index of avidity (activity and abundance) of immunoglobulins.

    This indicator is expressed in percentage and may be as follows:

    Цитомегаловирус IgG положительный: что делать в этом случае?

    • less than 50 % — primary infection (happened recently, before that the body is not faced with the disease);
    • more than 60% of the disease is present, it can be active;
    • 50-60 % — the situation is of an uncertain nature, it is recommended to get tested again after some time.

    If the results show up negative both Ig, the index will be zero. See how simple, if you understand? Now you know how to decipher the IFA test. What to do after delivery and a positive G-immunoglobulin?

    The result is positive: to treat or not to treat?

    A disease caused by an agent provocateur-CMV, is a very interesting character. If it is located in the body of an ordinary person standard with a relatively strong immune system, it will not somehow manifest themselves.

    A strong immune system is able to strangle the virus (as mentioned above, to get rid of provocateur of the disease completely impossible, but you can enter the inactive state).

    Цитомегаловирус IgG положительный: что делать в этом случае?Have usual person with an average immune system the disease can only worsen periodically (as well as other types of girisindeki).

    The aggravation is called mononucleosis and the symptoms are very similar to classic angina, however, lasts a little longer.

    The same course of the disease will have infected child after 5 years. In an earlier age, and especially infants, the disease is a threat and could affect future mental and physical development. How will it be?

    Probably very negatively in young children and people with immunodeficiency after infection can occur:

    • jaundice;
    • hepatitis;
    • specific pneumonia (causes of death 95% of all patients with a diagnosis of AIDS);
    • disorders of the digestive system;
    • encephalitis;
    • retinitis.
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    Treatment is required only in this ill (weak and strong small). And ordinary average man can easily do without it. The infection nothing catastrophic is not going to hurt him.

    On life expectancy, it is also not affected, if you monitor their health, strengthen immunity and to avoid stress.

    Positive G-globulin from pregnant women: what to do?

    For women in the situation of threat is the primary infection and exacerbation of herpetic disease during pregnancy. Both can adversely affect the development process of the fetus.

    For example, the first infection in early pregnancy sometimes causes miscarriage, and aggravation leads to intrauterine infection of the child (this does not happen always), because of what he has after birth can detect different kinds of abnormalities (physical and mental). Why during pregnancy the disease is acute?

    Like any other herpes simplex, the necessary favorable conditions for intensification. The most favorable condition is the weakening of the immune defense system. The weakening occurs necessarily as a strong immune system simply rejects the fetus as a foreign object.

    If antibodies of class G appear in the first 12 weeks, the woman appointed emergency antiviral therapy. It assigns a treating specialist after a careful study of the history and characteristics of the organism. Further treatment is selected individually, as needed.

    That’s all, dear readers. Now you know what to do if the result of the ELISA test will show positive G-immunoglobulin. Read share on social networks with friends, which will also be useful to know about this common disease. Subscribe for updates and visit us often. Up to new meetings!

    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)