Demographic urticaria: treatment and prevention of disease

Демографическая крапивница: лечение и профилактика заболеванияGood day, dear readers! Demographic urticaria is the most common form of the disease, which is diagnosed in 5% of the population of the globe.

The disease makes itself felt by the appearance of a skin rash, a linear configuration is in place, physical impact. But when this form of urticaria severe itching is observed.

This characteristic is manifested either poorly or not seen at all. In this article, you will learn the main causes of diseases and how to treat the disease.

Causes of disease

Демографическая крапивница: лечение и профилактика заболеванияCauses of rashes on the skin can be triggered by different influences. Basically, the factors of occurrence of blisters are caused by mechanical impact. It can be insect bites, scratching, pressure, etc.

To date, the etiology of the disease is not fully understood. Health workers believe that the tendency to disease is determined by the following aspects:

  • a genetic inclination;
  • a special susceptibility of the skin;
  • violation of work of intestines;
  • pathologies of internal organs;
  • nervous disorders.

Demographic urticaria is often caused by diseases that cause weakening of the immune system.

Proper treatment methods

Mild disease requires no specific treatment. The doctor advised to avoid direct exposure to skin damaging factors, woolen things to take antihistamines.

At the time of treatment of urticaria in children can be found a link between formations on the skin and taking certain foods.

This should change the menu of the child and eliminate the irritant. Foods that should be deleted are the same as with other forms of urticaria.

Therapy of this form of hives during pregnancy

Демографическая крапивница: лечение и профилактика заболеванияFeatures of treatment of the disease in pregnant women mean safe and effective elimination of associated symptoms with minimal impact on the fetus.

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To take antihistamines in an interesting position, you must be careful and the doctor.

First, you need to act on the cause of the pathology. First of all, this diet with restriction of fluid intake and salt. In the menu you need to enter more protein. You should take a sedative herbs and vitamins.

If treatment cannot be done, then they should appoint a doctor. Taking medication should be strictly on the prescribed dose.

Most medicines cannot be taken in the period of gestation and lactation. Diphenhydramine, for example, can trigger uterine contractions.

Some drugs can be taken only if the effectiveness of therapy higher risk for the baby.

The therapy is based on traditional medicine because it is safe for the baby.

  • Discard chicken and pork meat as well as milk and seafood, smoked meats and preservatives. Eliminate citrus, soda and sweets.
  • The woman should drink plenty of water a day (at least 1.5 l). Allowed to drink herbal teas, fruit drinks.
  • If you have a relapse, you need to drink sorbents.
  • At the end of therapy sorbents should start taking probiotics.
  • If the disease is severe, start taking corticosteroids first locally, and then intravenously.
  • Traditional methods of treatment

    If an abnormal condition occurs in mild form, specific treatment is not required. But the treatment folk remedies. The recipes are easy to prepare at home.

    • Демографическая крапивница: лечение и профилактика заболеванияIn the morning you should drink a decoction of a succession. It is necessary to brew as a tea and drink throughout the day.
    • In case of demographic urticaria would be useful herbal teas. To prepare, you will need the leaves of black currant and raspberry, dogrose berries, mint.
    • To get rid of the symptoms of the disease, you should drink fresh celery juice. It should be prepared in a juicer or simply squeeze. Every day, drink 1/3 Cup medications.
    • To get rid of severe itching and scarring, use a tincture of stinging nettle with lemon juice.
    • Take a small piece of licorice root. Take it twice a day and drink water.
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    Symptoms of the disease

    Демографическая крапивница: лечение и профилактика заболеванияDemographic the symptoms of urticaria can be provoked artificially. Slide your fingernail across the surface of the skin. In a healthy person, you will first see a white stripe, and then disappear.

    Patient demographic urticaria on the affected area will appear noticeable scar, as shown in the photo. This reaction is possible in the provision of any mechanical impact.

    Clinical symptoms the disease is divided into several categories:

    • cold urticaria, which occurs in connection with influence of human skin to low temperatures;
    • red dermographism appears in the background of mechanical impact on the skin. This response of the organism caused by the local reaction vessels;
    • white dermographism is due to the occurrence of white streaks on the skin. These bands appear after the holding of any object.

    Rash in case of demographic urticaria, may appear as a result of providing a mechanical impact on the skin.

    Overall health is deteriorating extremely rare. Sometimes patients feel dizziness, fatigue and chills.

    Diagnostic measures

    Демографическая крапивница: лечение и профилактика заболеванияDiagnosis of the disease usually does not pose any difficulties. The diagnosis can be established by the dermatologist. This will be sufficient for the usual medical examination and implementation of skin tests.

    In the case of suspected cold urticaria is done to test an ice cube. To this end, the ice is placed on the skin for five minutes, after which there is a reaction within 15 minutes.

    The man with the demographic form of the disease is directed to the study of other doctors:

    • the gastroenterologist for exception of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. If a patient is having constipation, find out why;
    • parasitologist helps to identify the presence of pathogens;
    • an endocrinologist determines the state of the thyroid gland;
    • immunologist determines the state of immunity.
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    Preventive measures and prognosis of the disease

    Демографическая крапивница: лечение и профилактика заболеванияThe prognosis is quite favorable. The disease, which occurs in mild form often resolves on its own without treatment. But in any case, it is better to consult a doctor to avoid unwanted complications.

    Primary prevention of dermographism is not, as the cause of disease is unknown. To prevent disease, should exclude the occurrence of exacerbations:

    • to prevent mechanical damage to the skin;
    • to give preference to clothes made of natural fabrics;
    • do not use hard sponges;
    • to refrain from visiting saunas;
    • sleep in a ventilated room;
    • eliminate the stress and think positively;
    • prophylaxis of intestinal dysbacteriosis.

    Remember, dear friends, that with timely treatment to the doctor the disease can be treated successfully. All the best! Be healthy!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)