Dermatitis in infants how to treat the disease without medication?

Дерматит у новорожденных: как лечить болезнь без медикаментов?Good day, dear readers of our portal which is devoted to skin! Can you imagine a newborn baby? And what his delicate skin!

The child immediately after birth, the epidermis is so different manifestations that sometimes they are able to put a young mother in a dead end.

Today we will try to learn how to treat nappy rash and how to not confuse it with other skin diseases.

What are the main symptoms of dermatitis in children?

On the body of the baby are different rashes and skin changes, which at first glance could be mistaken for a deviation from the norm or some kind of disease.

There are pimples and peeling in children that are normal, especially those that appeared immediately after birth. Dermatitis in newborns has the following symptoms:

  • rash in the form of red dots;
  • peeling;
  • redness;
  • itching.

Generally allergic dermatitis is manifested on the face and on the folds of elbows and knees cradle cap on the head, and the diaper on the ass of the baby.

Also one of the symptoms of allergies may be geographic tongue which by the way, even with perfect tests don’t pass. How does a dermatitis localized on the cheeks you can see in the photo.

Дерматит у новорожденных: как лечить болезнь без медикаментов?

For some reason skin disease occur in children?

The factors that affect the condition of the epidermis of the baby can be attributed both the quality of washing powder for baby clothes and meals mothers during pregnancy.

Let’s try to list the most common ones:

  • genetic predisposition – when atopic dermatitis was observed in parents;
  • irrational diet feeding moms in the diet should include only hypoallergenic products;
  • inappropriate milk formula, if the child is on artificial feeding;
  • synthetic underwear;
  • casually wearing a diaper or its low quality can also cause redness and peeling of the skin in the groin area.
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I should add that the older generation there is such a thing: at any age a child needs several hours a day to leave without diapers — ventilated.

Well-known pediatrician, Komorowski says that the diaper can be used permanently. Quality diapers have sufficient ventilation properties.

How to get rid of dermatitis without resorting to drugs?

In infancy, any rash in a child, is primarily the omission of the parents. Thus, the parents will have an opportunity to create the right conditions to ensure that the baby’s skin was clean.

  • To begin with what to eat and drink your child. To adjust the diet of lactating mothers so that it does not contain allergens. All products should be varied and in small quantities. You do not need to eat a lot of monotonous food, it may have adverse effects on the newborn. Need to spread the meals into several equal parts during the day and do not overeat.
  • If the child is in the mix – best to give him hypoallergenic food is of high quality, pre-consultation with the pediatrician.
  • The air in the room should be moist and cool. Walking dermatitis required because on the street you can immediately notice that redness become inconspicuous. There is a special procedure where the Allergy was treated successfully with fresh cold air.
  • It is important to maintain good hygiene, and when bathing the baby use no herbs as any of them may exacerbate the disease. After bathing, lubricate redness baby cream and diaper rash treating powder.
  • The apartment must be clean, damp cleaning of floor and surfaces should be carried out daily. Also at the time of treatment necessary to eliminate the child’s contact with Pets.
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    Pay attention to what you wash the child’s clothing. The composition of any powder, even marked «newborn» can contain harmful and toxic components.

    Nipples, toys and other household items the child is periodically washed with baby soap. And the clothes, linen and nappies are selected, giving preference to natural fabrics.

    Sometimes there is more than a rare but very dangerous form of the disease — exfoliative dermatitis. Usually it appears right after birth and treated in hospital under the supervision of a physician with antibiotics.


    Dermatitis in newborns is able to deliver discomfort not only to the newborn but also the mother. Its causes are reduced to the appearance of allergies to foods or mom’s reaction to the mixture.

    Treatment of newborns from skin diseases you need to start first and foremost with a revision of the menu of lactating mothers and create a cleaner environment.

    When the cleanliness of the apartment and regular walks your toddler is not in danger! Let your kids be healthy!

    At the end of the article offer to your attention video of Dr. Komarovsky is known about this disease: