Dermatitis in pregnancy: what are the dangers of the disease and how to treat?

Дерматит при беременности: чем опасно заболевание и как лечить?Hello, our regular readers! What a great time – pregnancy. The woman in anticipation of the birth of a baby is always beautiful.

And how disappointing and frustrating if the expectation of the most important events in the life marred by problems with the skin.

Meanwhile, the skin in this period suffers the most. Today we talk about dermatitis during pregnancy and how to treat the disease.

Causes and types of pathology

Skin problems during expecting a baby traditionally due to hormonal changes and reduced immunity.

There are several varieties of the disease that occur during pregnancy.

  • Atopic. A very common illness usually announces the start allergies and negative reactions to certain foods. Atopic dermatitis appears due to hormone «cortisol», which is produced in large quantity.
  • Allergic dermatitis. Small pimples, are often combined to form «Islands» that can itch and cause discomfort. Also a symptom of inappropriate diet. It is interesting that women with allergies during pregnancy, on the contrary, there is a lull.
  • Contact. Comes from the touch of the skin with toxic substances, then there is a characteristic rash. Contact dermatitis manifests itself immediately after the defeat, and the area of inflammation, respectively, equal to the area of contact.
  • Oral. Is characterized in that the rashes and pimples appear around the mouth.
  • Urticaria. This disease is manifested by a rash all over the body or in certain areas.
  • During pregnancy is also found in eczema, papular dermatitis, psoriasis and other. When any variety of disease – the symptoms are almost always the same — it’s a rash, redness, peeling and itching.

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    Дерматит при беременности: чем опасно заболевание и как лечить?As soon as the body had a suspicious rash, an urgent need to seek the doctor.

    Most likely, you will need to pass tests to accurately determine what caused it and exclusion of more serious diseases.

    As a topical treatment prescribed the decoctions, such as decoction of chamomile, oak bark, compresses of cabbage leaf.

    Another very good tool that is approved for use in newborns and safe in the waiting period of the child.

    Today there are many different external means, is allowed to use while waiting for the baby.

    There are cases where dermatitis during pregnancy doctors recommend not to treat. Indeed, it so happens that the problem with the skin after birth are themselves.

    The complexity of treatment of lesions during this period is that absolutely can not use means that are most effective.

    All potent drugs is prohibited for the reception of pregnant women. Therefore, the auxiliary element can serve as sedatives:

    • Persen;
    • Alora;
    • Trouble and other.

    It should be noted that these drugs are not recommended when the expectant mother reduced blood pressure.


    Now, we all know that the treatment of rash during pregnancy, it is rather complicated. The problem is that you can only use the easy tools, which fully meets the security and they are valid for pregnant women.

    External products should be natural and make it at home. So you will know what it is and how it is prepared.

    I propose to view an interesting video about folk remedies for treatment of dermatitis:

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    Pregnancy is one of the most important processes in a woman’s life. From this period largely depends on the health of your baby.

    We wish you easy waiting, beautiful skin and healthy babies! Up to new meetings!