Dermatitis nervous: 6 treatments

Дерматит на нервной почве: 6 способов леченияWelcome to our website! Stress, unfortunately, in our time — it is frequent. Every body reacts differently.

Some go bald, others lose weight, others coughing. And it so happens that nervous shocks impact directly on the condition of our skin.

Let us understand what is occurring dermatitis in the nervous system and how best to approach its treatment.

Neurogenic dermatitis, as a rule, the process passing without complications. But skin diseases in the nervous system are gaining momentum every year and more frequently observed in patients who are prone to allergies.

When a child a child is diagnosed with atopic or allergic dermatitis, in adulthood he also has a high risk of recurrence of this illness but because of stress.

How to distinguish neirodermatit?

The symptoms of this disease are different. Any modification of the skin should alert you. The main manifestations of neurogenic dermatitis the following:

  • itching;
  • small pimples;
  • redness of the skin;
  • peeling;
  • rough cork;
  • watery bubbles.

As you can see, the symptoms are so varied that at first glance they can be confused with psoriasis, eczema, chicken pox and even scabies.

Дерматит на нервной почве: 6 способов леченияTherefore, if you notice suspicious changes in the epidermis it is important to immediately consult a doctor.

An experienced specialist will be able to diagnose at the first examination, without resorting to tests. On our website are some photos, which you can see the classic picture of the disease.

Dermatitis still divided at the location of its manifestations in the body:

  • diffusely affected the creases of the hands and feet, face, neck and hands;
  • hypertrophic – is a location in the groin area;
  • limited – appears at any one place;
  • follicular of the skin under the hair;
  • linear – characterized by straight lines on the limbs.

Nervous dermatitis often affects the General condition of the patient. Malaise, apathy, fatigue – are also symptoms of this ailment, they may be accompanied by a decrease in blood pressure.

Why a person can appear neirodermatit?

As we already understand the cause of this disease is stress. But related factors, which never contribute to such reactions to shock may be the following:

  • immunosuppression;
  • improper diet;
  • hidden inflammatory processes;
  • malfunctions of the Central nervous system;
  • low stress;
  • a long depression;
  • prolonged mental stress, work and other.
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The combination of all the factors shows that almost everyone can be in the number of cases of dermatitis in the nervous system.

Our quick time, unfortunately often dictates the rules, and rebuild your life in such a way as to avoid shocks and not to overstrain yourself not everyone is capable of.


Дерматит на нервной почве: 6 способов леченияSo, you have visited a doctor, and the dermatologist you are diagnosed with neirodermatit. What to do now? How to treat it?

You may be surprised, but the therapy of nervous diseases is a little different from our usual scheme of treatment of problems of the skin.

Below we will present a rough plan, and as you have already understood, it is primarily aimed at getting rid of depression and improve the overall psychological state:

  • Strengthening the immune system. For a good resistance of the organism need to live a healthy lifestyle, to harden, to exercise and more fresh air to breathe.
  • The mode of the day. It is important to lie down and time to get up, sleep at least eight hours a day. Work by day and sleep by night, and not Vice versa as has become customary for many.
  • Food. It is important not to overeat, not to abuse foods high risk of allergic reactions. To eat healthy, natural food.
  • The Spa treatment. Need to find opportunity for recreation at least once a year. A change of scenery will have a positive impact on the psychological state, and the air and the sun on the skin.
  • Pharmacy means. Were most commonly prescribed sedative drugs that calm the nervous system and increase resistance to stress. Anti-Allergy – relieve itching and redness.
  • Need to work independently with yourself, adjusting yourself in a positive way and not allowing stress and depression to once again affect the psyche. Practices that change the view of the world quite a lot. It is also important not to stay alone, and more to communicate.
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    There are times when dermatologist may resort to the use of hormonal ointments, as external funds. But there is a risk to neirodermatit add hormone problems.

    Therefore, for outdoor use more reasonable folk remedies – wash with various decoctions of herbs.

    They can be prepared at home and wipe the inflamed areas several times a day.


    Today we learned the disease is dermatitis, which happens in the nervous system and the effects of stress on the body as a whole.

    It can manifest as any skin disease, itching, rash, redness in some areas. The reasons for such inflammatory processes usually is nervous shock.

    To the therapy was successful, it is important to create the conditions for patient change of life in a more measured rhythm, regular rest and moderate mental stress.

    Also, the conditions of the day, regular good nutrition, healthy sleep and walk outside. By themselves, the walk is already a great «antibiotic» from the bad moods and depressive disorders.

    The beneficial effects of oxygen on the nervous system proven by science long ago.

    In the end I recommend to watch a video about allergies that occur just because of stress:

    Take care of yourself and not let yourself absorb the stress. See you soon!