Dermatitis on buttocks: effective ointment for treatment

Дерматит на ягодицах: эффективные мази для леченияHello! We continue our theme of dermatitis. Today let’s talk about ways to get rid of the rash on buttocks in adults and in children.

Dermatitis on buttocks is a skin inflammation that can be caused by external or internal causes.

In adults, changes to the skin of the buttocks is largely a consequence of the recumbent lifestyle (for example, under disability when the skin is exposed to long feces and urine, the friction of the diaper and the air is not enough).

In children dermatitis appears as a result of food allergies, reactions to diapers, cosmetics, fabrics synthetic origin, material of pots.

Causes of rash

In adults, the rash appears for the following reasons:

  • Dryness of the skin. The skin of the buttocks have a small amount of sebaceous glands, so any negative impact is manifested by dryness and rash;
  • Reinforced the processes of keratinization. Normal skin is every day cleaned of excess oil, dead cells of the epidermis, and with them from bacteria. The disruption of this process leads to the accumulation of dead cells and sebum in the pores, the resulting inflammation will not take long;
  • Sedentary lifestyle and work. The result is a lack of air circulation, sweating, friction of clothing;
  • Disruptions in the hormonal system. Pimples and acne on the skin of the buttocks can be a manifestation of serious pathology of the endocrine organs;
  • Prickly heat and allergies. Improper care products (shower gels, soap), hot climate are manifested in a rash in areas where the greatest friction of clothes and less air circulation;
  • Colds pimples appear after exposure.
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    Дерматит на ягодицах: эффективные мази для леченияThe child causes skin inflammation on buttocks of the other. This is mainly due to atopic dermatitis, diaper rash, diaper dermatitis.

    Atopic relates to chronic diseases, the first manifestations of which are often rash.

    On the buttocks, in the folds redness, and then quickly formed oozing sores, peeling, itching (see photo). The peak of clinical manifestations — from 2-3 months, but get sick and the older children (up to 4 years).

    Diaper is associated with irritation of the skin aggressive substances in the feces and urine.

    The situation is exacerbated when the child rarely washed, use reusable nappies and do not provide skin care.


    Дерматит на ягодицах: эффективные мази для леченияMethods of treatment depend on the type of rash. For example, for adults with allergic dermatitis recommended antihistamines, antipruritic, sedative. When expressed clinical manifestations of injection drugs.

    Topically administered ointments with anti-inflammatory components. They can be based on non-hormonal means (fenistil, Ichthyol ointment with zinc and sulfur Eplun, Bepanthen, Sudocrem, Panthenol, Panthoderm, Widestep, Listerin, Timogen), but the best effect is achieved when using hormonal ointments (Lokoid, Celestoderm, Advantan Case, Akriderm, Flucinar).

    If you notice pimples on the buttocks, use special means against acne. It can be Ichthyol, and Vishnevsky ointment. Of the modern drugs recommended Baziron, Skinoren, Zinerit.

    Children’s atopic dermatitis is treated comprehensively:

  • The diet with the exception of the causative factor;
  • Proper care of skin (hygiene, lipocream, soap with pH 5.5, lotions, bathing facilities a special line);
  • Psychotherapy;
  • Phototherapy;
  • Local corticosteroids.
  • Alternative hormonal ointments — tools with tar;
  • The calcineurin inhibitors. Are drugs with pimecrolimus and tacrolimus. Inhibit cellular factors of inflammation;
  • Antiseptics and local antibiotics are used in the presence of secondary bacterial infection.
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    We wish you a speedy recovery! Up to new meetings!