Dermatitis on feet what are the drugs to treat the disease?

Дерматит на ногах: какими лекарствами лечить болезнь?Hello, our dear readers! Today, a detailed look at the correct approaches in the treatment of dermatitis of various etiologies.

According to statistics approximately 25 percent of all doctor visits for falls on the pathology of the skin. Of them in the first place are dermatitis: atopic, seborrheic, contact and others.

More about seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis can be both in children and adults. Appear on the skin itchy red papules, they are covered with scales, and the scalp resembles dandruff.

Дерматит на ногах: какими лекарствами лечить болезнь?With the defeat of the calves of the legs occurs maculopapular rash, it is on the periphery covered with scales. The accession of infection greatly complicates the treatment.

In General, the treatment of seborrheic dermatosis is a simple task. For example, infants have brown to pass to 6 — 8 weeks of life.

For infants recommend a bath every day, using a special shampoo against seborrheic crusts, and after a dip — lubrication of olive oil.

Problem areas the skin will be cleaned by such means: Saforelle, Topicrem, Bioderma sensibio DS and flaking of the scalp — gel for bathing friderm zinc.

As topical drugs for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis used ointments with zinc, resin, antifungal drug ketoconazole, salicylic acid.

To eliminate the symptoms of inflammation on the feet, apply ointment with hydrocortisone and for a short period of NSAIDs.

Allergic dermatitis

Дерматит на ногах: какими лекарствами лечить болезнь?The disease is common in developed countries that is associated with the influence of various kinds of chemicals (household chemicals, reagents industrial origin, cosmetics, medical implants).

Usually the first symptoms of skin dermatitis occur after contact with an irritant after 10-14 days.

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Acute contact dermatitis is characterized by such a sequence of lesions: erythema, then papule, vesicle, erosion, crust, and flaking.

Severe forms of the disease occur with General symptoms: weakness, fever, chills. Example is diaper dermatitis, localized on the skin of the perineum between the legs.

The location of the elements starts from the place of direct contact, then extends further, especially in sensitized persons.

Dermatosis on feet appears when wearing tight uncomfortable shoes, synthetic socks, nylon including. They lead to excessive sweating, the appearance of redness, calluses.

Will tell you how to cure the disease. The key point of proper treatment is to eliminate the allergen.

In the acute stage by oozing and swelling is an indication to assign a wet-to-dry dressings.

After they make ointments with corticosteroids. If items are represented by larger bubbles, they should be pierced and give the contents to flow out.

Tire bubble stays in place directly on her bandage with the liquid Burov, which change every 2-3 hours. In severe add systemic corticosteroids.

Allergic dermatitis belongs to the diseases with a favorable prognosis. The proper therapy will allow you to achieve recovery in 1-3 weeks.

Vascular pathology and dermatitis

Дерматит на ногах: какими лекарствами лечить болезнь?Vascular or venous dermatitis occurs in individuals with pathology of the venous vasculature of the lower extremities.

Blood stasis in the varicose veins leads to disturbance of nutrition of all tissues, inadequate blood flow from the legs, so this type of dermatosis is also called congestive.

The first symptoms are a slight itch on the changed veins. Due to stagnation of blood part of the red blood cells propotevaet through the walls of the veins so they can see areas of redness.

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The skin gradually undergoes degenerative changes, becomes thin, smooth and shiny.

Further itching increases, bubbles appear, ulceration and erosion, the skin is compacted, the nodules appear under it, changes its color.

Treatment starts with the underlying disease:

  • Relief of inflammation onotonicity;
  • Moisturizers for skin care of a patient with dermatitis;
  • Antihistamines to eliminate itching;
  • Treatment of the underlying disease: surgical removal of veins, arteriosclerosis, restore vascular valves, endovasal obliteration of them.
  • Infection for dermatitis

    Дерматит на ногах: какими лекарствами лечить болезнь?Often complicated by inflammation of the skin, any infection, as its protective properties are reduced, the barrier is breached. Therefore, local therapy is multidirectional. Than treat infectious dermatosis?

    Medication for topical treatment includes broad-spectrum substances for the relief of symptoms of secondary infection.

    When bacterial complications are: cream Case and Futsidin Is combination products containing a corticosteroid and antibacterial agents (fusidic acid).

    Other hormonal antibiotic ointments: Diprogent, Oksikort, Celestoderm.

    Remedies with antifungal properties: Triderm (betamethasone, gentamicin and trimsol), Mikozolon (prednisolone and miconazole), Travocort (isoconazole and diflukortolon).

    Corticosteroid ointment with salicylic acid: Locasale, Loridan And

    For patients with chronic dermatosis doctors recommend the use of tools for the care of the skin even during remission.

    This Uriage, Vichy, Avene, Laroche-Posay, Mustela. These cosmetic lines offer a means of restoring the lipid film of the skin, the so-called facilities for bathing «soap without soap».

    Their use during remission will reduce the risk of exacerbation, and during of acute symptoms will help you to quickly achieve a therapeutic effect.