Dermatitis on fingers: causes and methods of treatment

Дерматит на пальцах рук: причины и методы его леченияWelcome to our website! You have terrible dermatitis on my hands? Don’t know how to deal with it? Tried all methods and means? We will try to help you.

Dermatitis on the hands often is atopic or contact. Consider both options and treatments, how to care for dry skin to control the disease.

Dermatitis on the fingers relate to chronic diseases. Patients expressed dryness, itching, redness. The disease is not contagious, often manifests itself in childhood.

When interviewing the patient revealed that his family members suffer from allergic diseases. It could be rhinitis (hay fever), bronchial asthma, then there is a rash on the hands is a manifestation of Allergy.

In such patients the skin does not retain moisture, i.e. are enhanced transepidermal water loss, causing the skin becomes very dry, cracks and long-term healing.

The causes and manifestations

Дерматит на пальцах рук: причины и методы его леченияThe only reason does not exist, the disease is multifactorial, therefore, to achieve remission requires strict compliance with rules and regulations specialist.

So, what can be caused by the aggravation?

  • Contact with an allergen: pollen, animal dander (usually home), mold. To household allergens also include dust mites, but it is not known whether it has relevance to the dermatitis;
  • Contact with substances that irritate the skin: Soaps, detergents, scratching, hard wool or synthetic clothing;
  • Professional allergens (chemicals and cosmetics);
  • Climate change: cold wind, winter, low humidity;
  • Increase the symptoms with temperature changes: high temperature leads to sweating, the patient itching becomes more pronounced; the transition from a warm room into the cool may exacerbate symptoms;
  • Increase itching negative emotions: depression and stress;
  • Food Allergy support. Thus, 40% of children suffering from any form of dermatitis, react clinical manifestations for the following products: peanuts, milk and any dairy products, chocolate, soy, egg and wheat products;
  • Frequent washing. The skin loses a lot of water when using bath products or regular soap. The top layers peel, crack, so for patients need special tools that are applied even before taking a shower.
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    The main symptoms

    The main manifestation is itching. It is especially exacerbated at night. On the patient’s body a lot of scratching. The rash is usually red, may be chronic or recurrent.

    If brushing is the infection on the surface of the rash appears oozing, the liquid is released.

    It dries to form crusts. From the constant irritation and scratching the skin becomes rough and thicker. This symptom is called lichenification.

    In adults allergic dermatitis becomes more mild. Manifests itself on the skin of the hands, between the fingers, on the neck, the elbow, the face and the wrist (see photo).

    Дерматит на пальцах рук: причины и методы его лечения

    However, his manifestations are directly related to the influence of the temperature difference, allergens of animal hair, food.

    How to get rid of dryness?

    Skin dryness is caused not only by weather conditions and humidity. Of great importance are genetic factors and differences in care for her.

  • Instead of hot baths or showers, take short warm shower;
  • Time water treatments limit to 5-10 minutes;
  • Immediately after washing your hands or taking a shower use a moisturizer;
  • Soap should be special, preferably cream soap;
  • In summer, apply on problematic skin light lotions, and winter — fat cream.
  • That offers modern medicine?

    Дерматит на пальцах рук: причины и методы его леченияUnfortunately, atopic dermatitis is a chronic disease. But with the right lifestyle and compliance with doctor’s appointments, it can be controlled.

    Special therapy depends on the type of rash. In the vast majority of cases is not without steroid ointments and moisturizing creams.


  • Do not give the skin the opportunity to dry out. Constantly apply cream, don’t be lazy. As little as possible contact with water, wear gloves if unavoidable;
  • Avoid known allergens: food, chemicals, including household chemicals, animal dander, dust and dust mites;
  • Do not brush the place of itching. The doctor will prescribe a sedative and antipruritic remedy for this. Clothing made of natural fabrics will help to relieve itching.
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    How to cope with the itching?

  • One of the most effective means for the treatment of atopic dermatitis — corticosteroids. It betamethasone, and hydrocortisone fluticasone. They are used for getting rid of the rash and prevent its occurrence. In particular the use of local shape in the form of creams and ointments;
  • Inhibitors calcineurin. It’s the drugs, based on a local weakening of the immune system. This treatments, however, some experts do not recommend to use them (we are talking about Protopic and Elidel), as they can cause cancer. These medications are used only after unsuccessful attempts of treatment in other medications. Not recommended for use in children younger than 2 years;
  • Antihistamines. Mainly on the basis of diphenhydramine and gidroxizina. Indicated for patients with severe itching, especially overnight. Without consulting doctor do not administer to children.
  • What to do if nothing helps?

    In severe cases, use such approaches for the treatment of patients with atopic dermatitis:

  • On the infected area, apply a bandage or a bandage to reduce contact with air;
  • Under the supervision of a physician using ultraviolet rays, both as mono — and combination therapy. The options are: phototherapy+psoralen+UV radiation;
  • Corticosteroids with pronounced effect, local or oral. Appointed in the case of massive destruction and infection of the lesions;
  • In the treatment of adult use cyclosporine or interferon.
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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)