Dermatitis on the back: as not to confuse the disease with treatment?

Дерматит на спине: как не спутать заболевание при лечении?Welcome, dear readers! I remember I was friends with a dancer of the ballet which on stage and in everyday life appear only in dresses with an open back.

And I must say, this part of the body she was downright outstanding – all the grace of classical dance was reflected in her sophisticated silhouette.

One day my ballerina came to me with the words: «I am tormented by the dermatitis that appeared on my back.»

It is clear that problems with the skin on the back is quite uncomfortable, nothing to consider, really do not handle and do not scratch.

Now we’ll learn how to treat dermatitis on the back and how it is not to be confused with other skin diseases.

The first symptoms

The first signs of dermatitis usually is itchy and changes in some areas of the skin. In more complex or advanced situations, the skin thickens, becomes red hue and becomes rough.

In any case, it’s hard to miss, more so miss. With locations in the spine – the first sign of a skin disease is often itching. Below, the photo clearly shows how this disease looks at the back.

Дерматит на спине: как не спутать заболевание при лечении?

Reasons why you may receive dermatitis

We live in a downright speedy rhythm, and our way of life is exactly reflected on the body. At first glance it may seem that health problems can occur.

In this case, you need to look deeper. So, what you need to pay attention, if you suddenly noticed a sore on his back:

  • Genetic predisposition. There are cases of occurrence of disease when it was observed in at least one of the parents. Please note that if in childhood the child was noted atopic dermatitis, or diathesis – all chances for its repetition are in adulthood.
  • Environmental factors. Observe where you live, how polluted the air is and whether the water you drink. The quality of air and water directly affects in particular the skin.
  • Diet. If you suspect dermatitis special attention is paid to nutrition. It is important to avoid allergens that unnatural products and to revise its menu in favor of useful plant food.
  • Psychological discomfort. Regular stressful situations, and nervous shock affected the whole body.
  • Infectious diseases. Asymptomatic undergoing processes, or residual effects from the already treated diseases may not be the best way to affect your skin.
  • The causes of skin problems a lot. We have listed only some of them. It is important not to miss disease in the beginning and immediately consult doctor for accurate diagnosis and properly prescribed treatment.

    What methods will most quickly help to get rid of dermatitis?

    Дерматит на спине: как не спутать заболевание при лечении?The treatment approach needs to consider several factors. Different types of dermatitis require additions, as for example in the case of lesions because of stress, the doctor certainly recommended sedatives.

    While the acute form can prescribed antibiotics. The main treatment scheme comprises the following:

    • antihistamines (Suprastin, Zyrtec, Telfast and the like);
    • hypoallergenic diet;
    • purgation (Enterosgel, Activated carbon, Filtrum);
    • soothing ointments that heal and reduce inflammation (the best means is prepared in the prescription Department of pharmacy).

    It is important to note that when there is atopic dermatitis, wash the affected areas should be treated with great caution in order not to overdry the already flaky areas.

    This washing should not be frequent, rubbing the sore spot is not necessary, and after taking a bath or shower — processing place prescription ointment.

    Seborrheic dermatitis is also in contrast,often requires drying. So you can deal with the fact that the testimony will be coal-tar soap. Drying also plays an important role in cases where the disease is of a wet nature.

    In some situations, treatment may be augmented by hormonal ointments, moisturizing lotions, antifungal drugs, and other drugs.

    Qualified, having determined the cause, will be able to prescribe necessary treatment tools.

    What not to do?

    Probably, it is useful to remind that absolutely can not scratch the inflammation, to pick them and rip off the crust.

    Also, do not forget that self-medication is also harmful, not all means are equally good for the treatment of even the same types of dermatitis with different people.


    Now we know how to treat dermatitis on back. For a start, you should not miss the first symptoms of the disease, and then it is possible to cure in a much shorter time than in running.

    The method of treatment depends on the factors that influenced the reaction of the skin.

    Therapy usually consists of taking antihistamines, adsorbents, sedative preformed tools and one or two types of ointments.

    Also you must strictly adhere to hygiene, exactly according to doctor’s recommendations with accuracy using different Soaps.

    It is important to remember as lifestyle, healthy eating, fresh air and the obligatory drinking of water.

    As always, at the conclusion of the article lay out a video where the doctor says about these types of disease:

    Health to you! See you soon!

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