Dermatitis on the hands: is it possible to treat the disease folk remedies?

Дерматит на руках: можно ли лечить болезнь народными средствами?Dear readers, we are pleased again to welcome you on our page! Today we will talk about a common problem of dermatitis on the hands.

Skin most often exposed to different unfavorable factors: water (cold, hot, chlorinated), chemicals (household chemicals, soap, professional products, such as pesticides or tools for working hairdresser), weather conditions (cold, wind, rain, temperature).

Therefore, allergic dermatitis primarily localised in the skin of the hands. It becomes thin, irritated, crazing, peeling, all these symptoms are accompanied by itching.

Why is there disease?

Reasons for our body often become a chemical:

  • All types of washing powders;
  • Insecticides;
  • Chromium and Nickel and their compounds;
  • The ointment containing antibiotics;
  • Cosmetics: hair dye, sintomitsinovoy emulsions, varnishes, products for hair styling.
  • After contact with the allergen symptoms do not appear immediately, it may take a lot of time, it is often 14 days (in this case, it is diagnosed as «allergic contact dermatitis»).

    Sometimes it requires lengthy and frequent contact with the irritants. The response of the body is carried out by lymphocytes that leave the blood stream and accumulate in the inflammation.

    Directly in the skin are cells, phagocytes, they engulf and digest the allergens, bind them to its surface.

    The body is deployed by the immune response, so the repeated contact is in our blood already have immune cells that «familiar» with a foreign substance.

    Because of this, each subsequent contact is more pronounced symptoms.

    More information on clinical picture

    How does the inflammation on the skin, than different from other diseases? Many of the symptoms are very similar to eczema.

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    Дерматит на руках: можно ли лечить болезнь народными средствами?The initial stage is characterized by the appearance of large red spots on their background gradually form bubbles of small size (shown in photo).

    The bubbles are formed on the back surface of hands, between fingers, sometimes reaching up to the skin of the forearm.

    Elements burst content will expire and in their place are formed crust, oozing. In a large number on the background of dry skin can form crusts and scales.

    Any allergic reaction may occur on any area of the body, especially of secondary lesions.

    So , for example, cold dermatitis, manifests itself on different parts of the body, but mostly hands and face (on the folds of the elbows, phalanges), which during walking are not covered by clothing.

    Not to be confused with allergic dermatitis with other types, for example, seborrheic, when the skin is also formed scales.

    When seborrheic dermatitis localization of other elements: on the skin with the highest concentration of sebaceous glands (face, back, forehead, scalp).

    How can you help?

    Дерматит на руках: можно ли лечить болезнь народными средствами?First and foremost, to cure the inflammation, eliminate the allergen. Follow the diet without spicy, too salty dishes, extractives, and of excess carbohydrates.

    Means of drug therapy: desensitizing, detoxification, diuretic, chelators, calcium preparations (calcium Pantothenate, pangamut), in mild and moderate situations prescribed pills and topical forms of medication, and in severe cases, intravenous corticosteroids and neogemodez.

    Than treat dermatitis topically? Form of drug depends on symptoms. When dry prescribed ointments and creams, when you soak lotions and packs, mash.

    Local drugs are prescribed ointments, lotions, emulsions, gels, creams, mash, pasta.

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    Indifferent paste contains zinc and 1-2% dermatol. A means of resolving the effect of the ointment sulfur-salicylic 2%, sulfur-tar is the same concentration Ichthyol.

    The greatest effect have ointment and cream preparations based on hormones of the adrenal cortex. They are divided by the degree of activity and composition (there are remedies with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, salicylic acid)

  • Low activity: hydrocortisone ointments, pimafucort, kortomicetin, Hixson, oksikort;
  • Moderately strong: Afloderm, Acrobat, topicort, Dexamethasone, Decoderm, Instruction and others;
  • Powerful tools: Cyclocort, Betnovat, Telederm, Fusiderm B, Cutivate, Lotrison, Mipsgal and other.
  • Treatment at home is highly undesirable, so allergic dermatitis is always a reason for hospitalization. But in most cases the treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis.

    How can you help yourself? To begin, start a diet (to exclude chocolate, citrus, alcohol, spicy, smoked and other foods not recommended with a proper diet).

    Also a lot of practice getting rid of dermatoses with the help of folk remedies. To recovery it will not, but sometimes, after a consultation with the doctor, you can alleviate the symptoms of these herbs:

  • The bark of currant and viburnum;
  • Licorice root;
  • Violet leaves and chamomile flowers;
  • Series.
  • Of these herbs, prepare charges, and then the broth.

    For preparing ointments the following agents are suitable: chicken or goose fat in combination with sea buckthorn and castor oils.

    They are mixed, heated in a water bath and then allow to cool a little before applying.

    Compresses made from:

  • The root of elecampane;
  • Grass burdock, lemon balm and horsetail;
  • Oak bark;
  • The calendula flowers.
  • Patients with allergic dermatitis recommended the following baths:

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    The water temperature is not more than 40 degrees. The tub fills to the end, then poured into water decoctions of herbs in the amount of 5 liters (5 liters take 200 grams of dry grass).

    It can be a nettle, oregano, rosemary, chamomile and cornflowers.

    At the end of the article I recommend to view a very interesting video where a doctor talks about this disease:

    God bless you, until we meet again!