Dermatitis on the neck: the causes and proper treatment of the disease

Дерматит на шее: причины возникновения и правильное лечение заболеванияGood afternoon, our dear friends! The neck is truly one of the main advantages of the girl. No wonder this area mankind invented many different jewelry, highlighting the tenderness and grace of this body part.

But believe me, if the skin of the neck disfigured by inflammation or peeling with it an urgent need to do something. Do not wear the same socks and «small stands» to the end of life! The speech today will focus on cervical dermatitis.


Dermatitis on the neck – a modification of skin redness, flaking, accompanied by itching.

During exacerbations you may experience a strong burning and even cracks in the skin with the release of lymph.

In diffuse dermatitis the lesion could be the whole of the neck, and with a limited – occipital part of it.

Rarely, this disease affects the front part. For a more detailed understanding of the problem, here are a few photos showing the manifestation of the disease in the most common forms.

Дерматит на шее: причины возникновения и правильное лечение заболевания


Prerequisites for the development of dermatitis a lot. As on the neck and other parts of the body skin diseases appear primarily from a decrease in immunity.

In the body there are such processes where any failure could impact on the condition of the skin. Let’s look at the most common factors resulting in cervical dermatitis:

  • immunosuppression;
  • Allergy symptoms;
  • synthetic clothing;
  • stress;
  • excessively frequent washing, and in consequence of the dryness of the skin.

And yet the most common cases of dermatitis is allergic. Reaction to food, contact with harmful substances, the air is filled with pollen in flowering plants – all can cause rashes and redness in the neck area.

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Дерматит на шее: причины возникновения и правильное лечение заболеванияUpon detection itself, red spots, inflammation, itching – you should immediately visit a dermatologist.

Only after the necessary analysis and tests of the skin, the doctor will be able to clearly understand what type of pathology has a place in your case.

It is important, with the help of a qualified professional to eliminate more severe diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema, and other, as the treatment regimen differs from them radically.

The treatment of dermatitis, as a rule, consists of several stages, which on the advice of a doctor need to be applied either in sequence, or all at once, and do in parallel:

  • Diet. At the first stage it is necessary to exclude from the diet products, has invalid components, fast food, animal fats. For an accurate understanding of what kind of product of reaction of the skin – a doctor conducts Allergy tests. I also need to stop eating those foods that by carrying out tests is shown as an allergen for your body.
  • Lifestyle and immunity. Needless to say that any disease is important to change the lifestyle to a more healthy? For dermatitis is primarily important healthy sleep, fresh air, especially in a cool period of time, sparing hardening. These simple components can not only help in getting rid of dermatitis, but also improve the body as a whole, greatly increasing its resistance.
  • Water. About sodomitii and its benefits do not speak only the lazy. In several experiments, it has been proven the miraculous effect of pure water on the human body. Atopic dermatitis also requires enough drink to speed up removal of toxins that cause a negative reaction.
  • Ointment. It is very important to choose a ointment which will not only remove inflammation and heal the skin. For the neck area, where quite thin and delicate skin, the cream should contain moisturizing ingredients and have the consistency of cream. Otherwise, the disease can have negative momentum and an increase in area of distribution.
  • Pills. As a rule, in order to get rid of the lesions on the neck assign the same antihistamines, and any other place locations. This is usually:
    • The pain;
    • Aerius;
    • Zodak;
    • Citrine and others.
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    As practice shows – they are vast, although the active ingredient they are usually one and the same. A qualified dermatologist will prescribe the exact medication that will help in your case.

    When the cause of the disease is the stress parallel to the used sedatives, such as Glycated, notta, Persen and the like.

    Folk remedies

    Дерматит на шее: причины возникновения и правильное лечение заболеванияFor homemade recipes from dermatitis should be approached with caution. Many herbs are very potent allergen and their use on the skin at the time of aggravation is inadmissible. We recommend you to use are hypoallergenic, homemade recipes:

    • packs of plantain leaf;
    • lotions decoction of the leaf of the nut;
    • a decoction of BlackBerry leaves for ingestion.

    During treatment it is important to prevent getting open to sunlight on the affected areas of the skin, to wear the collar only from natural fabrics and avoid frequent washing with soap or soap means with a complex composition.

    Fragrance and little-known substances in soapy solutions may aggravate the situation and reduce the result of treatment.

    Special facilities for washing prescribed in those cases where diagnosis showed the seborrheic dermatitis that starts with the zone of the scalp.


    Any disease the basis of a quick recovery is early diagnosis and immediate treatment to the doctor.

    By following some simple indications and avoiding the fact that eliminated a few weeks to forget about the dermatitis on the neck, as a nightmare.

    If you continue to live a healthy lifestyle and adhering to a proper diet – the disease will not recur and the body at the same time get stronger.

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    It is important to support the immune system with hardening and then no disease is not afraid of you!

    In conclusion, I recommend to view videos about the popular media from the inflammation of the skin:

    Be healthy, love your body and it will tell you the same! While!