Dermatitis on the priest the child: our treatment tips

Дерматит на попе у ребенка: наши советы по лечениюHello dear readers! The problem with the skin can touch each person at any age. Dermatitis on the priest is inherent in most infants and children up to three years.

As you already understood, the disease is inflammation of the skin, which occurs as a result of different pathogens.

We want to tell you about a problem as dermatitis on the priest. By the way, it may appear not only in infants but also in adults.

Causes and symptoms

For starters, let’s see what the dermatitis can often appear the child to the Pope:

  • allergic, when the problem is caused by the ingestion of the allergen;
  • contact resulting from contact place inflammation a substance that can cause a similar reaction;
  • perianal, if the localization of lesions concentrated around the anus.

Also pathology is divided into several types according to symptoms:

  • nappy rash – the affected area is only on the priest and on the genitals;
  • Allergy – its arbitrary localization on the body, but the nature of the rash differs radically from the others (pimples, spots, dots);
  • contact – occurs because of a failure to change the diaper or its low quality.

In the photo attached you can see how it is expressed dermatitis in the buttocks.

Дерматит на попе у ребенка: наши советы по лечению


As you know, in order to get rid of skin diseases you need to know exactly the reasons of its occurrence. Let us consider how treated various forms of dermatitis on the priest.

  • Allergic dermatitis. First of all it is necessary to remove histamine from the menu. If we are talking about babies, we need to reconsider the menu nursing mom. It should be gentle and not contain fatty, fried, smoked, red berries, citrus and chocolate. After the child is assigned an antihistamine, for example, fenistil and healing ointment.She should reduce inflammation and heal at the same time.
  • Nappy rash requires proper hygiene and timely change the diaper. In order to get rid of it doctor recommends a cream or ointment diaper rash and frequent airing of the groin area.
  • Contact dermatitis, as we already know, occurs because of inappropriate choice of disposable diapers. The fact that even high-quality diapers usually have an extra aaawww grease, and we try to buy the best for our baby. But no one knows for sure exactly how our child will react to the grease. Upon detection of redness on the Pope, it is necessary to exclude first of all these supplements, choose a diaper brands tested, because they have a particularly strong extra layer that minimizes moisture penetration to the skin.
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    Дерматит на попе у ребенка: наши советы по лечениюAs we see with any type of disease is necessary with special attention to the child’s groin, and that regular hygiene and when soap should only be used during defecation and diaper change every 3-4 hours, regardless of its content and of course, rework the damaged areas.

    For this is good pharmacy ointment Bepanthen and talc with healing components. You must give the priest your baby to be without diapers, leaving him regularly lie on the diaper for 10-15 minutes every hour.

    When the cause of a rash on the buttocks was atopic dermatitis, therapy is a little different:

    • antihistamines;
    • anti-Allergy ointment;
    • antifungal drugs – if the analysis revealed fungal microflora.

    Feature of treatment of this disease is that it should be done only under the strict supervision of a pediatrician.

    Often treatment involves hormonal ointments that should be used with extreme caution, constantly monitoring the reaction of the skin of the baby.

    Additional factors

    We have prepared several tips for parents whose children noticed certain skin reactions. By following them, you will be able to get rid of the redness for a short time:

    • the temperature in the room where the child sleeps should be below 20 degrees;
    • humidity should not be below 50%;
    • wet cleaning room, where you live with a toddler, you need to be done every day before bedtime;
    • bottles for drinking washing is not necessary tools, enough soda and rinsing with boiling water;
    • the detergent must also not contain harmful chemicals;
    • please note tap water if it is chlorinated, it is better for some time to go for boiled;
    • keep a food diary mom, if the child is fully breastfed and a food diary baby if he is already trying adult food.
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    And a small list of what not to do to the situation with a rash on the Pope worsened:

    • we cannot let the process take its course, as «a bit red» to «baby all in the crust» it may take only two weeks;
    • you cannot diagnose yourself and self prescribe to cure your child;
    • no need to dress your baby in too warm clothes for the weather;
    • also synthetic and too tight clothing can cause exacerbation.

    So I recommend to watch a video where the woman gives tips for treatment:

    So, we have provided you with the most comprehensive information on what to do when your child suddenly developed a rash on her butt.

    Taking advantage of our recommendations, you will be able to avoid deterioration and to gradually come to full recovery. Let your kids grow up healthy!