Desal for allergies: how to drink to children and adults

Hello, dear readers! The choice of anti-allergic drugs in our time is very wide. Many people prefer Desal from allergies — highly effective drug, which is dedicated to this article. After reading it, you will learn why Desal has become a popular antihistamine and how to use it correctly.

Why Desal called antihistamines medication?

Дезал от аллергии: как правильно пить детям и взрослымThe main advantage of this drugs ability to block H1-receptors, sensitive to histamine. This also prevents allergic attack or reduces the activity of its development.

The primary substance contained in the product acts as desloratadine. Besides him, the present composition is harmless auxiliary components.

Due to the fact that Desal almost has no sedative effect, it can be used for people who lead an active lifestyle. The medicine is available in two varieties:

  • pills for adults;
  • the solution, which is often called syrup for children.

What is the key to the popularity Desala?

This popular antihistamine was due to the performance. Notice the result after its use is possible in half an hour.

To drink it is convenient because it is unnecessary to adjust the schedule of supply. The drug does not penetrate through the barrier the BBB, which affects the nervous system.

Testimony Desala

Allergists prescribe it in the following situations:

  • if you experience rhinitis on the basis of hypersensitivity (rhinitis, common);
  • in urticaria of varying severity (skin rash, similar to the one that remains after contact with stinging plants).

Cost is an important factor

Дезал от аллергии: как правильно пить детям и взрослымAs for the price, Desala it is relatively low. The price varies in the range of 200-300 rubles in various regions of the Russian Federation. The medicine can be ordered via the Internet, it cheaper.

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If you compare the above medicine with other antihistamines, it is possible to notice that he one of the most affordable.

Knowing all the advantages Desala, you probably wondered how to heal from allergies. Therefore I propose to read the information from the user relating to the use of antihistamines.

Methods of application of various forms Desala

Earlier it was said that the cold has two versions: tablet and liquid. Pills are prescribed mostly for adults as the active ingredient they contain to the maximum for one dose amount of 5 mg.

They can drink with or without food (before or after a meal, as you prefer). Except for adults, pills can treat adolescents from the age of twelve. The dosage standard for the modern antihistamines — one pill a day.

The syrup is taken in a similar manner every 24 hours:

  • in an amount of 5 mg for teenagers and older people;
  • 1.25 mg for kids aged one to five;
  • 2.5 mg more adults from six to twelve years.

How much you can drink Allergy pills or syrup? Often the duration of the course depends on persistence of allergic symptoms. Once they disappear, the treatment stops. On average, signs of hypersensitivity are five to seven days after the first use of syrup or tablets.

Is it possible Desal women, lactating and gestating child?

Дезал от аллергии: как правильно пить детям и взрослымPregnant women are not advised to risk taking this antihistamine medication. Its impact on the fetus of clear reasons not been studied.

In the course of clinical studies have shown that desloratadine is excreted in breast milk. Therefore, nursing mothers the drug is also contraindicated.

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Side reactions: can happen after overdose?

Despite the fact that Desal is a relatively new medication, it can provoke a variety of impairments, but only if greatly exceed the above dosage. Allergy, causing an overdose, such deterioration:

  • dizziness and pain;
  • signs of intoxication;
  • dry mouth;
  • insomnia and nervous tension;
  • pain in the liver due to increased activity of enzymes;
  • swelling of the throat;
  • itching of the skin;
  • anaphylaxis (unlikely).

In addition to overdoses, the above deterioration can be triggered by the wrong treatment. Remember these rules for the use of desloratadine: not pregnant or nursing; it is strictly forbidden for children under one year of age; not recommended in case of hypersensitivity to desloratadine.

Is it possible after Desala to get behind the wheel?

Дезал от аллергии: как правильно пить детям и взрослымModern man can not break your daily routine, even if he gets an allergic attack. Therefore, active allergies, it is important that the medication did not cause the desire to sleep, and lethargy.

As for antihistamines, which became the topic of this article, it is absolutely safe as it does not produce a sedative effect.

After it you can easily go to work/school, sit behind the wheel and do a standard business.


Efficiency Desala can be assessed fully by reading the reviews about it.

Victor writes:

Дезал от аллергии: как правильно пить детям и взрослымIt is a perfect fit. In order to stop allergies, missing one pill. After her feel absolutely healthy person. Love the price and speed of action of the drug.

Alina writes:

Дезал от аллергии: как правильно пить детям и взрослымDesal helped me get rid of chronic rhinitis, allergic arisen once in the soil. Took pills seven days, after which she began to feel much better. Even after some time, the runny nose just passed and no longer worried.

Maria writes:

Дезал от аллергии: как правильно пить детям и взрослымTreated syrup child. I think at the present time there are more safe antihistamine, but if you want cheap, you will not find better.


Its effectiveness Desal proved and my husband who always suffers from intolerance of cat hair. Thanks to the medicine we had to give your beloved cat.

That’s all the information about the popular Allergy medication on the basis of desloratadine. Read what you can share with friends on social networks, if desired. Don’t forget to subscribe to the updates site and visit us often. Up to new meetings!

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)