Diazolin Allergy: who is appointed and how accepted?

Диазолин от аллергии: кому назначается и как правильно принимается?Good day, dear guests and regular visitors of the site! This article is dedicated to classical anti-allergic drug, which remains one of the most popular for many years.

Diazolin Allergy is prescribed as children and adults. Despite the fact that this medication is the first (old) generation, it continues to be considered one of the safest. I propose to consider it from «A to z».

Characteristics Of The Pain (Mebhydrolin)

As mentioned above, the Treatment is an antihistamine of the first generation. Antihistamines are drugs that act on H1 receptors.

These receptors catch the histamine — a substance that starts sergacheva produced during the reaction of the body to a threat-an allergen.

Диазолин от аллергии: кому назначается и как правильно принимается?Mebhydrolin passes through the blood-brain barrier the natural human body, but very slightly. Due to this it almost never causes side effects. If this medication is price?

Low cost is one of its main advantages, and it is equal to 30-50 and rubles, it affects the number of tablets per pack.

The main counterparts of the above medication are: Dialin, Mebhydrolin, Emeril.

What to choose, you ask? To answer this question can an allergist, taking into account individual characteristics of your body.

If any allergic symptoms appointed by the Pain?

Mebhydrolin usually prescribed for the relief of hypersensitive reactions of immediate type, such as:

  • hay fever — a reaction to plant pollen;
  • rhinitis and conjunctivitis — the primary symptoms of allergies;
  • urticaria — skin rashes on face and body in the form of folderico and redness;
  • dermatitis with pronounced itching;
  • angioedema — swelling of throat, mucous membranes in the mouth and dermis around the mouth.
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As the above-described medicine refers to the first potentially dangerous group, I suggest you first study its side effects and contraindications, which, by the way, he bit.

At the present time, when there are many safer antihistamines, Pain ceased to register during pregnancy, breastfeeding and children under the age of three.

Possible side deterioration after taking the Pain

  • dryness and numbness of the mouth;
  • pain in the intestines or stomach;
  • impaired urination;
  • the bronchospasm;
  • drowsiness;
  • loss of concentration;
  • increase skin sensitivity.

Mebhydrolin cannot be treated by: astenodepressivnyh syndrome, epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, atony,glaucoma, prostatic hypertrophy.

And now to the fun part: instructions for use Mebhydrolin.

Principles of antiallergic therapy Treatment

Want to know how to drink those little round pills? The maximum daily dosage of this medication for adults is 0.05-0.1 g three times a day. In the same amount of medicine to give children from the age of twelve.

To make it easier to calculate the right dosage, remember that Mebhydrolin available in tablets of 0.05 g (for children), and 0.1 g (adults).

Drinking pills need during or immediately after a meal. Chew them is not recommended, as the taste you don’t like it (the drug sweet is just a shell). The duration of anti-allergic therapy is three to five days.

Sometimes, if the symptoms do not go through this amount of time, it increases to seven days. More than a week to drink Diazolin forbidden, as the body can get used to its active substance and cease to react to it.

The youngest children described above antihistamine administered in the following dosages:

  • for three to five years — 0.05 g once in 24 hours;
  • for six to ten years — 0.05 g twice in 24 hours;
  • for ten or twelve years — 0,05 g three times in 24 hours.
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Opinion of Allergy sufferers regarding the treatment of Pain

Диазолин от аллергии: кому назначается и как правильно принимается?Allergists continue to be administered by the Pain of hypersensitive people of different ages because its simple to use, cost affordable for everyone, and the efficiency exceeds all expectations.

By the way, Mebhydrolin effectiveness can be assessed fully by reading the reviews about it. So at the end of the article lists the most common comments Allergy sufferers who took it is an antihistamine.

Elena writes:

Диазолин от аллергии: кому назначается и как правильно принимается?Our allergist has prescribed these pills, my daughter with allergic dermatitis. Three days later, I noticed that spots on my cheeks, my daughter began to fade, and after five days they did not exist.


After pills the child became calm, tried not to itch, which also had a positive impact on the speed of recovery. I recommend this medication because it really helps!

Tatiana writes:

Диазолин от аллергии: кому назначается и как правильно принимается?I had an unusual allergic reactions — itching feet and ankles of the legs, while other symptoms did not exist. Long sought a remedy which could cure the problem and not to affect the body negatively.


Found the Pain, fortunately, remained is happy with result of treatment. Now I drink it every year to prevent me missing three pills.

Olga writes:

Диазолин от аллергии: кому назначается и как правильно принимается?My allergies are acting up for the past ten years. The doctor advised to drink Mebhydrolin as emergency treatment for a sudden allergic attack. Since the only means of this medication. I really like his affordable price and safety.

Ivan writes:

Диазолин от аллергии: кому назначается и как правильно принимается?My child’s allergist has prescribed the Treatment against the allergic diathesis. In his childhood was treated with this drug, therefore, without fear of giving it to the child. I liked the speed and affordable cost. We are now saved from allergies a lot of time with the whole family.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)