Diet for chicken pox: the list of products for children and adults

Диета при ветрянке: список продуктов для детей и взрослыхHello, dear visitors of the website about dermatology! Do you know why the assigned diet during chicken pox? This is not a simple whim of doctors and not try to force you to eat correctly.

In fact, proper and balanced diet affects the body that are infected with chickenpox, special. How? Read the article and find out.

Water is the source of strength for the sick

Let’s start with the most useful component of any diet is water. Why is it recommended to use liberally and frequently?

For the life of the virus Varicella–Zoster in the body of accumulated toxins that are literally poisoning him. To remove them, you must accelerate the metabolism and natural process of purification.

Диета при ветрянке: список продуктов для детей и взрослыхTo do this, doctors recommend to drink more water, not soda or lemonade, and simple clean mineral water. The temperature of the drink should be as close to human body temperature — 36 to 39°.

Even the famous Ukrainian pediatrician Komarovsky says that dehydration increases the likelihood of complications of chickenpox in children and adults. If ill will is not enough liquid, it will develop lesions of various systems:

  • nervous;
  • cardiovascular;
  • respiratory.

Even if cases completely refuses to eat and drinking only water, the healing process is accelerated. But if he will eat and refuse fluids, the disease will flow long and hard. Here’s the relationship between water and pox.

Products that have to be excluded from the diet in the first place

  • hard gelatin — fatty meats and fish, sausage, mushrooms;
  • products-allergens — berries, citrus, seafood and everything that you eat rarely or want to try for the first time;
  • sweets and coffee/tea with sugar;
  • irritants of the skin and mucous membranes — onion, radish, garlic, spices;
  • pickles, canned and smoked meats;
  • fresh milk (except for breast milk);
  • alcohol.
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Why these Goodies are harmful to the patient. Varicella–Zoster?

Do I need to follow such a strict diet that eliminates almost all the Goodies? To solve, of course, to you, but before you decide, read my arguments. Why is the diet excludes foods-allergens?

The fact that the chicken pox severe itching. Itchy watery pimples, permanently residing in the fevered state. If you add to this picture and even allergies, the patient’s condition deteriorates.

Диета при ветрянке: список продуктов для детей и взрослыхThe pimples will begin to itch stronger again will be new, and maybe even more because of allergies.

Irritating the mucous products as well as pickles, preserves and cured meats containing chemicals, is also excluded from the diet because the rash of chickenpox appear not only on the skin, but on mucous membranes.

While there pimples heal slower and hurt them easier.

Why not sweet? Sugar disrupts the metabolic processes occurring in the skin. Articles about acne and teenage skin problems I’ve said many times about the dangers of sugar and its impact on the oiliness of the epidermis.

After reading the above, think again whether the patient is chicken pox diet. I hope you will make the right decision in favor of a healthy diet.

Children’s diet

Диета при ветрянке: список продуктов для детей и взрослыхIll viral disease Varicella–Zoster children under 14 years need to eat well and regularly, as children’s bodies are rapidly developing.

Often babies refuse to eat due to the fact that they bother annoying constant itching. To force a child to eat should not. You need to offer the food only when the body itself will ask.

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Basic rules of diet for the baby, sick with smallpox, are as follows:

  • You can eat only those foods that are digested easily and quickly. Fast food in any form must be deleted!
  • Not stuff in kapriznaya baby products forcibly. If you do this, then the child will develop psychological intolerance to these products.
  • The basis of the diet is meals of hypoallergenic products — light cereal, low-fat soups, compotes from dried fruits.
  • Boiled or steamed eggs to give ill possible, but only protein. If you can not give up fried (from meatballs and hamburgers, for example), then you need to replace it steamed.
  • Adult diet

    Диета при ветрянке: список продуктов для детей и взрослыхIn adolescents and adults the disease Varicella–Zoster often occurs in severe form. While there is a significant deterioration of health: nausea, high temperature, weakness etc. In such a state to eat do not want, but need.

    The main rule of making a diet for adults the complete elimination of alcoholic beverages at the time of illness!

    Useful for suffering from chicken pox is to drink the following products:

    • soups, vegetables, non-allergenic and not irritating mucous membranes (cabbage, broccoli, for example);
    • soups based on grains (rice, barley, oatmeal);
    • of diluted vegetable juice (pumpkin, carrot);
    • low-fat cottage cheese and natural-made dairy products (fermented milk products positively affect the intestinal microflora);

    You see, in this list, a lot of Goodies. In addition, the patient can be given apples, but only unsteady sweet varieties. Vegetables can be almost any, but exotic. To prepare them better for a couple or consumed in an unprocessed state.

    Diet for viral disease Varicella–Zoster can significantly reduce symptoms and speed recovery. Don’t believe? Then try to eat properly at least a week. After a week you will feel better, lighter and look more attractive.

    Now you know what should be the diet for the patient with pox. I assure you that the recommendations from the article will help to cure this disease, quickly and without complications.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)