Diet for herpes are very important for a full cure.

Hello, my dear friends! Did you know that the compulsory medical measure is a herpes diet?

If you do not know then read, and I’ll tell you about what products may adversely affect your condition and which will accelerate the healing process. Don’t believe the diet would work? And you check, and then describe how you feel in the comments!

Why change your diet during illness?

Диета при герпесе очень важна для полного излеченияAnd then, to increase the body’s resistance. When there is an outbreak of the disease, our immune system begins to produce antibodies and release them into the blood.

The more antibodies, the faster we get rid of feeling bad. The fight against the virus takes a lot of energy reserves which are necessary to refill, otherwise the body simply can not resist the virus.

Proper diet will supply the body with all necessary for work, so the healing process will accelerate. In addition, the right diet will relieve the intestines, the body will be able to direct all their efforts to fight the virus.

And useful products accelerate the regeneration of tissues, that the rash on the face is very important, as we want the rash has healed completely and quickly.

So, what should be the diet for herpes? It all depends on the form of the disease.

Erisipela on the lips and mouth: what you can and can’t eat?

Sore on lips – it’s not so bad, but in the mouth is a real problem. Inside the mouth the virus often settles in children, and it is called herpetic stomatitis.

In the course of the disease the child becomes fretful and refuses food, because he is just sick! And all because in the mouth open sores that are very sensitive to all stimuli.

Thus, in lesions of the lips or in the mouth should not eat foods with spices, namely:

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  • salt;
  • pepper;
  • herbs;
  • with lemon juice;
  • mustard.

In addition, you can not eat all kinds of sauces, and fried foods that also irritate.

And I would not advise to eat solid food (everything), such as stale bread, crackers, chips, hard cheeses and sausages, etc.

What can you eat then? For the whole period of the disease, enter into your diet:

  • soups, especially vegetable;
  • compotes without sugar and citric acid;
  • sour juice, preferably fresh;
  • gentle boiled meat and fish without bones;
  • vegetables cooked in different ways;
  • fruit puree.

How to cook?

If you have a home steamer or slow cooker, then use these devices. They are well boiled cereals, vegetables and meat. This food will be easy, nutritious, and prepared quickly and easily, especially if the appliance is automatic.

Genital infection and chicken pox: how and what to eat?

For genital herpes (causes type 2 virus) and chicken pox (Zoster virus) you need to saturate the body with vitamins and nutrients.

Especially depleted, the body becomes in shingles (3 provokes the same type of virus as chicken pox) which occurs only in people with extremely weak immune systems.

If you are faced with these diseases, then plan your diet according to these guidelines:

  • Eat products with a maximum content of lysine. This ingredient not only accelerates the regeneration, but also controls the activity of the nervous system. Due to this, the symptoms will become less severe, the disease will soon pass.
  • Reduce the number of products with arginine in your diet. This amino acid will exacerbate the inflammatory process, which lesions will become more noticeable and uncomfortable.
  • Adjust the balance of acid and alkali in the body. To increase acidity of meat lead diverse foods and alkaline foods are the side dishes (vegetable, etc.). That is why meat must eat with side dish.
  • Enter to eat lots of fortified products. Are different vegetables/fruits that are preferably eaten fresh. Why fresh? The fact that so in the products of all useful components.
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    Healthy foods: what are they?

    Диета при герпесе очень важна для полного излеченияUseful products herpes are: seafood, milk, vegetables/fruits (not allergenic), wheat, potatoes, meat (chicken, pork, beef, Turkey, lamb), fish (not flounder), soy products, eggs, brewer’s yeast, sprouted wheat, seaweed.

    By the way, one of my friends recently decided to give up meat. Now she eats salads, which almost always adds sprouted wheat. Per month with this food and it has cured my problem skin!

    Previously, it constantly rained, and Shine appeared by lunchtime, and now it’s all gone somewhere! It believed that such was the effect of sprouted wheat, so if you have frequent cold sores or other skin problems definitely try it!

    What products it is better not to eat?

    What do you think, what products it is better not to use in the course of erisipela? If you do not know, then learn the list:

    • any nuts, seeds, seeds;
    • salt and sugar (even in minimal quantities is impossible);
    • alcohol (any);
    • chocolate;
    • coffee;
    • citrus (if you have an Allergy to them).

    The list isn’t that big, so I think that you will easily be able to avoid these foods, at least at the time of illness.

    By the way, the duration of erisipela in adults and children is equal, typically, to two weeks. Diet need a little longer – preferably at least a month. During this time your body is fully restored, will be filled with nutrients and vitamins, cleansed of toxins and other nasty things.

    And yet, by eating a healthy diet, remember to drink water! Not sodas and mineral water and ordinary pure water without gas.

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    Well, that article answered all the questions? If Yes, then share the read with your friends on social networks, and don’t forget to subscribe for updates on our website.

    Follow the diet and brag about your results in the comments under this article. All the best to you and, most importantly, good health!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)