Diet in urticaria: the recommended foods and sample menu

Диета при крапивнице: рекомендуемые продукты питания и примерное менюHello, dear readers. Urticaria is called a very unpleasant disease of allergic nature, the main features of which is considered to be a rash on the skin, appearing as red spots of different brightness. She usually unpleasant and occasionally itchy inflamed.

When people notice this disease, he begins to deal with its consequences, not with causes.

This is the main mistake many people make when treating allergic skin irritation. In fact, more important to exclude from his life the causative agents of disease, which are often food products.

Diet in urticaria is made individually for each patient, but there are General rules, which we describe in this article.

Basic rules of diet in urticaria

Диета при крапивнице: рекомендуемые продукты питания и примерное менюFirst and foremost, people who are often faced with ordinary urticaria is to drink more water, and normal, not carbonated and not sweet.

The disease often appears in adults due to poor lifestyle and bad habits. Allergies aggravated by the stress that we all experience.

The children presented the disease can be triggered by various foods. To determine a single causative agent in this case, it is difficult, as children, anything we try not to refuse, so their diet is more varied.

The foregoing diet for allergies should include foods that includes high amount of vitamin «C».

This vitamin is able to normalize the immune system. It malfunctions of the immune system often provoke urticaria.

This vitamin reduces the secretion of histamine and accelerates the process of splitting. Health tip: the vitamin C in most vegetables and fruits, the color of which varies from green to dark green.

In the menu of allergies should include foods rich in quercetin. This substance has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antihistamine effects.

Especially a lot of it in apples, yellow and red onions, red grapes, broccoli, cherries, citrus, red wine.

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What not to eat for adults and children with rashes?

Диета при крапивнице: рекомендуемые продукты питания и примерное менюTo the question: what is possible in urticaria, there is no simple answer. The body of each of us is an individual.

Therefore, the diet of the allergic person needs to choose individually. Importantly, to exclude from the diet of allergenic (provoking the disease) products:

  • Marine fish varieties and shellfish;
  • Smoked and cured meats, e.g., canned meat, hunting sausages and salami;
  • Spoiled food or products shelf life which is about to end, as they quickly develop bacteria, can enhance the production of histamine;
  • Cheese, yogurt and sour cream;
  • Oranges, limes, strawberries, and raisins;
  • Eggplant, tomatoes, beans;
  • Spicy and salty sauces, natural seasoning, canned vegetables and olives;
  • Cloves, curry sauce, soy sauce and vinegar.

Importantly, food Allergy corresponded to the title «hypoallergenic». Such a diet not only makes urticaria to retreat, but also reduces the risk of relapse, relieves the main symptoms and eliminates the effects.

By the way, if the patient has not food hives, it is not necessary to refuse all above-mentioned products.

The most effective option is phasing out products from the above list that will help you to find a single or several allergens.

Recommended foods

Treatment of such allergies can take a long time. To accelerate it, if you eat the right foods. Above it was reported that these products contain vitamin «C».

You can also note that they must be protein in sufficient quantity. Most useful products containing protein are:

  • Chicken breast;
  • Veal;
  • Turkey or rabbit.

It is important to use only the white meat as it has a low fat content.

Cooking for people with allergies

Диета при крапивнице: рекомендуемые продукты питания и примерное менюFor Allergy sufferers, there are special recipes that can easily perform any housewife in the home kitchen. Of the above meat products you can cook different dishes, but should be removed from their products-allergens.

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By the way, meat should only be boiled, and 2 times, which minimizes its fat content. Grains before heat treatment is required at night to soak in the water.

Extended hives begin to recede in about a month, if you follow a proper diet.

Diet in the acute form of the disease

Диета при крапивнице: рекомендуемые продукты питания и примерное менюPerhaps the most unpleasant is acute urticaria as it is the most severe consequences. Initially with this Allergy appoint a lacto-vegetarian diet:

  • Different types of dairy products;
  • Steamed and cooked vegetables;
  • Allergy-free fruit.

From the diet completely eliminated alcohol, tea, coffee. You should also limit intake of cakes, pastry dishes (especially sweet), products containing any chemicals.

Diet in chronic disease

Chronic urticaria cured difficult, as it requires comprehensive treatment. In the diet of the allergic person are encouraged to include products of the following type:

  • Containing vitamin «To 12» (eggs, poultry, cold water fish, for example salmon);
  • Whole grains;
  • Antioxidants (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, green tea);
  • Celery, potatoes, figs are rich in zinc.

With this Allergy need a strict diet that excludes oils (corn, vegetable, safflower).

These excessive oils for allergies contains fatty acids «omega-6». But acids «omega 3» in the diet should be included. They are contained in flax seeds, soy, walnuts.

Diet for children

Диета при крапивнице: рекомендуемые продукты питания и примерное менюFor a child requires a special diet, which is able to eliminate allergies. At the same time it should contain the necessary elements for the normal development and functioning of child’s organism.

As agents of children’s hives supports the following list of products:

  • The yolk of eggs;
  • Cow’s milk;
  • Some varieties of fish;
  • Sweets, especially flour.
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By the way, 80% of children with urticaria revealed «polyvalent sensitization» — sensitivity to several foods. Very rarely children get hives from potatoes, soy, legumes, corn.

Before drawing up a child’s diet should consult a doctor and identify the allergens that trigger hives.

Hives in pregnant women

Диета при крапивнице: рекомендуемые продукты питания и примерное менюTo answer the question: how to diet when pregnant urticaria, is extremely difficult, as a woman in the position is responsible not only for themselves but also for growing a new organism.

Pregnant women should exclude foods from the diet gradually and with a long interval. Food allergens in this case are those that were listed in the section «what is not for adults and children with urticaria».

Useful products during pregnancy won’t hurt and will eliminate urticaria are:

  • Dairy products, especially kefir, yogurt, cheese with low fat content;
  • Buckwheat, oats, wheat porridge;
  • Meat, mostly young beef;
  • All vegetables, except those that trigger hives;
  • Fruits such as pears, apples and plums, but in baked form;
  • Dried bread (wholemeal).

By eating a healthy diet, it is possible to beat hives for a month. Moreover, the right diet will have a positive impact on the appearance of a person: rejuvenate the body inside and out, will improve skin color, eliminate excess weight. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)