Diet in vitiligo: a detailed menu and reviews ill

Диета при витилиго: подробное меню и отзывы болеющих  Hello, dear friends! Vitiligo is dichromatism the condition of the skin in which certain parts depigmentirovannah — they have no melanin.

Doctors advise suffering from vitiligo diet that will help to strengthen the immune system and restore the protective functions of the body. Are you curious about what is the diet for vitiligo is considered the most effective?

If the answer is positive, then read carefully.

Why need the patient of vitiligo diet?

Диета при витилиго: подробное меню и отзывы болеющих  

Proper nutrition restores the metabolic processes in the body. First and foremost, restores the metabolic processes in the digestive tract. Then strengthened the protective properties of the immune system. All this positively affects the skin condition.

To skin starts to receive more nutrients, promoting the production of melanin. The immune system regains strength and begins to actively fight the disease.

Who helped diet for vitiligo? Reviews of people who have tried to eat right, suggests that the diet was effective in 100% of cases. Are you curious about what kind of food you need ill?

During the honey. research has shown that patients of vitiligo is not enough the following components:

  • zinc;
  • copper;
  • iron;
  • vitamins are of different types, C, E.

Diet for suffering is created in this way, to present products with a maximum content of the above substances.

The list of such products is quite wide, so you can cook delicious dishes out of them is not difficult. Pay special attention to the General guidelines on nutrition for vitiligo.

The basic recommendations for diet in vitiligo

Диета при витилиго: подробное меню и отзывы болеющих  

  • Half an hour before the first meal is recommended to drink 200 grams of fruit (raw or in a salad). Fruits stimulate digestion, allowing the other products will be absorbed fully.
  • Lunch should start with vegetables, salad or other vegetable dishes. Salads can be refilled with vegetable oil.
  • The main dish for suffering from vitiligo is a mess. Cereals you can use what you want. They contain trace minerals that impact positively on the skin.
  • At lunch ill have to be a liquid dish.
  • In meals it is recommended to add in fresh ginger (chopped or grated).
  • Meat products are best steamed or boiled.
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    Such a diet will be useful not only for patients with vitiligo, but for people who have problems with skin teenage skin defects, chronic infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders.

    Useful and required products

    Диета при витилиго: подробное меню и отзывы болеющих  

    • vegetables, fruits (a variety);
    • sweet fresh berries (in the winter you can use frozen);
    • fish and mushrooms (rich in copper);
    • pumpkin seeds and beans (containing tyrosine);
    • different types of cereals — millet, buckwheat, barley;
    • all kinds of dry fruits;
    • tea with herbs, especially mint (herbs are better to collect on their own);
    • honey;
    • iodized edible salt.

    Categorically banned products

    Диета при витилиго: подробное меню и отзывы болеющих  

    • pickled and smoked products;
    • fried;
    • bold;
    • beef;
    • acidic and spicy foods;
    • black tea, coffee;
    • baking;
    • sauces;
    • alcohol;
    • butter;
    • canned;
    • blueberries;
    • quince;
    • chocolate;
    • starch.

    Having dealt with the products good and bad, let’s move on to the most interesting menu of proper nutrition for suffering from vitiligo. To make the menu of these «healthy» products will not be difficult.

    Despite this, I recommend you contact a nutritionist — a specialist who deals with proper nutrition.

    He will choose the optimal list of products for you personally and make the best, tasty and healthy menu that will help to slow the disease and even get rid of it completely.

    Menu right diet for suffering from vitiligo

    Диета при витилиго: подробное меню и отзывы болеющих  

    On this menu, I recommend to pay attention not only to those who are sick of vitiligo, but also people not affected by the disease. It effectively cope with pigmentary disease of the skin in children and adults and also prevents vitiligo do tend people.

    Diet enjoyable and nourishing, so you won’t experience hunger between meals. Too hard to limit yourself to something is also not necessary.

    Start your day with a fruit salad dressed with yogurt or low fat sour cream. Supplement it can of porridge (cook of the preceding cereals) in water or low-fat cottage cheese. At the end of Breakfast, drink a Cup of green or herbal tea.

    Lunch vegetable salad dressed with vegetable oil. After the salad is recommended to drink soup (any cooked on low-fat meat).

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    Диета при витилиго: подробное меню и отзывы болеющих  After the soup eat the second — meat or fish, steamed, with a side dish of cereals: buckwheat, millet or barley. To wash down your meal with a compote of dried or fresh fruit.

    For dinner consume a salad with boiled chicken meat. Ingredients can choose according to their taste preferences. Follow with dinner, tea with milk (trust me, it delicious).

    Between the above described meals can make a fruit or vegetable snacks.

    In addition, throughout the day, drink of berry and fruit fruit drinks or juices. You can drink in unlimited quantities. It will be useful to drink plenty of clean water without gas and additives.

    Agree, this diet is for everyone. The first positive changes in the condition of the skin appears in a couple of weeks. They will be especially noticeable on the face.

    If you stick to a proper diet in the future, then after a month do not recognize myself. The color of the skin is equalized, the spots become almost invisible and will gradually acquire a normal coloring.

    Typically, vitiligo is accompanied by other diseases associated with the digestive and immune systems. A correct diet, outlined in this article will help to get rid of associated ailments. So be sure to pay attention to it, even if you are just prone to vitiligo.

    I hope you will take advantage of the recommendations from the article. Read share with your friends in social networks and also don’t forget to subscribe to the updates of the site. All the best to you!

    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)