Dimexide for cough: the use of the drug and the technique of applying

Medicinal product for external use under the name of dimexide relates to anti-inflammatory drugs, which have a local irritant effect. Has many medicinal properties, because long been used in medicine and also helps dimexide from boils. It is used to relieve pain and inflammation in the affected area of the skin.

The content of the article

  • The use of the drug for skin
  • Method of production
  • Instructions for use
  • Treatment of boils with dimexide
  • Technology and treatment methods
  • Compatibility with other drugs
  • Contraindications
  • Analogues of the drug
  • The use of the drug for skin

    Dimexide is able to penetrate deep into the skin and through the cell membrane pathological bacteria, because it kills all the germs that are there. Furuncle is a purulent inflammation, and staphylococci, which are the most frequent cause of abscess can lead to blood poisoning in the absence of competent treatment. Dimexide in addition to its anti-inflammatory action helps other drugs to penetrate into the center of inflammation, because it is often used in treatment.

    Purulent inflammation of the skin respond well to treatment with Dimexidum, because it acts on pathogens, because of which started the disease. The medicinal substance is perfectly stimulates metabolism, improves skin condition, eliminates even teenage acne. It is successfully used to treat boils, and other purulent processes of the skin, streptococcal, eczema.

    Method of production

    Dimexide is produced in the form of a concentrate, which is then a solution of the desired concentration. The bottles have a capacity from 40 to 120 ml To relieve muscle pain suitable gel with a concentration of 50%, ointment unlike gel contains up to 70% of the substance. The drug is also made in the form of candles, which include the addition of Dimexidum propolis. These candles called propolis-d is used for the treatment of gynecological diseases, as well as rectally. The cost of funds available for each buyer and starts from 50 to 200 rubles.

    Instructions for use

    In the preparation includes chemical dimethyl sulfoxide. In medicine the most useful property Dimexidum has its deep penetration into the tissue. Thanks to this ability, the means of destroying pathogenic cells and helps other medications to penetrate much faster into the skin.

    Dimexide can be toxic if used for internal use. Even a small amount, just two or three drops of the concentrate into the body can cause serious harm, may cause nausea, weakness and dizziness. Toxic effect of other drugs increases under the influence of drugs. If you do not dilute the remedy with water, when applied externally can burn the skin.

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    Димексид от фурункулов: польза препарата и техника применения

    Indications for use are the following diseases:

  • purulent and inflammatory processes of the skin;
  • wounds that heal poorly, with purulent content;
  • sores;
  • burns;
  • diseases of the joints;
  • bruises or sprain.
  • The tool has been used successfully for treatment of some dental diseases in plastic surgery.

    Treatment of boils with dimexide

    Treatment of furuncle with dimethylsulfoxide appropriate at any stage of the disease. Bandage with the medicine will help numb the inflamed area of the skin. When the boil Matures, it should be treated with antiseptic substance or injected with antibiotics depending on the stage of the disease. After break of the boil wound treated with peroxide.

    Dimexide is used at the stage of maturation of the rod to neutralize the bacteria of the abscess and its surrounding tissue. Already after the first application of a staph infection may die, and the redness and swelling decrease. Diluted substance penetrates to the site of inflammation within 10 minutes. It is more convenient to use a gel that is applied thinly to a boil at least three times a day.

    You can avoid the development of purulent process if treating the boil in the initial stages.

    Before treatment boils need to conduct an Allergy test for the drug. Small piece of gauze or swab moistened with a 20% solution and applied to the place of the bend of the elbow or wrist. Sensitive skin begins to redden under the influence of dimexide for one or two minutes. If within half an hour no response to the drug, so it can be safely used for compresses on the abscesses.

    Димексид от фурункулов: польза препарата и техника применения

    Technology and treatment methods

    Preparation before applying to the skin diluted with water. When selecting the concentration of the substance take into account the presence of allergic reactions in humans, and its susceptibility to components of the medication. For people with low skin sensitivity will approach the solution of 30% concentration, and for those prone to allergies it is better to make 10%.

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    1. To compress drugs need sterile gauze, which could in 4 layers.
    2. To a solution of the desired concentration dipped a bandage and apply it to the affected area for 20 minutes.
    3. The dimensions of the gauze should be slightly larger than the affected area of skin.
    4. On top of the compress establish plastic wrap, then a clean dry cloth and attach a patch.

    For the treatment will approach 40% solution, and the carbuncles are using 50%. In the case of a furuncle on the face, you can use an application with a 10% solution, to avoid damage to more sensitive and delicate skin. Such a procedure should be no longer than 15 minutes. It is recommended to make up to three applications and one pack per day. The course of treatment lasts from 10 to 15 days depending on the stage of a skin disease. Repeat treatment is possible not earlier than in ten days.

    Димексид от фурункулов: польза препарата и техника применения

    Compatibility with other drugs

    The drug due to its properties, improves the penetration of other medications deep into the skin, used in combination therapy. Inside soft tissues well into simultaneously with Dimexidum analgin, local anesthetic substance novocaine and lidocaine, as well as furatsilinom. Other means furuncle applied immediately after removing the compress or other procedures. Wash the affected part with treatment solution is not necessary.

    The drug is well compatible with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, heparin. Many antibacterial agents are increasing their action because of Dimexidum and insulin. The effect of alcohol on the body increases, because it is not recommended to drink alcohol during treatment.


    Despite the effectiveness and quick result, topical use of dimethyl sulfoxide, there are limitations to the treatment of boils in this way. First a contraindication is a high sensitivity to the components of the medicine. Almost immediately, these patients can experience nausea, vomiting or cough. Often after applying the gel or of an application from a person with thin skin develops dermatitis.

    There are the following contraindications to the use of Dimexidum:

  • lactation and pregnancy;
  • children up to 12 years;
  • violation of the liver;
  • some eye diseases;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • kidney failure;
  • diabetes.
  • Children have very delicate skin that can easily damage the Dimexidum, suction through it is faster, which can lead to disastrous consequences. Although during lactation the drug is prohibited, sometimes doctors recommend the packs of the drug in the breast area because of their effectiveness, but this time mom needs to stop feeding her baby, because he is without obstacles penetrates through the breast milk.

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    A side effect of the medicine becomes burning, redness, dryness, small pimples. If you are hypersensitive arise suffocation and spasms of the bronchi. Dimexide is not able to dissolve in oil and not also to combine with him, as on the skin causing severe burns. To avoid this, initially the skin is treated with a diluted preparation, and only after complete absorption of applied essential oil.

    When side effects of the treatment should be stopped, and the solution or the gel, immediately wash the skin with warm water.

    Димексид от фурункулов: польза препарата и техника применения

    Analogues of the drug

    Similar to the 100% medicines with no DMSO. In the treatment of boils and other purulent processes of the skin use a lot of antiseptic and inflammatory drugs, but such a devastating effect on the bacterium has only Dimexidum.

    Before treatment of boils by dimexide should carefully study the instructions for use, and it is best to seek the help of a specialist, which will choose the right concentration and will prescribe a plan of treatment. The drug has a strong action, because there is a risk of allergic reactions and other side effects. A sound approach to the treatment of skin diseases will help stop the festering of the procession and to remove pathogenic microorganisms in the wound after the breakout of abscess. Dimexide cannot be used alone and without control, but the physician in the complex treatment it gives very good results in healthy and clean skin.