Does it hurt to remove warts with liquid nitrogen?

Больно ли удалять бородавки жидким азотом?Welcome, dear guests of our portal. Surely everyone has heard about liquid nitrogen. It has many uses and one of them is burning a variety of benign skin formations.

This method is used by most medical clinics in the world, because liquid nitrogen has proved itself as very effective and efficient tool in the fight against tumors.

Here the question arises, does it hurt to remove a wart with liquid nitrogen or not? Let’s try now to understand.

Will the treatment hurt?

Больно ли удалять бородавки жидким азотом?So, you find yourself on the body the wart and decided to remove it. As a disposal method was chosen, the cryoablation — moxibustion with the help of low temperatures, but are afraid to go.

What am I going to feel? Is it painful? Actually no you can’t give an exact answer to these questions. Each person has a different pain threshold. Some touch – they already hurt someone and the bee sting doesn’t notice.

I want to tell you about the feelings that you experience during the procedure. Imagine a cold winter. You bare hand touched a metal object and hold it for 1-3 minutes.

What will you feel? Initially, a slight tingling, then the frost will penetrate under the skin and you will feel the cold and burning.

So – this is the sensation of burning, only the temperature effect is much larger than in winter (-196 degrees).

If you need to burn a small wart, you do not feel anything, because the residence time of the drug in the skin will be minimal.

Hardest to have children. Although, perhaps, they are more scary than painful, since children’s skin exposure time will be minimal.

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Больно ли удалять бородавки жидким азотом?Now, if we are talking about plantar growths, then the treatment process can be a pain. First- education in the heels are quite extensive.

Secondly, the roots of the warts in these areas are more deeply, resulting in more time is required for the action of liquid nitrogen. Sometimes might even require multiple procedures to completely eliminate build-up.

Less painful to remove are warts on hands. This is due to the fact that human hands are constantly exposed to injury, external factors, etc. as a result, the upper limb decreases the pain threshold.

Will it hurt after the session freezing?

Here it will depend on how you follow the recommendation steps. After the session you have on the treatment site will appear to bubble with liquid.

If the wart was small then it may not happen. If, nevertheless, it has emerged that it is not necessary to self-pierce.

Больно ли удалять бородавки жидким азотом?Maybe he will get sick. This is due to the high pressure fluid. In this case, you can pierce.

This is done with a sterile needle (no need to run to the store for a new needle, and just heat it on the fire). Release the liquid, and the wound treated with Chlorhexidine or Miramistin. Then apply a bandage and wrap the bandage.

If you do not comply with at least one item, then the consequences can be sad… of Course, you don’t amputate the affected part of the body, but the inflammation and infection you can easily earn.

So the pain is gone you can take any Advil, Aspirin or any other what is in your medicine Cabinet.

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Soon the discomfort will pass and you will forget about that you at this place once had a wart. Note that after freezing with liquid nitrogen relapses are virtually eliminated.

Patient testimonials

Больно ли удалять бородавки жидким азотом?In fact, most of the people held a session of cryotherapy, noted only a slight burning and tingling at the treatment site.

Yes, there are those who was in so much pain, but again this is due to their high pain threshold or fear.

But pain after the procedure was noted by most patients, although the pain is usually held together with bubble. Especially frustrating when removed plantar of education because after a session of hard and painful to walk.

Such people are assigned a bed, so less impact on the affected area.

Is there a way to avoid pain?

Больно ли удалять бородавки жидким азотом?If you are afraid, you can ask the doctor to numb the treatment site. This is done by injection or anaesthetic cream.

You can also improve the procedure, making the wart the more «pliable». The next few days to lubricate her salicylic ointment.

Necessarily before use read the manual. After this treatment the time of exposure to liquid nitrogen will be less, thus the pain you can not even feel it.

After a session deletion, leave this place alone. Do not touch, do not hurt, do not scrub it, in General, do try not to think about it. Then the healing process will be less painful.

If you noticed after burning the swelling, redness, inflammation of wounds and other unpleasant symptoms, then consult your doctor.

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Generally, before the procedure of cryodestruction think about the good, because you’re going to get rid of warts and soon your skin will again become smooth and beautiful. For this, you can be patient for a few minutes. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)