Drip from allergies: what is and when assigned

Капельница от аллергии: какая ставится и когда назначается Hello, dear readers! Allergy is a very unpleasant disorder that can be triggered by various substances-stimuli. Well, if her symptoms could take antihistamine tablets for a couple of days, but this does not always happen.

In some cases, the disease is acute and requires a more serious treatment. After reading the article, you will learn why a dropper is prescribed for allergies, what drugs are administered intravenously and why.

What is the reason for the appointment of IVS?

First, let’s understand, in what cases ill put drops dropper. The standard «easy» course of the disease, such treatment is not granted because of uselessness.

But if the Allergy becomes aggravated and develops into a «heavy» form, a normal antihistamine will not help. Administration of drugs intravenously may be required in such cases:

  • In severe allergic conditions. For example, in anaphylactic shock or edema of Quincke type, when a person needs emergency assistance. Heavy condition can occur for any Allergy, for example, by the reaction to pollen, drugs, household chemicals.
  • Under intense bronchospasm and severe bronchial allergic asthma.
  • In acute dermatitis, urticaria or similar skin defects. The most dangerous is considered to be dermatitis Lyell, in which the epidermis jump huge blisters that burst and turn into wet long not healing wounds. Agree, this is not the usual kropiwnicka that can be patient.
  • When swelling of soft tissues, e.g., skin. In addition to the skin, mucous membranes can swell in different parts of the body.
  • Based on the foregoing, we can understand that IVS is an emergency action that may be required in severe cases. After the dropper the condition of allergies is greatly improved.

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    Капельница от аллергии: какая ставится и когда назначается IV fluids may consist of: corticosteroids, asthma medicines, decongestants, antihistamines, epinephrine (introduced in exceptional cases, if something life-threatening Allergy).

    Another advantage of this treatment — it can be done at home. If you want to know what drugs in allergic attack are administered intravenously and why? Listed below are the most effective and popular.

    Sodium chloride for anti-allergic treatment

    Sodium chloride prickly allergies to:

    • neutralize the effects of toxic substances;
    • detoxification of the internal organs;
    • improve peristalsis.

    The main action of this medication is toxic. So it is advisable to prick the food and drug neperehodimyh in order to bring the remains of the allergen of the irritant from the body.

    After droppers with the use of sodium chloride observed the following improvements: the skin cleared of rash; improves the functioning of the intestine; symptoms of hypersensitivity to stop progress.

    Corticosteroid Dexamethasone how can I use it for allergies?

    Allergy drip Dexamethasone be prescribed in severe cases, when there is the risk of complications. The basic properties of corticosteroids:

    • anti-inflammatory;
    • anti-allergic;
    • immunosuppressive;
    • increased sensitivity of beta-adrenergic receptors to catecholamines androgennogo type.

    Капельница от аллергии: какая ставится и когда назначается Dexamethasone is a hormonal preparation having a complicated structure, acting quickly and radically. Therefore, these medications should not be taken with a light allergic attack especially to children.

    The main advantage of Dexamethasone is it safe. Drug tested a huge variety of allergies, and almost no one had any side effects.

    Intravenous saline

    What a hypersensitive person may need a saline IV? It’s simple: in order to eliminate toxicity.

    This symptom develops most often in adults Allergy sufferers than young. Saline enhances the effect of some medications. Sometimes it is prescribed for allergies solely because of this ability.

    In saline can be administered to any medicines, including antihistamines, anti-inflammatory, cleanses the body. Thus, its main advantage is versatility.

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    Anti-allergic dropper Magnesia

    Dropper of Magnesia is one of the few methods of treatment of hypersensitivity allowed during pregnancy. The spectrum of action of the above drugs is very wide:

    • dilates blood vessels;
    • produces antispasmodic (pain relieving) effect;
    • prevents convulsions;
    • normalizes blood pressure and heart rate;
    • soothes;
    • promotes the excretion of toxins, has diuretic effect;
    • is a mild laxative.

    Based on the foregoing, it should be noted that Magnesia is advisable to apply not only allergies, but also with nutritional disorders and infectious diseases of the intestine.

    Why Allergy sufferers it is assigned to the intravenous drug? Because the speed of his actions becomes maximum. The main advantage of Magnesia — safety.

    Glucose vs hypersensitivity

    Капельница от аллергии: какая ставится и когда назначается With a Glucose drip and prescribed in exceptional cases, if Allergy occur: hypoglycaemia, irregular heartbeat, swelling of internal organs, especially the respiratory system, bleeding diathesis, collapse — sudden decline in blood pressure.

    This medication is also safe and not prohibited for pregnant and nursing mums. In fact, Glucose is a valuable source of nutrition for the body, boosting energy stocks and easily digestible.

    Now you know the names of the most popular anti-allergic medicine droppers. Share read with your friends on social networks and also subscribe to updates from this site, if you stay here you have been nice. Up to new meetings!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)