Dry dermatitis: how to cure the disease?

Сухой дерматит: как быстро вылечить болезнь?We love winter for the white snow and entertainment in the form of rides to sledding and skating, and a snowman with a carrot for a nose.

But sometimes it happens that with the winter cold come to us and skin problems. Many people have upon the occurrence of the cool skin on the face and on the hands becomes dry, feels like it’s Contracting that is usually accompanied by peeling.

The reason for this is a dry dermatitis.

Why is there such a problem?

As a rule, this form of the disease is not dangerous and occurs against a background of cold and dry air. Prerequisites can also be:

  • heredity;
  • stress;
  • a variety of diseases.

The main symptoms

As we already knew, the first thing that would indicate dry dermatitis is a peeling and itching. The disease is usually localized on the face and hands.

Those are the places that are open in winter and are easily wind and cold.

Treatment of the disease

Сухой дерматит: как быстро вылечить болезнь?To get rid of this disease is not difficult, but you need to remember that in the case of ignoring her, hope will pass by itself, it’s easy to get a more complex form of dermatitis.

Running dry the skin after some time can form cracks on the folds and cause infection in open wounds.

So, in order to dermatitis dry skin ceased to bother you, enough to lubricate the problem areas smoothing cream.

It is important to choose a cosmetic, as many of them give only temporary effect, and vetasses completely dry appears again.

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Therefore, it is desirable to use the advice of a dermatologist or beautician, and getting cream to carefully study its composition.

Well softens the skin on the face and other parts of the body hyaluronic acid, or cosmetics with her. There are several forms of issue of this tool and buying it to make sure it is this variety used externally.

The fact that the pharmacy can buy this drug only for injection. The form release is applied to the skin has a more viscous consistency, and short molecules in its composition.

Only then the means perfectly penetrates into all layers of the skin, moisturizing and rejuvenating at the same time.

Сухой дерматит: как быстро вылечить болезнь?Dry treatment of seborrheic dermatitis usually involves the soothing and anti-inflammatory ointment and antihistamines for internal use with the aim of relieving itching.

Dry seborrhea in the face area, usually becomes from the scalp and therefore the application of special shampoos and masks for hair is a key factor for the successful deliverance of the disease on the face.

Seborrheic dermatitis is treatable a bit harder and more extended in time. The risk of repetition it also is quite large.

Dry atopic dermatitis is treated with antihistamines, the same, but the ointment is selected more carefully.

I remember we once recommended that you the miracle cure of the prescription Department of a pharmacy, which is prepared only by order.

This ointment should be prescribed only by a doctor due to the content of a large number of different components. You need to carefully approach the effect of each of them for a certain skin type.

In cases when you notice peeling and dry skin the baby, to eliminate the effect of dryness is better to use baby cream.

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Watch carefully for a reaction of the skin to the nail, if it is quality and suits your baby, after a few applications you will notice definite improvement.

The skin becomes soft and gentle, like it should be. Otherwise, dryness will continue to bother the baby.

Then you need to make an appointment to a dermatologist and consult with him as to more effective means.

Make a video where the doctor says about this disease:

What not to do when manifestations of dry dermatitis?

There are a number of common errors that do not stop to allow people with increased dryness of the skin.

Let’s list some actions we can not allow not to aggravate the situation:

  • do not put the cream directly before the frost, moisturizing effect with the help of wind and frost is able to bring the already traumatized skin to redness and inflammation;
  • it is unnecessary to wash the affected area with soap and water for a long time to lather and scrub;
  • in any case you can not handle the rough areas of alcohol and generally means anything other than a special cream;
  • not exposed to frost during cold winds in winter.

It is important to note that skin dryness can be triggered by an elementary lack of water in the body. Rethink your drinking regime.

Water is the first assistant and the main doctor if you have any problems of the epidermis, as the moisture to supply the latter our body gets from pure water. You should drink small portions of two liters of water throughout the day.

Pay attention to strengthening the immune system and add to your diet nuts, and foods with a high content of vitamin E.

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Dry dermatitis in the initial stages cure is a snap. It is important not to start and not postpone the problem indefinitely.

With timely treatment to the dermatologist and methodical treatment rough dry parcels will be held for a few days. Be beautiful and happy!