Dysbiosis and allergies: how they are connected and what are their consequences?

Hello, dear readers! In modern times, nobody doubts that the dysbacteriosis and allergies are closely linked. Often the first causes the second. Why, you ask? Read the article in which I explain the relationship and teach you how to prevent intolerance on the basis of dysbiosis.

What is dysbiosis and how can it affect the body?

Called dysbiosis intestinal upset, which can happen for various reasons:

  • improper diet;
  • harmful bacteria, penetrated into the intestine with stale food;
  • the failure mode of the day;
  • stress and mental disorders;
  • hormonal failure;
  • alcohol and bad habits.

Дисбактериоз и аллергия: как они связаны и каковы их последствия?This is just a small part of the factors that can cause development of goiter. In this disease the integrity of the tissue of the intestinal barrier is disturbed. Because of this of blood in the blood enter the undigested substances from products.

Among these substances, a lot of allergens, which, in turn, provoke intolerance. That is the main reason for the development of hypersensitivity against the background of dysbiosis.

Gastrointestinal disorders in children and infants — why might it happen?

Caring for a child, we try to give him the maximum of what we think is right for him. The parents don’t think about the fact that some of the foods the young immature body reacts negatively.

For example, in infants gastrointestinal disorders may occur due to translation into an artificial mixture for infant feeding or the first feeding. In older children the dysbacteriosis often arises due to the fact that they are constantly trying to eat the green fruits/vegetables do not wash their hands before eating, etc.

Certainly all those who have kids, you know how difficult it is to keep track of them.

The consequences of dysbiosis associated with allergies

Can an ordinary upset stomach become a provocateur of something more serious? Of course, you can, especially if you do not treat it in a timely manner. On the basis of the disorder often appear allergic complications such as:

  • atopic dermatitis;
  • food intolerance;
  • eczema;
  • bronchial asthma.

That this did not happen, it is necessary to treat intestinal upset and allergic reaction, if it occurs.

Symptoms and therapy

To date, the mainstay of treatment child hypersensitivity is the correction of the intestinal microflora. Simply put, in the first place, in the event of signs of hypersensitivity you need to cleanse the bowel and restore its microflora. And what are the symptoms of allergies? Here is a small list:

  • swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, runny nose, rhinitis;
  • redness of eyes, pain, excessive lacrimation, conjunctivitis;
  • bronhospasticeskih cough;
  • local reactions in the form of rash (often urticaria) on the skin;
  • in some cases, headache pain.

What if after a dysbacteriosis at the child or adult appear above deterioration? The answer is simple — treat intestinal disorder and allergies in parallel.

Дисбактериоз и аллергия: как они связаны и каковы их последствия?To cure the hypersensitivity reaction can help elimination of the allergen is the stimulus of life. If the attack is strong, you have to take antihistamines.

In fact, to cure such a problem at one time with the help of medication at this time. Allergy is easier to prevent than to deal with its manifestations.

The most striking symptom of hypersensitivity reaction are rash that you see in the photo. This rash, accompanied by discomfort in the form of severe itching. To cope with it will help special antiallergic ointment and cream.

By the way, now you can even find protivozudnoe ointment with wound-healing effect. Allergic rashes will pass on their own, but only after the body rest and recover.

As mentioned above, along with allergies have to treat goiter, which provoked her. The following suggestions will help:

  • food should be a right, it must be a dairy type products enriched with bifidobacteria and nutrients;
  • if the disorder provoked by the digestive tract bacteria, eliminate it will help antibiotics and bacteriophages;
  • in extreme cases, the required special medications that regulate the composition of intestinal microflora, such as Bifikol, hilak, lineks, and the like.

Alternative methods for the treatment of hypersensitivity

Allergic disorders can be triggered not only disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, but also:

  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • contaminated environment;
  • bad habits;
  • lack of sleep;
  • nervous tension, depression, problems in Central nervous system.

Дисбактериоз и аллергия: как они связаны и каковы их последствия?Knowing this, doctors always recommend to periodically take the allergies away from his residence. It is better to relocate, however this is not always possible. Therefore, Allergy sufferers, children need to regularly take out to sea.

Fresh sea air has a positive impact on immunity and health in General. Allergies-adults also need to periodically get out into nature, the sea or just to the country. Periodically change the situation is really useful.

Now you know how to distinguish and how to treat hypersensitivity, if it is provoked by the intestinal disorder. Remember that the intestine is the most important system of our body. If something negative happens, it always will report you.

Unfortunately, often the message about the problems of the digestive tract is allergic to. Therefore, in order to prevent allergies, you need to monitor the condition of the intestine.

I hope the article was interesting and informative. Read if you liked, please do tell about the article to your friends from popular social networks by clicking «share». Subscribe to the website and watch for new publications. All the best to you!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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