Ear dermatitis: a set of procedures for the treatment of

Ушной дерматит: комплекс процедур для леченияGood afternoon, dear friends! As still subtly does the ear work! It is because such complex and fragile design ear ailments are very dangerous. Symptoms of inflammation can carry a serious danger, if not pay attention to them.

We will not today talk about the risk of possible formations and hearing loss as a result of running the inflammatory process, and consider a more common phenomenon – ear dermatitis.

Before you picture where you can see what is hidden behind the ear and what is the whole system of human hearing.

So it will be clearer than unsafe dermatitis in this area and what would happen if peeling and rashes spread inside.

Manifestations of pathology in the ears

The main symptom is redness of the area or the whole area of the ear. Also via the classical clinical picture of this disease are itching, peeling and burning. Possible swelling, and as a consequence of partial hearing impairment.

Why the skin near the ears can become inflamed?

A lot of different phenomena is irritation in this place, we only list the most common:

  • Recent processes which, from the ear were observed discharge.
  • Drugs after prolonged use;
  • Existing dermatitis on any other parts of the body.
  • Spectacle frames, especially of metal.
  • Hearing AIDS and headphones.
  • There are many cases when the disease is caused by hairpins, earrings (both from simple alloys, and of gold in the presence of an Allergy to it), hair dye, styling products, wrong shampoo, and even a swim cap in the pool.

    For dermatitis in the ears, often there are cases of relapse or recurrence of the disease.

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    Ушной дерматит: комплекс процедур для леченияTherapy of ear diseases is assigned exclusively to a doctor. But the most important thing should be getting rid of the allergen or irritant. Further, the complex is something like this:

    • Ointment or cream. External medication broad-spectrum, which should relieve inflammation in the skin and to heal wounds.
    • Diet. The doctor will prescribe the best diet and necessarily focuses on the fact that you want to exclude from the menu.
    • Physiotherapy. The course of sessions of UHF-therapy or phototherapy.
    • The antibiotic drugs.

    Often the treatment of problems in the ears is to compress, but not every dermatitis is amenable to such therapy.

    Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of recurrence a doctor prescribes the above set of procedures.

    At home you can prepare an ointment based on butter with the addition of elecampane, walnut leaf and root of horse sorrel, pre-crushed to a powder. Lubricate the affected area two times a day.

    Prevention of ear dermatitis

    Ушной дерматит: комплекс процедур для леченияIt is important to understand that a refresher any ear disease, the risk of consequences in the form of itching and skin irritation at the treatment site is very large.

    Therefore, in order to prevent it, you can lubricate the affected area drops of moisturizer to reduce the risk of irritation.

    If you wear glasses – initially prefer a quality frame which is not oxidized and does not leave marks on the face.

    The shampoo and the styling and coloring you also need to choose carefully, there is already at risk of succumbing not only the ears, but the hair.

    Wipe down the sink regularly when shampooing should be washed and the ear the same soapy solution over the entire region.

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    Of the ear do not like moisture, so after hygienic procedures need to absorb it with a towel.

    In the prevention of inflammation of the epidermis in your hearing is of great importance the General prevention of diseases of this organ.

    They are afraid of exposure, water ingress and draughts. So in winter you need to wear a hat in the summer after swimming in ponds dry thoroughly, and not to go out in the cold after shampooing, when residual water or condensation can cause otitis media. Take care of yourself and stay healthy! Bye!