Eczematous dermatitis: tested folk remedies for the treatment

Экзематозный дерматит: проверенные народные средства для леченияGood day, dear readers! Probably each of us at least once in their life faced with the problems of the skin.

And when the rash and peeling covered hands is a serious discomfort, especially for women.

After castoriadis to deal with water. Today we will tell you about this disease, as eczema dermatitis.


Manifestations of the disease are very similar to the classic symptoms of eczema. Red rashes are formed primarily on the arms and legs, as shown in the photo.

They are accompanied by severe itching. After a short time the vesicles form a crust, under which is a clear liquid.

Экзематозный дерматит: проверенные народные средства для леченияAfter the sores burst, a few pieces may be merged into one. The last stage symptoms are a dark brown, called hyperpigmentation.

The most unpleasant that ackzematosny dermatitis tends to a constant repetition and a chronic form.

In the field of healing often cracks are formed and they become infected, which further exacerbates the situation.

What is the cause of the disease?

Prerequisites the start of eczematous dermatitis to be investigated, and most cases are considered genetic predisposition. Also medicine identifies the following factors:

  • nervous stress;
  • disorders in the endocrine system;
  • problems immune in nature;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • allergic to any foods or chemicals.

I must say that even if the origins of the problem in the hands connected with something else, contact with household chemicals, even seemingly harmless, phosphate-free and labeled «for children», brings very great harm to the damaged skin.

Soaps can penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, and the presence of wounds, they simply corrode and hinder healing.

Diagnostic features of dermatitis

Special analyses that distinguish this type of dermatitis does not exist, an experienced specialist will determine the nature of the rashes with the help of a detailed inspection.

There are cases where the symptoms are similar to manifestations of fungal diseases, for example, on the feet of the lower limbs, or with contact dermatitis on the hands.

In this case, appoint additional research that can exclude or confirm these diagnoses.

How to treat?

Экзематозный дерматит: проверенные народные средства для леченияTreatment of this type of dermatitis should be approached very carefully. To do this, each patient and each form of manifestation of he disease mostly required individual approach. Attention is also paid to the General state of organism and its resistance.

The first thing to pay attention to diet: to exclude from the menu fatty, spicy, fried, smoked and alcohol.

Not to overeat and to share all of the daily food into several equal meals.

The next step the doctors eliminate the cause of the disease. That is, if the illness has resiles due to nervous tension – first of all, try to calm stress and regulate the nervous system, the endocrine if the treatment takes place primarily in endocrinology.

And only after the scheme of treatment the underlying problem selected, proceed to the elimination of already known symptoms.

In the initial stages, when the lesions quite a bit, your doctor may suggest treating them with green paint or fukortsin.

When lesions of the skin more strong, most often assigned to the complex, which consists of antihistamines, anti-inflammatory and sedative.

If eczema is wet – pharmacy prescribe drying means in the form of talc, starch and others.

Nice effect on exacerbations has special mash, which can be ordered at the prescription Department of pharmacy.

Its composition affects the rash so that after a few applications you can notice a positive trend.

This product is reduces inflammation, heals ulcers and possesses drying and whitens dark spots.

In a situation when in place of the sores are formed ulcers need to immediately consult a doctor. Such manifestations of skin diseases will require a more serious approach.

I recommend to watch an interesting video where Dr. Nona shares her tips for the treatment of such disease:

The dermatitis responds well to treatment with physical therapy:

  • laser therapy;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • cryotherapy;
  • electrophoresis;
  • paraffin;
  • ultraviolet irradiation and others.

Folk remedies, too, are today more popular. Particularly good reviews we found about the following:

  • sea buckthorn oil;
  • cabbage leaf;
  • lemon infusion with egg white;
  • a decoction of yarrow.

What not to do with this disease?

It is important to observe some simple rules that will accelerate the healing process and reduce the risk of recurrence:

  • to eliminate or at least minimize water treatments patients;
  • do not use for washing Soaps questionable composition;
  • washing powders and other household chemicals is also prohibited to use during therapy;
  • no need to wear synthetics and fur and natural wool;
  • to minimize the impact to areas where natural phenomena such as snow, rain, wind;
  • the localization of the rash on the feet, socks should be changed every day, giving preference to only natural means for washing;
  • shoes should be comfortable and also ventilated from natural materials.

In conclusion, we can say that eczematous dermatitis, the disease is difficult. It can occur at first sight, nowhere.

But after some additional tests, the true cause will be found. After the elimination of the root causes treatment dermatitis appointed complex.

It includes drugs to relieve inflammation, Allergy pills, sedatives. Excellent effect have several sessions of physical therapy and traditional methods.

Also, you must very seriously approach to a balanced diet and some rules of hygiene.

Complex therapy will help to cure the disease within a short period, and the risk of relapse is significantly reduced. Health to you!

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