Electrocoagulation of warts: review the treatment methods and testimonials of people

Электрокоагуляция бородавок: обзор метода лечения и отзывы людейHello, dear guests of our portal. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to seek medical help to doctors, especially when it comes to skin diseases.

This is especially true for warts, as some believe the disease is shameful and very unpleasant.

Most rely on the advice of relatives, friends, information from the Internet, etc. Note that self-medicating is extremely dangerous, because you can get burns, allergic reactions and relapses.

Only a specialist can properly and safely remove your body warts. To do this, in modern medicine, there are several ways moxibustion liquid nitrogen, laser or by electrocoagulation.

In today’s article we want to elaborate on the third method, removal of skin formations — electrocoagulation.

General information about the procedure

Электрокоагуляция бородавок: обзор метода лечения и отзывы людейTo date, electrocoagulation of warts is quite common and popular method of getting rid of growths.

Thanks to this procedure you can get rid of all types of benign warts. The deletion occurs by means of a special device – the electrocoagulator, and in a single session.

After medical procedures at the scene of the defeat remains a crust, which subsequently disappears without forming scars on the body.

This method offers most health centers in each city, so you will not be difficult to find a suitable place for a treatment session.

What is electrocoagulation?

Электрокоагуляция бородавок: обзор метода лечения и отзывы людей«Coagulation» is a necrosis of tissues, which is caused by destruction of protein molecules and other large cellular formations by exposure to high temperature.

During the procedure, the loop of the coagulator is heated to 80 degrees. This temperature allows you to call in human tissue reaction of thermocoagulation.

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Heated loop apparatus with current. After exposure of the cell growth literally «boil», forming a compact crust.

If the crust is thick and dry, it is a very good sign that the treatment was successful. Beneath it is formed a new skin that just after some time replacing sore.

How is removing warts with this method?

Электрокоагуляция бородавок: обзор метода лечения и отзывы людейThis procedure is carried out only by an expert with experience with the electrocoagulator. First the doctor makes you a local anesthesia, because the operation can cause unpleasant and even painful sensations.

Then the affected area is treated with a special antiseptic solution. The surface warts prizhivaetsya. The effect lasts from several seconds to one minute.

The time depends on the size and place of formation of warts. For example, for plantar warts it takes more time because the skin on the foot rough and tough.

In the following video you can see how the procedure removal of skin neoplasms using the electrocoagulator:

Recommendations after the procedure

Электрокоагуляция бородавок: обзор метода лечения и отзывы людейAfter the session, removal of growths, you will be given advice on care of the wound. They are in the treatment portion of the patient body 5% solution of potassium permanganate.

To perform these manipulations must be from 8 to 10 days before the moment is completely disappear crust. Remember – not her own tear.

Thanks to electrocautery can prevent the re-occurrence of warts and their further spread through the body.

Contraindications to the procedure

  • Exacerbation of herpes;
  • Cancer;
  • Disease involving poor blood clotting;
  • Sensitivity to anesthetic drugs;
  • Intolerance of procedures that use the current;
  • Serious condition of the patient.
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The cost of this service

The price of this operation depends on the size remove warts. For example, in Moscow in the build-up to 1 mm have to pay 300 rubles, from 5 mm – 600 rubles, more than 5 mm – 900 rubles, and the warts more than 10 mm – 1500 rubles.

Of course, in the capital the prices are high, but in other cities the procedure very affordable.

The advantages and disadvantages of electrocoagulation of skin growths

Электрокоагуляция бородавок: обзор метода лечения и отзывы людейPatients who are at least once removed a wart this way usually leave positive reviews. This is due to the quick procedure, no pain, minimal care measures, ease of wound healing, lack of scarring.

Some complained that the place of impact ached, itched and reddened. These side effects can be explained.

They appear due to improperly performed procedures and individual intolerance to anesthesia.

So you should only go to those clinics which are working in the field of medical services and have a positive recommendation. Despite these negative aspects, electrocoagulation has many advantages:

  • A high level of efficiency;
  • Sufficient security;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Minimal blood loss.

Thanks to such advantages, the procedure wart removal by electrocoagulation remains in demand and popular among all segments of the population.

As mentioned above, this method can get rid of all types of skin growths. Remember, timely access to a doctor and diagnosis of the disease will allow you to avoid degeneration of warts to malignant tumor.

After the removal procedure the doctor will perform a histological study of body warts to make sure no cancer cells. Be healthy!

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)