Emergency treatment of urticaria and angioedema: your algorithm of actions

Greetings, dear readers! Allergic urticaria is the most common disease that represents a danger to humans.

The threat to life appears when an swelling of the mucous membranes and General deterioration. In this case, you need to know what emergency in urticaria will be effective.

General guidelines for first aid

Неотложная помощь при крапивнице и отеке Квинке: ваш алгоритм действийFirst of all, you should be able to distinguish between anaphylactic symptoms, because the disease often is a component of anaphylactic shock.

It is necessary to provide urgent medical assistance. The first thing you should do is to call an ambulance.

If the patient has anaphylactic shock, it is necessary to be hospitalized.

However, before you come to the ambulance, to make the algorithm of actions:

  • To eliminate the causative agent of the pathology. For example, to get rid of insect stings or to stop taking the medication.
  • The patient is placed in bed in a horizontal position on back and lift legs.
  • Check consciousness of the patient, response to questions and mechanical stimuli.
  • The Airways should be free. The head should turn sideways and remove mucus and foreign bodies from the mouth. If the person is unconscious, you need to get it. Make sure the patient is breathing.
  • If there is no breathing and pulse, will start to implement cardiopulmonary resuscitation (two breaths and 30 pressures on the chest). But if you have severe swelling, this action may be ineffective. This will be able to help only chest compressions.
  • To measure blood pressure and pulse. These indicators will inform you about the severity of anaphylactic shock.
  • Неотложная помощь при крапивнице и отеке Квинке: ваш алгоритм действийAllergic urticaria is a condition which is often accompanied by angioedema in both adults and children.

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    In this situation, the patient requires adequate treatment and an urgent call for the ambulance. The patient need to be hospitalized if:

    • he observed swelling of the tongue;
    • breathing is difficult and cause swelling;
    • observed violations of the gastrointestinal tract;
    • treatment at home does not help.

    If angioedema detected for the first time and the reasons for it unclear, then you should begin treatment with taking such medications as antihistamines, glucocorticoids, epinephrine. Drugs should be administered according to the standard.

    You must first enter the adrenaline, then the hormones and antihistamines. If the reaction is not too pronounced, would be sufficient for the introduction of hormones and antihistamines.

    How to help your child?

    Неотложная помощь при крапивнице и отеке Квинке: ваш алгоритм действийIf hives in children is accompanied by swelling, difficulties in swallowing, have trouble breathing, call an ambulance.

    Often the allergic reaction is accompanied by fever. Until the doctor arrived, give your child any antihistamine, ensure free breathing, can be given a sedative and put it on the cold. The child should remain calm, because panic can lead to complications.

    Patients with urticaria when the efficiency of the assistance provided, can continue treatment on an outpatient basis at home.

    This is acceptable if the patient has a reduction in swelling and the disappearance of itching. To take antihistamines need to three times a day.

    Patients who have had angioedema, need indispensable hospitalization. Anaphylactic shock patient was placed in intensive care.

    How to enter medication?

    Неотложная помощь при крапивнице и отеке Квинке: ваш алгоритм действийWhen the first signs of angioedema, you must enter the person’s adrenalin. Typically, these funds are injected intramuscularly.

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    The best area for insertion is the thigh. Blood circulation in this part of the body contributes to the rapid spread of the drug. But you can also do injections in the shoulder, buttocks, etc. In severe cases, epinephrine is injected under the tongue or intravenously.

    Until the doctor can introduce hormones intramuscularly in the area of the buttocks or intravenously. The contents of the vial can be poured just under the tongue.

    Therefore, the drug is rapidly absorbed. Moreover, sublingual administration of the drug effect occurs faster than intramuscular and even intravenous.

    Antihistamines – this means that block H1 receptors. To enter their best intramuscularly, and can be in the form of tablets for oral administration.

    The signs of the disease

    Неотложная помощь при крапивнице и отеке Квинке: ваш алгоритм действийTo avoid undesirable consequences, it is crucial to recognize the symptoms of the disease. The formation of bubbles and redness is the most obvious symptom of the disease.

    Externally, these formations look similar to insect bites. Sometimes all the bubbles merge with each other and form a huge affected areas. Usually, the rash has a symmetrical shape.

    Symptoms can disappear and reappear in other parts of the body. Exacerbation is a major feature of urticaria. In severe cases, can increase the body temperature, there are disorders of the digestive tract.

    If you are delayed or inadequate treatment, the condition is aggravated, and appears angioedema or anaphylactic shock, which is very dangerous for patient’s life.

    Recommended foods

    Неотложная помощь при крапивнице и отеке Квинке: ваш алгоритм действийFirst of all, doctors recommend to exclude from the diet those foods that cause an attack of disease. If food allergen is hard to detect, and then act according to this scheme: one starving day and introduce the menu for a single product.

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    It is advisable to conduct an Allergy examination to determine the pathogen and selection of an individual diet.

    Even if the hives were not triggered by a food allergen, you should keep to diets to cope with the relapse. The basic principle of the diet is the exception to the menu is highly allergenic foods.

    Diet implies the elimination of dyes, preservatives, emulsifiers, tea, coffee, alcohol, milk, citrus, grapes, etc.

    All the products should be processed before the meal: clean peel, cook. Cereals need to boil water, cook soups from cereals and vegetables. You need to drink plenty of pure water (about 2 liters), which accelerate the elimination of the allergen from the body.

    Urticaria is a disease of infectious origin, so you can catch it from another person is impossible.

    Pathology often occurs in people whose relatives suffer from allergic pathologies, so often the disease is inherited.

    I hope this article was useful to you, dear readers! All the best, stay healthy!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)