Exfoliative dermatitis: how to treat right, to avoid the complication?

Эксфолиативный дерматит: как лечить правильно, чтобы не было осложнении?Good afternoon. If you do not give your body proper attention, it can turn into a real problem, such as in cases with exfoliative dermatitis.

Today we will talk with you about this serious disease, which could well be the usual aggravation of dermatitis or psoriasis.

Let’s start with the fact that dermatitis or exfoliative dermatitis Ritter — as it is called in adults can appear only in cases when not treated more than simple elementary form of a rash. Should take a look at the photo, and the seriousness of the situation becomes clear visually.

Manifestations of the disease

Usually, the main difference between dermatitis Ritter is that it covers 90 percent of the skin. Its symptoms include:

  • temperature rise;
  • intolerable itching;
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • the blisters and subsequent soak;
  • redness to bright red;
  • swelling;
  • peeling and scales.

In General, the disease manifests itself the worst of all the known skin problems.

Causes of pathology

As we have said, in adults this disease is preceded by simple dermatitis or psoriasis. Also causes of dermatitis Ritter may be the following:

  • Allergy to the drug;
  • allergic to any chemical;
  • the intake of drugs.

Newborns eksfoliativny dermatitis occurs due to the development of staph on the skin. Infection may occur in utero or by contact with a carrier of such bacteria.


Эксфолиативный дерматит: как лечить правильно, чтобы не было осложнении?Immediately shed light on this disease: it is treated only in a hospital under the supervision of a physician. The patient is isolated to prevent infecting other patients.

Used primarily antibiotics in the form of injections or infusions, and corticosteroids. In extreme desperate cases, resort to hormonal drug Prednisone.

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In complex forms of the disease are still using glucosteroid and Prednisone. Externally used hormonal ointments and creams.

Care of newborns in addition to antibiotics, include the powder with the addition of zinc for speedy drying, wound healing and the potassium permanganate solution with the purpose of disinfection of the skin.

Thus there is constant monitoring of the body temperature of the child and in case polysensitization prescribed antipyretic drugs.

Physical therapy

Эксфолиативный дерматит: как лечить правильно, чтобы не было осложнении?In hospital patients are being prescribed up to ten sessions of special baths with emollient and moisturizer. Also effective phototherapy and keratolytic therapy.

Possible complications

Such a serious pathology as dermatitis Ritter in fifty percent of cases may have the following complications:

  • pyelonephritis;
  • otitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • sepsis, and others.

It is important to realize that improper treatment or wrong diagnosis, as well as in the untimely appeal to medical assistance, the probability of a lethal outcome of a patient, regardless of age.

Though of course, today medicine is at a high level, the recovery rate and the positive dynamics of treatment is much higher.


Primary prevention of the disease in adulthood — it is time to pay attention to what is happening with your body and when it detects suspicious modifications, to consult with doctors. More than half of the cases the lesion is launched psoriasis.

Preventive measures in newborn first and foremost is the control of pregnancy and possible infections during it.

In the hospital must adhere to the hygienic norms and sanitary rules of the newborns to reduce the risk of transmission from a possible carrier.

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The body of a just born child is so small that the risk of negative outcome is very high, so measures to prevent similar situations in the hospitals is very important.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the disease exfoliative dermatitis is dangerous. If suddenly so happened that you or your loved ones appeared similar symptoms to the clinic need to contact immediately.

Some forms of this disease develop very quickly. During the treatment, which usually takes place in a hospital, it is important to follow some simple rules and the recovery was not long in coming.

At the end of the article, make a video where the doctor tells in detail about this disease:

Be healthy!