Exophytic warts: the only treatment of the disease

Экзофитная кондилома: единственный метод лечения болезниWe welcome you, our readers! The human papillomavirus causes the skin many tumor genital formations.

For this disease characterized by relapsing course. Patients who have discovered papillomavirus, have a slightly greater risk of cancer of the genitourinary system and the development of bleeding.

Before you start to have a conversation on the theme what is genital warts the infection is curable and if they are, we ask you to pay attention to this book about the treatment of warts from the standpoint of the whole organism.

It described in detail what factors may affect HPV itself and that it will help to clear the patient’s body from him, thus eliminating from such unpleasant phenomena as the formation of skin.

Treatment of pathology

Экзофитная кондилома: единственный метод лечения болезниThe disease is practically not subject to treatment and the virus to eliminate from the body almost impossible.

And none of the schemes of modern medicine makes no guarantee that a relapse will not occur. It is impossible to exclude the emergence of new foci and the spread formations once part of them removed.

Especially frequent recurrences when warts gets rid of only one of the sexual partners, the Probability of re-infection equal to one hundred percent.

In fact, only one treatment is mechanical removal of every one of exophytic warts.

Fortunately, it is performed under local anesthesia and the patient almost feels nothing. After the wound procedure heal after about one week.

The rash can be removed with laser, freezing with liquid nitrogen, electrode. Also did well external resources, completely destroying the structure of education. Also in the complex include antiviral therapy in the form of drugs and tablets.

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I enclose for your attention an interesting video about how the removal of the growths with laser:

Traditional methods

Экзофитная кондилома: единственный метод лечения болезниSolitary warts are quite amenable to home therapy with the help of medicinal plants. The first and most famous tool is the common celandine.

Its juice is smeared on the rash several times a day until the education will not disappear. Decoction of chamomile with St. John’s wort can help with rashes on the rectum.

Hare cabbage will not only save from papillomas, and warts. This paste should be massaged and apply the compress for about six hours.

Also can be treated in several ways and all of them will be effective. I recommend you to read this article where we wrote in more detail about folk recipes against disease.

What is genital warts?

Экзофитная кондилома: единственный метод лечения болезниThey are also called genital warts and they may look like common HPV, but have a sharp tip, and localized mainly on the genitals, mucous membranes, anus, the glans penis and the cervix.

Genital HPV is the most common symptom accurately indicates the papilloma virus.

The disease is considered a disease, sexually transmitted diseases, so diagnosis and treatment to be fully venereology. However, women are more likely to come with a similar problem to the gynecologist.

Exophytic warts is essentially the accumulation of a large number of pointed formations, they are called plural, in appearance they resemble cauliflower.

From the above photo you can look in detail how to look like the growths on the skin.

Risk factors

Decades virus is dormant in the body of the patient. In order to have modifications of the skin, have a weakened immune system.

But «blooming» of the lesions, the pathology is practically invisible. Most HPV does not manifest itself in the form of exophytic, and has the appearance of multiple papillomas on various parts of the body. To those who have the risk of infection include:

  • reduced immunity;
  • stress;
  • pregnancy;
  • promiscuous;
  • the disease, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • vaginal dysbiosis.
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As the infection develops in the body?

Usually, warts appear on the body one or two in different places. After, there are several options for development:

  • education themselves disappear after a while;
  • not lost, but not increase;
  • increase, becoming exophytic form;
  • transform into cancer.

There is also more risk of malignant tumors, which depend on the strain of the virus.

Another risk is damage to the warts that entails the parallel development of infections, bleeding and the inability to lead a normal sexual life the impossibility of normal childbirth and psychological discomfort.

What’s going on?

Экзофитная кондилома: единственный метод лечения болезниDespite the fact that HPV can live your whole life and not even know about it, it can be not one but several.

Activation occurs by external impact and by reducing the immunity. It is after all the factors match, start symptoms, namely modification of the skin.

Once the cells HPV been found in the human body, they immediately strike zone of stratified epithelium.

There are differences how it is relative to the skin cells is the virus. From this and depends on what in the end it will lead to rash or to malignant formation.

When the cell concentration reaches a certain level, and then place modifications entailing papilloma, condyloma and multiple education. Cells begin to divide uncontrollably, the skin grow and infinitely divided.

You see that in itself, the treatment of the virus is to delete the skin modifications until the skin becomes smooth.

The virus from the body very difficult to remove, almost impossible, but if you support the immune system, not to get involved in bad habits to devote time to themselves, they will never make themselves known. Health to you!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)