Fast treatment of herpes on the lips: tips from the dermatologist

Greetings, dear readers of dermatological website! Let’s say you are preparing for an important event, and then suddenly you get herpes skin defect on the lip. What to do?

Don’t panic, but rather use the recommendations from this article, which will talk about how to carry out the rapid treatment of herpes on lips to get rid of sores in a single day.

Treatment of recurrent infection in one day: possible or not?

Быстрое лечение герпеса на губах: советы от дерматологаOf course, possible, but only if done correctly. To start the treatment immediately after the emergence of the initial evidence of the fact that the cold on the lip soon.

Those who are faced with erisipela, you know that these signs include: numbness, burning and itching of the affected area.

What to do if you feel it coming? First and foremost, you need to take specialized antiviral medications.

What medications will cure a cold sore on the lip during the day?

As soon as I felt the symptoms (rash at this point it can’t be), immediately drink one of the following drugs:

Быстрое лечение герпеса на губах: советы от дерматологаAcyclovir — the most in demand and popular due to high efficiency and availability. If you have time to take a prophylactic dose of this funds before the rash, it will prevent her appearance!

For this you need to take a pill five times a day. Poluchivshij one day, you will notice that the next day the symptoms begin to recede.

Famvir is a powerful modern analogue of Acyclovir. This medication is effective against those strains of HSV, which can not cope the previous.

Once in the body, it immediately blocks the process of distribution and reproduction of pathogens.

In the pharmacies you will find tablets with different concentration of the active substance. If you have a drug 250 mg, take two capsules, and if you 500mg one three times a day. Medicine must on the first day of the presence of symptoms, or prevent the rash will not succeed.

Valacyclovir can also cure herpes in one day. If you have a tablet with 500 mg of active substance in the composition, then drink two (one morning and one evening). The next day you already feel the signs of girisindeki.

And if you don’t have antiviral pills can you use ointment?

Быстрое лечение герпеса на губах: советы от дерматолога

Antiviral ointments such as Aciclovir-akri, Zovirax, Panavir, Vivorax, can also be used, but note that they are less effective than the above tableted medicines.

If there is no possibility to get to the pharmacy, then use an ointment: put it on disturbing a place near the lips or directly on it 5-6 times a day. The more often you apply, the more likely that you will be able to prevent a rash.

But if herpes lesions have appeared, the ointment will be even more effective than pills. With the above-mentioned drugs can be overcome is herpes a rash for 5-7 days.

In some cases it ointment be the only salvation. For example, during pregnancy, when virtually all tablet medications the woman is contraindicated. In addition, the ointment will have to use if the infection worsened, the child.

And what about those who have no home medications against erisipela?

Быстрое лечение герпеса на губах: советы от дерматолога

In such situation you will have to use extra traditional methods. Traditional medicine can offer several methods to quickly get rid herpes rash and also to prevent its occurrence:

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  • Earwax — unpleasant, but very effective. If you have a home in General there are no medications or you are not at home and at the resort, for example, use this simplest tool that is always at hand. Reviews of people who have tried to be treated earwax, evidenced by the fact that this medication helps to prevent herpes rash with 100% efficiency. When you feel the approach of cold sores, take some ear wax with a cotton swab and apply a thin layer to a disturbing place. Leave the sulphur on the lips for at least an hour, then rinse. It is best to do this procedure before bed to best effect.
  • Toothpaste is a remedy that is in each of us. Toothpaste you can handle the lips of the child, without fear of side effects, it is important not to allow her to lick it. The toothpaste contains substances with antibacterial action, making the rash does not become infected with the bacteria will not fester and therefore will be faster.
  • Deodorant instead of toothpaste. Many claim that this national emergency method works too, but you need to use it before the rash appears. Furthermore, the deodorant can be applied to the rash if it does not burst. Treat the problem area 3-4 times a day, just be careful and ensure that the tool does not hit in the eye.
  • Salt vs herpes pimples. This remedy will sting for a little while, but to achieve the desired result will have to wait. If blisters have already appeared, then sprinkle them with common salt. Repeat the procedure 4-5 times a day, and then herpes of the skin defect will pass in 3-4 days.
  • Ointment yogurt and coffee. She is prepared this way: pour the yogurt (preferably without additives) into a Cup so that it filled it halfway, add a teaspoon of instant coffee, a slice of minced garlic, a tablespoon of flour and the same amount of honey. Apply a good layer of ointment on a rash, wait until dry, remove the tool and repeat the procedure. If you do this often, get rid of the rash within a couple days.
  • Garlic — simple and effective. This folk remedy you need to use when any early signs of infection (rashes should not yet). RUB the affected area with cut garlic cloves. Repeat every two hours.
  • Hot spoon — an emergency measure against herpetic infection on the lips. Dip the spoon in boiling water and then attach to the disturbing place, which should pop up a rash. Prijavite problem with this method thrice a day, and then, most likely, the rash will not appear (some method may not work).
  • Let’s say you are managed to take advantage of the extra traditional methods. How to treat herpes skin defect on the lip in this case?

    You can use the proven pharmacy medicines described in the beginning of the article, or to resort to non-traditional (less effective) medicine. Pick and choose what you easier and more accessible.

    Home treatment of folk remedies to quickly get rid of a cold on the lips

    Быстрое лечение герпеса на губах: советы от дерматологаWhat folk remedies can help us to get rid of herpes of the skin defect? The range is huge, so all the recipes listed do not work.

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    Below are only the most popular and proven, which speak well of the people who have tried them:

    Onion syrup — take a fresh onion, cut it into small cubes and cover them with the sugar.

    After some time Luka will be released from the liquid, called syrup, as the taste of it is sweet. Lubricate the precipitation of the resulting syrup 5-6 times a day and always before bed.

    Aloe and Kalanchoe — house plants that are at home many. Take a sheet of aloe or Kalanchoe, wash it thoroughly, cut in half lengthwise and RUB the core of the problem. Repeat 3-4 times, and the remaining juice on the lips do not rinse.

    Lemon — if you often have relapses of erisipela, then you definitely should always include the lemon. Often it is used for treatment of colds due to powerful antiseptic properties.

    Быстрое лечение герпеса на губах: советы от дерматологаLemon helps to get rid not only from cold but also from the herpetic skin defects.

    For this purpose it should be cut into slices and applied to the problem area. You will feel burning and discomfort, but this sensation will pass quickly.

    Besides external use, eat lemon with sugar or in pure form inside to strengthen and enhance the immune system.

    Vinegar — action he is the same as lemon, but it does not contain vitamin C. Vinegar you need to use if you have citrus allergies. He’ll disinfect the wound and accelerate the healing process significantly.

    Acetic moxibustion are made the same as lemon, but it should be done with caution so as not to create a chemical burn. Recommend to dilute the vinegar with water (1:1) to increase the security of your funds.

    Hydrogen peroxide and salicylic alcohol, these pharmaceutical preparations have everyone at home, so they are cheap and versatile.

    Быстрое лечение герпеса на губах: советы от дерматологаIf you are afraid of burning, then use peroxide, and if you want faster results, treat the skin defect salicylic alcohol. To cauterize herpes defect it is necessary every 2-3 hours.

    Tea tree oil is a universal remedy against inflammation of the skin. Apply it neat directly on the rash is pharmacy ointment.

    After a couple of days you will see that the skin defect at the lips has become almost invisible. Tea tree prevents viruses from multiplying and prevents bacterial infection of the wound.

    Food ordinary soda — it is often used instead of salt for extra combat herpes blisters. Take a small amount of baking soda, which is enough for a one time treatment of the problem area.

    Sprinkle on the baking soda with water to obtain a homogeneous slurry. Apply the pulp on the affected part of the lip and hold until dry. When the medium dries, it will fall off independently.

    Быстрое лечение герпеса на губах: советы от дерматологаAfter this happens, repeat the procedure and so on until the evening. The next day blistered skin defect is almost nothing left.

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    Melissa is one of the most powerful plants with antiviral effect. Chop a few leaves of fresh lemon balm, and apply them to a problem location.

    If you do not have fresh lemon balm, dried at pharmacy — brew it with boiling water, mash in hands and apply to the affected area. If you do this compress often, it will be sore for a couple days.

    Rules for home treatment of herpes rash on the lip

    The basic rule is to start treatment you need in time, namely immediately after the onset of signs of infection.

    Do not wait until the skin gets a rash, but better to act ahead of the curve. So it is possible to get rid of sores in a short period of time and even prevent its occurrence.

    When treated with a rash, don’t touch her hands! This is very important, because the contents of the blisters are maximally contagious.

    Быстрое лечение герпеса на губах: советы от дерматологаTouching hands blisters you injure them, after which their content gets on your fingers, which spreads to other parts of the body that you touch. If you accidentally touched the rash, then immediately wash hands.

    In addition, dirty hands, you can add a bacterial infection, which Valderice will get bigger and fester, and the healing process will be long and arduous.

    Before the use of pharmaceutical drugs be sure to read the instructions. Pay special attention to the method of application, dosage, side effects and contraindications.

    If you’re going to treat people’s means, first check the reaction of your skin to them: apply the product on inconspicuous area and hold for ten minutes. If allergic, the skin will become inflamed and turn red instantly.

    Combine pharmaceutical drugs with unconventional means. The only way to make treatment as quick and powerful.

    If the recurrence of the infection happen to you more often than 3-5 times a year, then consult a doctor and be surveyed for the presence of immunodeficiency. In persons with normal immunity, the infection is exacerbated by this kind are very rare.

    Now you know how to quickly get rid of herpes of the skin defect in the home using traditional and non-traditional medicines. If you liked the article and helped quickly heal the lesion of lips, then subscribe to the site and share the read with your friends on social networks. Up to new meetings!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)