Fenistil Allergy: how to use children and adults?

Good day, my beloved readers! I want to tell you about a safe, highly effective anti-allergic medication. Fenistil Allergy prescribed children infants, even from the first month of life. Thanks to this drug has become popular and earned a lot of satisfied reviews.

Indications for the treatment of hypersensitivity by Fenistilom

This tool is commonly used against:

  • local epidermal reactions that occurred on medicinal substances and other irritants;
  • intolerance arising in diverse food products;
  • intolerance bites, saliva and fur of animals;
  • burns and intolerance of the sun;
  • urticaria, rubella;
  • vetrennay smallpox.

Agree, the list of indications is quite impressive. An additional advantage of the drug is available by today’s standards the price, which varies from 400 to 450 rubles.

Efficiency is manifested through 30-45 minutes after eating that fast enough, making baby allergists believe Fenistil best antihistamine medication.

What medicine can help allergies and what variety to choose?

The above remedy will help to eliminate the symptoms of hypersensitivity such as nasal congestion, rhinitis, skin rashes, accompanied by itching, eczema, dermatitis. The drug is produced in different types:

  • A drop — in basis dimetindene maleate. This form soothes, relieves inflammation, blocks the H1 receptors of histamine type affects the permeability of blood vessels (decreases).
  • The pills have prolonged (long) action. This form is often an adult as it has the maximum number of active this substance.
  • Gel for external use only. In addition to the main component, in this form, there are auxiliary substances, which restores the epidermis, have protivozudnoe effect, relieves irritation.
  • Drops and tablets are taken internally and the gel topically. The variety of forms of production Cost allows to choose the most comfortable individually.

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    By the way, for the treatment of food hypersensitivity in infants it is customary to use the drops. If you want to learn how to treat infants with various forms Fenistil?

    Fenistil infants — the principles of antiallergic therapy

    Фенистил от аллергии: как правильно пользоваться детям и взрослым?Why pediatricians prefer drip kinds? Fenistil is the only at the present time antihistamine in this super-convenient form. For newborns drip form the most convenient and safe.

    To the droplets is proposed a measuring container, which will help the mother to accurately measure the amount of medication at a time.

    The above drops have a pleasant taste, which is also important. How to apply them, you ask? It’s very simple:

    • children from months old to years old — a maximum of thirty drops a day (the dose for single use is three to ten drops);
    • kiddies from a year till three years or fifteen drops at a time (2-3 servings daily);
    • for children from 3 to 12-and — twenty drops at a time.

    It is important to know! Drip the kind Fenistil not be heated, otherwise it loses its useful properties. For the treatment of food hypersensitivity in infants medication mixed into baby food.

    And how to take other types of medication?

    Pills prescribed twelve-year-old and older children and adults. Make them easy and pleasant as a daily dosage equal to one pill. To drink the drug is best before bed because tablet form, can cause drowsiness and reduced physical activity.

    Фенистил от аллергии: как правильно пользоваться детям и взрослым?The gel is recommended to be applied on the affected allergic or any other rash areas of the body a couple of times a day. It is not sticky, absorbs quickly, leaves no residue.

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    That way the little ones do not resist and calmly to such treatment. Under makeup Fenistil in the form of helium should not be applied, because the makeup will not be persistent.

    It is best to combine the various forms described in the article of drug, for example, tablets + gel droplets, or gel. In this case, the treatment will be faster and more efficient.

    Fenistil while pregnant

    Considering the safety of medicines, it should be noted that during pregnancy to apply it is also possible, but not in the first trimester.

    It is administered from the thirteenth week to the end of the period of gestation. Rules Allergy therapy Fenistilom for pregnant women are:

    • the ointment can be smeared on various parts of the body, but not on open wounds;
    • tablets are assigned only in case if the expected result exceeds the potential risk to the child (for example, if a pregnant woman developed allergic angioedema, life-threatening);
    • drip form of medication prescribed as well as tablet and in case of emergency.

    Contraindications Fenistil: carrying baby in the first trimester; up to months of age; idiosyncrasy dimetindene maleate.

    Deterioration after antiallergic therapy is possible only in case of overdose, and serious. Among the side effects sometimes occur: nausea, vomiting, weakness, mental excitement, drowsiness, bitter taste in the mouth, disorders of heart rhythm.


    Positive feedback about Fenistil can be found in any medical forum. Here are some of them.

    Maria writes:

    Фенистил от аллергии: как правильно пользоваться детям и взрослым?In half a year began a terrible diathesis. The pediatrician has advised droplets, which, incidentally, helped us a lot. Irritation on the cheeks took place almost instantly.


    After the first dose, the baby stopped acting up and freaking out. No side effects medication not provoked. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the drug.

    Anna writes:

    Фенистил от аллергии: как правильно пользоваться детям и взрослым?Have been treated for allergies son’s pills. The first couple of days, no effect was observed, except for mild relaxation. On the third day the symptoms of allergic attack and started to retreat. After five days, the Allergy is not gone. Very satisfied!

    That’s all the information about Fenistil — universal anti-allergic. I hope this article answered all questions and was interesting. If so, share read in social networks with your friends and subscribe to this website. Up to new meetings!

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)