Fenistil when the chickenpox: the principle of operation and rules of application

Фенистил при ветрянке: принцип действия и правила примененияHello, regular readers and site visitors! Today I will tell you about this drug as Fenistil and its effect in the chickenpox.

Varicella is particularly a very unpleasant symptom, which is watery rash all over the body. First, the pimples a bit, but after a couple of days they are available in all parts of the body, including mucous membranes.

Pimples itch continuously, thereby bringing discomfort. Especially bad is the disease tolerate kids. It is difficult not to itch and not rip off the crust formed on the spot of pimples.

But, fortunately, nowadays there are effective drugs that can reduce the symptoms of chickenpox. One such remedy is an ordinary meal with the chicken pox.

From the above drugs, there are two forms of issue:

  • gel for external use;
  • drops for oral administration.

What is the difference between these forms? Read the article and find out. In addition, I will discuss how Cost affects the viral disease and how to use them correctly.

Features and principle of operation

Fenistil — antihistaminic drug, has long proved its effectiveness in the chickenpox in children and adults. Its main effects can be described as follows:

  • almost instantly relieves itching;
  • eliminates puffiness;
  • helps accelerate the healing of watery pimples.

Fenistil has two types of actions:

  • system (drops);
  • local (gel).

The active substances in the composition of the drug slow down the virus that causes chickenpox. In addition, they have a slight sedative effect and reduce capillary permeability, allowing the virus ceases to spread throughout the body.

At the beginning of the article stated that in pharmacies you can buy gel and drops of Fenistil. Are you curious about what is different about these drugs and how to use them?

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The application of drops

Фенистил при ветрянке: принцип действия и правила примененияDrops are assigned to the case, if itching is pronounced, the disease is mild and without complications. The drug in this form is convenient to use, since it has a pleasant taste and aroma. You can add not only plain water without gas and colorants, but also into the milk.

The dosage is determined individually, taking into account peculiarities of the sick. Often it looks like this:

  • for adults and children, 3-6 mg (60-120 drops) per day;
  • for people prone to sleepiness — 40 drops at night and 20 drops in the morning;
  • for children aged one month to one year — 9 to 30 drops per day.

Can I take Fenistil drops during pregnancy and lactation?

The drug is in the form of drops is not recommended for treatment of varicella in pregnant women in the first trimester. In addition, the contraindication lactation. In the second and third trimesters treated with drops, but only under the supervision of a physician.

And now I will tell about the form Fenistil for local treatment.

The use of the gel

Фенистил при ветрянке: принцип действия и правила примененияGel for topical use against the symptoms of chickenpox is assigned when the itching becomes too pronounced and unbearable. It must be applied several times a day (often two to four times) on the affected rash areas of the skin.

Most notably, the gel can be used during lactation. Most importantly, do not apply it on the nipples.

Fenistil is strictly forbidden to apply in such cases:

  • the age of onset of less than one month;
  • ill are allergic to components of the drug — dimetindene and others.

Can I smear gel watery pimples during pregnancy? Possible and even in the first trimester. The manual says that before applying the gel pregnant, you must consult with your doctor.

Even the instructions States that in the course of applying the gel on your skin you need to carefully ensure that he did not get on mucous membranes and eyes. This can cause irritation. To stop using Fenistilom necessary in cases, if:

  • the skin had burning sensation and redness — signs of an allergic reaction;
  • there is a new small red rash is another symptom of Allergy to components of medicament.
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Use Fenistil for the treatment of chickenpox in infants

Фенистил при ветрянке: принцип действия и правила примененияGel can be treated the skin of babies, whose age made up 1 month. In the treatment month babies I do not recommend to apply product to large areas of skin. In this case, it is better to apply the gel point of the most pronounced pimples.

About Fenistil respond well, so I can confidently say that to use this medicine for chicken pox appropriate and safe. I suggest to read some reviews about gel and drops of Fenistil.

Reviews and conclusion

Lily writes:

Фенистил при ветрянке: принцип действия и правила примененияI was «lucky» to have had chicken pox in adolescence. The disease is accompanied by itching unbearable of the strongest, high temperature and huge watery pimples all over my body.


Tried various means to combat the itching, but nothing helped except this drug. Cream relieves itching and irritation, and so fast that the first time I was amazed. I recommend to all!

Victor writes:

Фенистил при ветрянке: принцип действия и правила примененияTreated child with drops. At first I doubted whether to give their child 5 years of age. But then, after consulting with a dermatologist and decided to try it. Can’t say that the drug works instantly.


It seemed to me that he has not immediate, but a cumulative effect. Every day the child got better, the itching decreased, the pimples healed. The price justifies the Cost.

Elena writes:

Фенистил при ветрянке: принцип действия и правила примененияCream relieves itching! My child loved this treatment. In addition, after application of medication scabs begin to fall quickly and completely. Overall, this great preparation from itching.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that Fenistil really effectively relieves itching and similar symptoms of chickenpox. This medication to use cheaper and nicer than the green paint. So, if you have the symptoms of chicken pox, I recommend to pay attention to it.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)