Festering chicken pox: how to cure and why it occurs?

Гнойная ветрянка:  как лечить и почему она возникает?Visitors to the website about dermatology, is pleased to welcome you! Do you know what festering pox? This is a very dangerous aggravation of the normal varicella requiring treatment with antibiotics.

To start the windmill to the state of bullous (purulent) is a snap. If you do not want to face such a terrible disease, it is strongly recommended to read this article.

Bullous chickenpox — symptoms

This form of chickenpox can occur in anyone. It often attacks people with weakened immune systems. As you know, viral disease of the immune system is weakened from all carriers. Therefore, bullous chickenpox is exposed to all the sick.

Symptoms of bullous viral illness, with what it can not confuse:

  • watery rash becomes deep, persistent and painful;
  • bubbles becomes flabby, greatly increase in size;
  • inside the rash appears turbid purulent fluid the colour of which is yellowish;
  • Valderice together in huge ulcers, healing for a very long time;
  • deteriorating General condition of the sick, the temperature rises;
  • on the spot pimples appear unhealed sores with a constantly moist surface.

Agree, bullous disease is awful. Unfortunately, it can develop in adults and in children. By the way, the adults in the place of purulent pimples leave deep scars in the form of pits, holes and scars.

Why? The fact that baby’s skin is updated harder and faster so the scar tissue does not have time to overlap, allowing delayed wound quickly and completely. In adults, the epidermis is renewed much slower.

Why is there purulent chickenpox?

Purulent form of the disease, the manifestation of which you see in the photo, there is an ulterior motive. The process of development of the above complications caused by epidermolysis streptodermii. Simply put, the varicella joined by pathogens:

  • streptococci;
  • staphylococci.
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The disease in this form is treated long and difficult. Treatment can’t do without serious drugs — antibiotics. The presence of chronic diseases aggravates the situation. As you know, chronic diseases are available for almost every modern man.

Unwanted and horrible purulent complications of chickenpox

  • furunculosis;
  • cellulitis;
  • abscesses.

Why chicken pox can be supplemented by staphylococci and streptococci?

Гнойная ветрянка:  как лечить и почему она возникает?Here we come to the interesting part. Do you think the doctors are just forbidden to comb watery rash resulting from the virus, and rip off the crust formed on the spot folderico?

Not just like that! Injury watery rash is the most common and the main cause of infection with staphylococci and streptococci.

That is why it is so important to keep yourself in hand and not scratching with the chicken pox. Remember — opened vetranary olderic is the source of purulent infection.

How to treat pus pimples: how to put, what to take?

To get rid of purulent rash with the chicken pox, must be added to the treatment quality powerful antibiotic drug. The course of treatment with these drugs is 5-7 days. During this time the number of acne sores should be significantly reduced.

The most popular drugs that can be prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of purulent forms of chickenpox are:

  • Amoxicillin one gram every four hours intramuscularly in the form of injection or orally in powder form.
  • Cephalosporin (Cefazolin) — one gram intramuscularly or intravenously 3 times a day.
  • Acyclovir — in tablet up to six times a day.
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    Гнойная ветрянка:  как лечить и почему она возникает?After taking antibiotics the deteriorating state of the digestive tract. Therefore, I recommend to take extra probiotics under the scheme: a couple of days before beginning a course of antibiotics, throughout the course, within 5 days after a course of antibiotics.

    When purulent form of chicken pox must be especially careful to keep clean. To bathe in this case, it is not just possible, but required. Just do it very carefully so as not to injure the pustules.

    To speed up the healing process of abscesses on the face and body and prevent the appearance of scars after them, need to handle pimples a point of the following medicines:

    • a solution of calendula is a pharmaceutical agent with wound healing and antiseptic action;
    • levomicetinom alcohol popular alcohol solution often used in dermatology;
    • Castellani solution — a highly effective antiseptic drug.

    To control the disease will help the green paint, where it is necessary to note the emerging Valderice. Why in modern times people continue to smear themselves with green paint when the chickenpox? The answer you will find on the website in a separate article. Take the time to read it and learn a lot.

    Pustular pimples leave holes if not treated properly in a timely manner. Than to treat such scars, if they are already there? To get rid of them will help regular exfoliation and peeling of the skin. The process of getting rid of scars in the form of pits and holes long, but it’s worth the time and effort.

    Гнойная ветрянка:  как лечить и почему она возникает?Sometimes in the course of purulent chickenpox increases the itching. It becomes constant, annoying and is accompanied by painful sensations. How to get rid of this symptom? It will help to take an antihistamine (anti-allergic) drugs.

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    Chickenpox I would not recommend drinking a serious antihistamine. Better to give preference to the classical Treatment, which, by the way, well cope with their responsibilities.

    Except it effectively and quickly relieves itching Citrine. To achieve the desired effect you need to drink just one pill of Citrine per day.

    I want to warn you again: never attempt to tear off, to scratch, to squeeze out the watery olderic encountered in viral disease. Try not to touch the lesions. Brown, appearing at the place of these elements, rip off is strictly prohibited.

    This concludes my article on purulent varicella. I hope this information was able to help you. If so, then subscribe to the site and share the read with your friends on social networks. All the best to you!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)