Filiform warts (acrochordus): treatment with medicines and folk remedies

Hello, dear readers. Many people experience at least once in your life with filiform warts. How are these educational?

Needless to treat them and how to do it? To these questions you can find answers in today’s article.

What is a filiform wart?

Нитевидные бородавки (акрохорды): лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиFiliform warts or other «acrophony» is a small skin lesions viral nature. The shape of these growths is rounded or oblong, size varies from 5 mm to 1 cm.

Often one can observe sporadic growths, however, there are clusters of warts which may later turn into one big education, visually reminiscent of a cockscomb or cauliflower inflorescence.

These growths are most often on the neck, on the eyelids, around the nose and eyes. In addition, women complain of filiform warts under Breasts, in the groin area (especially in the folds) or on the skin in the armpits.

Consequently traced a distinct pattern appear so unpleasant education in places with increased sweating and skin folds.

If you look at the photo below you will see how to look like filiform papules on the human body.

The reasons for the formation of these growths

Such skin lesions have been reported in people of any age, but the man older, the filiform warts more.

If you take into account people older than 50 years, this disease appears every second.

What are the causes of crochard?

Нитевидные бородавки (акрохорды): лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиThe only reason such entities – the human papillomavirus. Threadlike growths to cause these types of HPV as 9,8,5 and 3.

To get into the body the virus due to the following factors:

If reduced immune defense of the body. Moreover, the virus can doze off in a few years, and the activating factor is often the exacerbation of a chronic illness, or undergoing viral diseases.

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Through cracks in the skin. People who are prone to dry skin often suffer from the disease.

Changes in hormonal (thyroid dysfunction, diabetes), during pregnancy and breastfeeding and also at menopause and during physiological adjustment of the organism during adolescence.

This group includes diseases of the female reproductive system that lead to imbalances hormonal levels.

In addition, more susceptible to HPV infection people who experience regular stress and emotional overload.

Diagnosis of filiform formations

Diagnosis is carried out in the dermatologist’s office by visual inspection. The doctor uses a Dermatoscope, designed to increase growth. Procedure Dermoscopy is necessary for identifying angiopathy and blood clots in the blood vessels.

Due to the information received, the doctor can confirm the viral origin of the nodules. Also you can take the PCR test, which will determine the type of HPV.

If after all these manipulations the diagnosis of filiform warts is not confirmed, you will be assigned a biopsy with histological examination of tumors.

Treatment of the disease

Нитевидные бородавки (акрохорды): лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиIn 90% of cases this kind of warts are not cured on their own, that is, they must either remove or treat, especially when such education is injured.

For example, a bundle located in the neck, can injure the clothing or chain under bust with bra on face — points. If time does not take action, then the wart will become inflamed and begin to hurt.

Official ways to remove the growths

  • By means of a laser;
  • Deleting a radio wave method;
  • With the use of liquid nitrogen;
  • By means of electrocoagulation.

To date, the most effective and quickest method of treatment is considered laser treatment. Due to this procedure is the burning of tissue growth.

Нитевидные бородавки (акрохорды): лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиThe entire session takes less than a minute, whereby the skin forms a small crust, which after a few days will disappear and this place will remain clean and healthy skin.

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Radio wave method is similar with laser, only the tissue of the warts are burned by radio waves of high frequency.

When removing skin lesions filamentous forms the method of cryodestruction (liquid nitrogen), the wart is frozen at a temperature of -195 degrees.

The result of such exposure on the treated area forms a bubble, which will be formed of pure leather.

The method of electrocoagulation nowadays is rarely used because it is more traumatic. Remove build-up occurs electronicam cut tissue. After that, the skin is a wound and burn, which heals longer than with other methods.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Despite the modern methods of removal, many people try to remove thread-like formations of folk remedies. For these purposes often use:

  • Juice Of Celandine.

To cure warts several times a day to lubricate the nodules juice presents plants for 2 weeks. Usually this time is enough for complete recovery.

It is important in processing not to get their healthy skin, so as not to leave burns, as this plant is poisonous.

Нитевидные бородавки (акрохорды): лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиThe same effect has a pharmacy drug «Supercrystal», he only produced of chemical substances (mixture of sodium and potassium alkalis) that burn tissue growth.

  • Garlic paste

This takes the garlic and rubbed through a grater. This pulp is mixed with cream or lard and applied to education. Secured the poultice with a bandage and left overnight.

  • Rowan berries

Enough at night to fix on the affected area softened ryabinovoe berry.

If you trust the medicines in the pharmacy, there are many tools that can rid you of ugly threadlike formations.

Among them are Solkoderm, Colomac, Ferrasol, Verrucate, Kriofarma. Note that before applying any of the presented tools, it is necessary to consult a specialist to identify contraindications and possible side effects.

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Prevention of the disease

Нитевидные бородавки (акрохорды): лечение медикаментами и народными средствамиRemember that the treatment was more effective, you need in conjunction with all the above measures of immunomodulatory and antiviral drugs to enhance and restore immunity. Only in this case it is possible to avoid relapse.

Also you should follow standard rules that will protect your body from getting HPV:

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • Exercise;
  • Observe the regime of rest and work;
  • Do not use other people’s hygiene products, shoes and clothing;
  • Observe regular hygiene of the body;
  • When injury to the skin, clean the affected area with iodine, brilliant green or peroxide.
  • Reduce time of exposure to the sun, as UV rays contribute to the formation not only of benign skin lesions, but malignant.


Self-disappearance of acrobot is very rare. Of course, it is better to observe the above preventive measures to this problem in General have never been touched. Any disease is better to prevent than to treat.

In any case, the detection of tumors on the skin, it is better to consult a specialist. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)