Flamin from nail fungus: useful properties and the secret of efficiency

Фламин от грибка ногтей: полезные свойства и секрет эффективностиGood day to you, dear guests and regular readers of this site! Want to learn more about how helps Flamin from nail fungus? Read the article and be sure that the treatment of nail fungus can be a pleasant and fast.

Nail fungal infection is accompanied by a deterioration of the appearance of the nail plates, itching, peeling, irritation and other unpleasant symptoms. Not notice the disease is almost impossible. Fortunately, at the present time it is easily treated with varnish Flamin.

Why lacquer can be therapeutic?

Women often use nail Polish during the pedicure or manicure. The varnish creates a decorative finish that gives natural smoothness, luster and color.

It is hard to believe that such a remedy can be curative. In fact, there are medical varnishes and are available in a huge range.

Фламин от грибка ногтей: полезные свойства и секрет эффективностиHow to choose the perfect anti-fungal nail Polish? It’s very simple: visit a mycologist or a dermatologist is a specialist who will deliver an accurate diagnosis and select the most effective drug for your case.

Why you should give preference to Flamin? It includes the nutrients: antifungal fungicide, antiseptics, vitamins, minerals.

Antifungal lacquers have special properties. For instance, the Flamen may penetrate into the deeper layers of the nail plate allowing fungus, no chance to hide and survive.

Useful properties of the Flamen

  • dries quickly due to the alcohol in the composition;
  • penetrates well into cracks and fills them;
  • prevents access of oxygen to the fungus;
  • destroys the cell membrane is the most important «organ» of the fungal organism;
  • protects against moisture, bacteria and other infections.

What is the secret of high efficiency of the Flamen?

Фламин от грибка ногтей: полезные свойства и секрет эффективностиA large part of the composition of this varnish is a fungicidal substance is amorolfine. It composed of more than 50%. Other components are also useful. For example, nutrient oil promote growth of healthy nails.

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Flamin exists in the pharmaceutical market for a long time. From year to year it continues to prove its effectiveness against various fungal infections.

Price and analogues

The price of this antifungal nail Polish is equivalent to about 1000 RUB. Some say that it is too expensive. But if you try the drug, make sure that the price is fully justified by the quality.

Knowing, how much is a Flamin, you may want to buy its counterpart. To peers of the Flamen are lucky: Flail, Loceryl, Mikosan, Demican, lamisil.

The use of antifungal agents in the form of varnish

The flamin easy and fun to use. The therapeutic agent can be applied to the nails on the hands and feet. The treatment is carried out according to this scheme:

  • In the package of medicine you will find a nail file. It is necessary to process the pre-steaming marigolds. Nail file remove, all the regrown areas, stratified, and broken. The more carefully you treat your nails, the better and faster will be the treatment.
  • All the treated surface is be degreased. To do this, use rubbing alcohol, diluted in half with water.
  • Tassel dial a little money. Distribute it evenly over the nail plate with a thin layer. If the brush is something left, then return it in the bottle is not worth it. Just wipe the brush with a cotton swab with alcohol.
  • The varnish hardens fairly quickly. As long as the coating is not frozen, touch it not recommended.
  • The procedure is performed daily. It is necessary to repeat until the nails until it fully recovers. If you interrupt the course of treatment, the fungus can give a relapse is to come back again. The duration of treatment mycosis of nails on the hands is six months (on average), and on his feet.

    Contraindications and precautions while working with the Flamin

    Фламин от грибка ногтей: полезные свойства и секрет эффективностиThe instructions say that the contraindications of this antifungal agent not. If you have individual intolerance to its components, it is better not to use this varnish.

    Intolerance can cause the main ingredient — amorolfine or additional components.

    Children up to 12 years to use Flamin is not recommended. Pregnant and lactating moms need to be careful.

    Treatment should be under the supervision of a physician and shall be appointed only if it is really necessary.

    Side effects Flamin almost never causes. Only one out of a thousand may appear negative color change nails or increase breakage.

    When applying the medication try not to touch skin. Flamin may cause dermatitis, as its composition is rather aggressive. To evaluate the effectiveness of varnish full you can for reviews that were left by people who have tested it.

    Reviews of Flamin

    Victoria writes:

    Фламин от грибка ногтей: полезные свойства и секрет эффективностиPicked up nail mycosis on hand at the public pool. Immediately ran to the doctors for tests. When the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor told me Flamin. Have used this tool for 4 months.


    During this time, my nails have completely recovered. A year is not hurt by the fungus and very happy. I advise anyone who is faced with this disease, try lacquer Flamin.

    Maxim writes:

    Фламин от грибка ногтей: полезные свойства и секрет эффективностиI returned from the army with a fungus on my feet. Nails turned yellow and ceased to grow normally, began to crumble and flake. Flamin advised me to dad, who was cured of his illness in this way.


    Put product on nails everyday for a year. I think that after this they are not only healthier but also look better.

    Andrew writes:

    Фламин от грибка ногтей: полезные свойства и секрет эффективностиTried the tool and did not regret! The lacquer really kills the fungus, and quickly and painlessly. Glad that modern medicine came to making such convenient and affordable medicines.

    That’s all the information about Flamin. Suggest you look at a useful video about the fungus.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)