Flat warts: how to get rid of the disease?

Плоские бородавки: как полностью избавиться от болезни?Hello, dear readers. Often people appear on the body a variety of tumors. In most cases it will be warts, which cause others the feeling of disgust and revulsion.

They come in different types, shapes, colors and locations. Today we will talk about flat growths, which in appearance is not very like the usual wart.

So how do we know that you have warts, what to do and how to treat these growths? The answers to all the questions you will get in this article.

How are these growths?

Плоские бородавки: как полностью избавиться от болезни?Flat warts are benign skin growths, slightly raised above the surface, which have a rounded or oval shape.

Usually their size is small – an average of 4-8 mm, but they can merge into a group, forming a volumetric expansion.

The color is Nude, pink or light brown. If you look at the photo, you’ll see what it looks like a flat wart.

The disease can be similar to other skin diseases such as lichen planus, pigmented nevus, pityriasis rosea Gibert, melanoma and others.

Causes of

The cause of warts is the human papillomavirus, which aktiviziruyutsya in the human body. There are more than 100 types, but flat growths caused by a virus 2.1 and 4 types.

It is passed through direct contact with an infected person or household waste (clothes, dishes, hygiene items).

Warts can be transmitted under the following conditions:

  • If you have broken skin (scratches, micro cracks);
  • With a weakened immune system.

Flat growths often called youth since adolescents and children are more susceptible to this disease.

Symptoms and signs of flat formations

Плоские бородавки: как полностью избавиться от болезни?Such growths can be both single and multiple. In children, you notice several warts located very close to each other.

This is due to the traumatization of the skin (by scratching), resulting in infected healthy areas. Are such growths on the face (particularly the forehead, chin), hands (dorsum of the hands), neck, chest, and other places.

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This kind of education usually do not cause pain, and are only cosmetic defect.

If the flat growths are located on the palm and on the foot, they interrupt the skin pattern on this site. With extensive formations, you notice the almost complete disappearance of the prints.

Despite the fact that such growths are benign, they can degenerate into cancer. This can be caused by:

  • The action of ultraviolet rays;
  • Irritation under the influence of different substances;
  • The trauma tumors.

Плоские бородавки: как полностью избавиться от болезни?If the warts are alone for a few years, it is reason to see a specialist. Also you need to run to the doctor in the following cases:

  • If the warts are scratched and bleeding;
  • With the rapid increase in size;
  • If traced the sharply defined contours or irregular shape;
  • The color of the growths;
  • When it appears in the center of the concavity.

Diagnosis of the disease

Usually the diagnosis is made after visual inspection. If the doctor will notice the signs of malignancy, then you will be scraping or a biopsy of the growth.

Can also be carried out PCR diagnostics to identify the type of virus, but this is quite expensive, so this diagnosis is extremely rare.


Treatment of these warts is carried out by several methods: conservative and surgical. You will also be assigned to the immunomodulatory therapy to strengthen the immune system and overall health.

Means to improve immunity

Плоские бородавки: как полностью избавиться от болезни?Flat warts are considered a sign of secondary or primary immunodeficiency, so in order to get rid of them apply vitamins, immunomodulators, or interferon drugs.

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Also, you should eat a healthy diet, adequate sleep, observe the regime of rest and work and lead a healthy lifestyle.

If all the above measures do not bring the desired effect and the warts disappear, it is necessary to carry out their removal. How to removed skin lesions depends on the size, number of warts and the degree of their development.

Conservative treatment

Плоские бородавки: как полностью избавиться от болезни?To get rid of skin growths, you can try a variety of pharmaceutical preparations. Fortunately, now there are a huge number, and what’s the best to choose, tell you doctor.

If flat warts are located on the body of the child, then perhaps the use of Interferon or oxolinic ointment.

This antiviral medications that can relieve the baby from the unpleasant growths. In the complex the doctor may prescribe salicylic acid or some folk remedies that will not harm the delicate skin of the child.

Output expansion using Verrucaria, Cryothermy, Superchatel and many other drugs.

If conservative treatment does not help, then choose one – remove warts through clinical procedures.

Clinical excision of formations

The doctor can offer the following ways to get rid of skin growths:

  • Cryosurgery (removal liquid nitrogen);
  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Radio wave exposure;
  • Surgical excision;
  • Laser removal;
  • Through chemicals.

For each localization and for different size of warts is intended your type of removal. The most gentle method is cryotherapy, radio wave exposure and laser photocoagulation. Which method is right for you – tell the doctor.

Folk remedies

Плоские бородавки: как полностью избавиться от болезни?By far the most popular method of removing growths on the skin at home is the juice of Celandine. Body tumors smear this juice several times a day.

Usually the build-up disappears after a week. Remember, the SAP of this plant is very poisonous, so it must be applied with great care, especially on children’s skin. According to reviews this method is of great help for the papules on the leg, as it burns even the roots of warts.

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Another effective folk remedy for flat warts is garlic. Enough daily at night apply to the affected area garlic pulp. In this mass add acetic acid to achieve faster results.

A very unconventional method is the removal of the growths with raw potatoes. The tuber is cut in half and the two parts spread papule.

Then both parts of potatoes bound together with silk thread, and buried in the ground. As soon as the potatoes rot, and no longer a wart.

It is also possible to remove the tumor with chalk chips, aloe Vera juice or calendula, and onions.

Which method is right for you, it is better to ask the doctor that everything else will advise you about preventive measures so you never encountered such unpleasant phenomenon as warts. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)