Flat warts: treatment and disposal methods

Плоская кондилома: лечение и способы удаленияGood day, dear readers of a blog about the warts! My friend for many years and were unaware of the presence of human papilloma virus in your body. When she has a weakened immune system, pubic hair appeared flat warts.

It turns out that such formations are evidence of the chronic nature of the disease, unlike genital warts acute configuration.

The virus itself to heal, unfortunately it is impossible, as it remains in the body for life. However, the symptoms of pathology should be treated necessarily.

To do this, first you need to increase your body’s immunity. Using the moment I want to recommend a book «the Treatment of warts folk methods.»

The book describes the whole complex of measures aimed at cleansing the body, allowing the virus will go into sleeping stage, the immune system will increase significantly and the disease will begin to run alone.

Unfortunately, flat warts are quite difficult to detect even when examined by a gynecologist, but such tumors can degenerate into malignant.

What are flat warts, everyone should know. If this process has already started, it proceeds very quickly.

Плоская кондилома: лечение и способы удаленияTherefore, timely treatment of the disease is very important. Most often they are localized on the genitals: cervical mucus in women and the glans penis in men, however, education can be accommodated in other locations in the body, for example in the mouth.

Infection is usually through sexual contact, however it is also the household method of infection.

Education has also been called endophytic, this means that their growth is directed not outward, like the pointed, and the inside of the epithelium, as shown in the photo.

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How does the education, unfortunately, do not know everything, moreover, they are unobtrusive and even the study of the vagina of the special equipment, which increases the picture at times, to determine the presence of tumors is not always possible.

The disease virtually always occurs with minimal clinical manifestations. Education found either at colposcopy or if they are placed near the genital warts.

Treatment should be administered by qualified doctors after the diagnosis and detailed study of the history of the disease.

To proceed to the treatment of flat warts should immediately to avoid all kinds of complications arising from this infection.

Therapy itself is based on a complex method is a local removal of growths and fluid therapy to improve the immune system of the body.

Плоская кондилома: лечение и способы удаленияEliminates flat education cryodestruction technique, it is also possible to conduct chemical destruction, electrocautery, laser treatment or by radiologia.

Also patients taking antiviral agents that act depressing on papillomavirus.

You need to take into account that the treatment is only symptomatic of entities, it allows to eliminate the main manifestations of disease, but not the virus itself.

In the period of exacerbation should be treated both sexual partners. Thanks to innovative methods, problems such as warts of the vagina or cervix are removed easily and painlessly.

All the above methods are safe for the health of the patient. When holding just a few events, you’ll forget all about warts and delivered earlier discomfort.

Known cases where the flat warts were on their own, often this situation occurred in the period of carrying a child that is not quite logical, because during pregnancy, reduced immune system.

This once again confirms that HPV is still not well understood. In some situations, encountered growths can be kept for several years, however, they may not be distributed and transformirovalsya in malignant form.

However, despite this, at any stage may experience a rebirth of the flat formations in cancer pathology.

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Sometimes the growth of warts can be carried out very quickly. This forces to take urgent measures for treatment and examination.

According to statistics, about one out of twenty patients, education may turn into cancer within two to five years.

Плоская кондилома: лечение и способы удаленияUpon detection of flat warts is colcoscopy, as mentioned above. The mucous membrane can be seen education.

If the surface of the mucosa to apply the vinegar solution, the application area will become a whitish color. Due to problems in the definition and the existing probability of malignancy assuming flat growths, is made mandatory biopsy material taken from the damaged area with the purpose of histological examination.

In the process of this method are determined by the cells are modified epithelium and the education. Thus cells are characterized by certain features.

A huge importance is the identification stage of the lesion, as this will directly depend on method of therapy.

Squamous warts dangerous because it is quite alarming reason to checked for cancer.

Плоская кондилома: лечение и способы удаленияThe disease brings a lot of trouble, prevents to live a full sexual life, complicates the procedure for intimate hygiene.

In the middle of intercourse or taking a shower you can randomly snag it and carry infection through the wound taken. Never attempt to remove entities yourself, it’s very serious and dangerous!

Remember that the data, even a small education, you can give a lot of problems in the future with serious consequences.

So why complicate your life, bringing pain and discomfort, when in modern medicine, there are many innovative methods to effectively remove entities, what the reviews say patients.

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Prophylactic experts advise to control and strengthen your immune system, it is also necessary to live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food, regularly visit the urologist and gynecologist. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)